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    What did you do on Sicilian Splendors?

    Thank you Ski Mom 2. Really enjoyed your account of your fabulous B2B2B on Windstar. It was most informative as we choose our shore excursions on our latest booked Windstar cruise as well as plan hopefully for future adventures. Fair cruising in the years ahead!
  2. I just realized that you did not stop at Cadiz on your travels so please excuse my last question. I had mistakenly thought that you voyage mirrored our own Lisbon to Barcelona. Many thanks again for your Alhambra tour review. It sounded marvelous but we might have to consider other options.
  3. Thank you Ski Mom 2 So very glad to hear that you enjoyed your b2b2b... on Windstar so much. We have travelled on their Venice to Rome voyage & enjoyed it very much, and are now booked on a b2b Rome to Lisbon in the Spring. You have been extremely helpful in helping us determine if the Alhambra tour would be suitable for us. By any chance did you do their trip from out of the Cadiz port into Seville? I would be very interested in hearing how arduous that tour might be. Fair sailings in the future!
  4. monemavasia

    Questions about Classic Italy & Dalmatian coast

    My wife & I also enjoyed having dinner at Candles on the Amalfi to Guardia Naxxos segment (we were Giardini Naxos to Capri). The segment going by Stromboli and particularly between the boot & Sicily was quite exciting. I also recommend the trip out from Kotor.
  5. Ski Mom 2 & Mylola & Anyone else who did the Windstar tour of Alhambra in Granada. I would be very interested in hearing how arduous the tour is. My wife & I are not as fast as we once were, and a climbing more than a staircase could represent a problem. We get around, but not quickly. Would this be a problem on the tour?
  6. monemavasia

    Tip and Advice for Star Breeze..Please

    Can you get foam pillows while onboard? Also, do they have binoculars in the cabins?
  7. monemavasia

    Rome Hotel Question/Transfers

    Can one arrange a transfer while onboard the ship from the Civitavecchia Port to a non-Windstar hotel, or does one have to book privately? Thanks
  8. monemavasia

    Just Back From the Star Breeze

    I've heard that the new Windstar ships purchased from Seabourn are more casual insofar as the dress code than for example Seabourn, Silver Seas, and Regent. I am wondering what is the appropriate dress if one was to be invited to join an officer's table or even the captain's table for dinner? Jacket and tie? Suit? Tux?
  9. monemavasia

    Classic Suite on Star Pride, Breeze. or Legend?

    Thank you both for your comments. We are planning the trip over a big anniversary so thought to do something a little more than our usual norm. If we go ahead this will be our first cruise with Windstar. We have been on the same class ship with Seabourn but never ventured onto the forward whirlpool deck and are as such unfamiliar with the privacy issues and views that these cabins afford. My wife is often dressing early as we enter and later as we depart ports and misses some of the most stunning scenery as such. A small outside balcony for a post nightcap nightcap also appeals.
  10. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi I was about to book the forward Classic Suite on a Med trip this summer. I just saw however that it is directly on the forward deck level with the whirlpool. Is anybody familiar with these particular cabins --Classic Suite Forward old Seabourn ships? Can the people on the deck see in? Does the solid ship railing obstruct the view? Many Thanks
  11. monemavasia

    First Time with Silversea

    Thanks all for the info. Did you enjoy the Silver cloud? Was the food good? Were the table linens changed and kept clean? Many Thanks
  12. monemavasia

    First Time with Silversea

    Are converters required for standard US appliances, iphone, ipad, laptop on the Silver Cloud? Also are there outlets located at the bedside tables in the veranda suites?
  13. monemavasia

    Question on Moving Suites

    It is also unfortunate upon moving a suite that you have to start repairing and provisioning the cabin all over again. In our first suite the verandah door would not close all the way. The door was badly off the track. It took two days to have this repaired. The speaker box was not working. The refrigerator was not cold but was hot like an oven. Also, the cabinet door which held it was unhinged at the top and in danger of falling off. It took quite a few calls to get these repaired. In our second cabin the glass shelf in the bathroom was loose and could not be used to place items until repaired. The outside verandah glass was so encrusted with salt and grime that it was virtually opaque. Outside of the clothes hangers which were used to bring our clothes, there was not one additional hanger in the suite. The liquor selection was probably that of the prior passenger. The soap that we had chosen upon being given a selection in our first suite had been replaced with one that my wife did not care for. Our hypoallergenic pillows that we had requested and received for the first suite did not make the transition. All in all a lot of extra work and hassle. Not what we had expected of Seabourn.
  14. monemavasia

    Question on Moving Suites

    We found it to be very inconvenient. We also thought reception could be a little more solicitous insofar as our queries concerning when we could enter the new suite. 8:00 to Noon at the earliest seemed a rather 'we couldn't care less over your inconvenience' response.
  15. monemavasia

    Question on Moving Suites

    We had to move suites on the Legend. We were told to vacate the cabin no later than 8 AM and that we could access the new cabin after 12:00. We were told to empty all drawers, shelves and the safe. These items we repacked in our luggage. The staff provided plastic bins for smaller items that we did not wish to pack. They moved hanging clothes as they were in the closet. Make sure to secure all valuables in a safe place. We are aware of one instance where an item went missing.