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  1. As I posted on one of the Celebrity thread.Those who has followed me should have made a free cruise just by getting out and in of the stocks. Today is up another 3 dollars.
  2. It will be a while as the stock is up $5.00 today.
  3. Will there be any LAW SUE against Celebrity about forcing passengers to accept AI?
  4. I am a zenith member and I cruise solo.I pay double for the fair and I do get double points. Now they want me to pay for the WIFI double, my DRINKS double. I don't think it makes any sense.
  5. My first thought is what ever email promotion comes from Celebrity will go right to my trash box. That save me a lot of times now a day. Thank you Celebrity.
  6. Pfizer and Moderna efficacies may be lower than JNJ and It wont surprise me.
  7. Good thinking since you won't die of Coronavirus after you are vaccinated.
  8. Why not sailing just for passengers with vaccine only. The ship can easily filled with those seniors have vaccinations by May.
  9. When I get online at 6:40 it still said all locations appointments open but can never get in. What a joke.
  10. I was trying to get in but with no luck. Don't know how it works.
  11. Residents can begin making reservations Wednesday with the first doses being distributed on Thursday.
  12. Try set up appointments with Broward county. You stand a better chance.
  13. I just picked up smoking,hope I qualified.
  14. Please don't go there.Its very POLITICAL.
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