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  1. Drinks are served FREE at MC for all suite guests and VIP. 20% gratuity does not apply in MC if it is imposed. Feel free to take drinks out for dinner to Luminae if you don't have drink Package.
  2. Hurricane Erick. moving towards Hawaii island.
  3. What make you think that Zenith cruise in inside or window? I am Zenith,I still cruised in suite and I cruise SOLO. I was the Top cruiser of my last B2B. I turned down the offer the officers diner on the 1st leg and never got invited for 2nd leg dinner with officer. I don't think is standardized fleet wide. They delivered the flowers but not the wine.
  4. Celebrity just follow the rule set by the Congress. if you donโ€™t like it please let your local representatives know.
  5. Doest matter if is B2B2B or B2B2B2B2B2B No U S port to U S port links without a distance foreign port.
  6. Your travel agent is right when you look at your 2nd and 3rd cruise there is no foreign distance port.so you need to disembark in Canada to break down your trip as two different trip and not as one trip. if it is one trip you are violating the Jones act. That also apply to Hawaii to Vancouver as 1st leg then Vancouver to Alaska then disembark in Seattle as 2nd leg. it is also violating the Jones act. Because Vancouver,Canada is not considered as a distance port.
  7. It will benefits the Floridian once the Brightline start operation from Miami-Fort Lauderdale -West Palm Beach -Orlando
  8. For long cruises you can do around trip to Hawaii and back to LA on Celebrity.
  9. You are a smart traveler. Few years back a poster recommended TD bank card.It works like Schwab debit card,there is no transaction or foreign exchange fee. I used that card every where I go.Every time I run out of money I will go to any bank ATM machine to get a small withdrawal. Be careful there are a lot of pick pockets in Europe.
  10. I heard parking the car will be the big problem.Tender services will be all night long,
  11. I drunk enough VSOP that I know the difference.There was one time a bartender from Martini Bar got me a VS from the other bar from the casino.I felt been cheated and the bartender knew what he did.
  12. Yes the 20+ ponits will get me closer to double Zenith. It will be next year instead the year after.
  13. Hardly know what they are pouring in the closed door on Edge.๐Ÿ˜Ž
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