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  1. Captain Kate is always in the Retreat lounge on Captain's night.
  2. Thanks for doing the LIVE report.Sorry you forgot your vaccine card. Next time use VaxYes from GoGetVax to store your card in your Apple Wallet so you wont need to worry about the card. Enjoy your cruise.
  3. I just don't understand this thread cause so much confusion. The suite guests check in area is at the end of the building and with a different entrance. You do need to take the elevator to first floor, go through the security and there are the Celebrity crews to check you in.It only take a minute or so. Just look for the suites sign if you don't see please ask for help. Before the pandemic you can check in any time as wish within the check in time.
  4. We could only blame Celebrity. They don't have a good coordination with the port workers. It did happened to me also two years ago. The port workers guilded me to the wrong place for check in. You should bring this up to the Retreat Concierge so this thing won't happens again.
  5. Its her choice if she want to face the consequence getting kick off at foreign port’s.
  6. Don't you think Zeniths deserved better if they already spent a quarter million. It doesn't cost them any just to let Zeniths in the retreat MC/Retreat.
  7. Its better for the vaxed passenger to wear it since it can be removed from your wrist.
  8. Here you go. I'm not sure it will be a lot of noise from downstairs. During this cruise, Eden was quite calm. If you don't get an answer from this board, try it on the Edge sails.
  9. Sir, any access of retreat lounge for Zenith?
  10. Yes the Dollars go much further even I rent an apartment in SF or any big city for a year or change a new car every year.
  11. I think is because of AI too many passengers using WiFI.
  12. Here is in English. Thanks for all the information and pictures. Good to hear about the SV cabins, I booked for the first time at BEYOND next year (at EDGE, I was pretty unhappy in the new balcony cabins). I'm at APEX in September for a b2b. Therefore a question about the mask requirement: is a certain type required? Still a good time
  13. Like poster #82 said every one has their own stye of cruising. Hope i didn't offend anyone if I said something wrong.
  14. One thing I really don't understand is if you can afford Yacht Club why stay in a room with no balcony? It's a big negative to me. I never cruise without a balcony in my cabin.
  15. Yes I know I will pay a little more on Yacht Club and the cabin is a little smaller than Skysuite but of what I watch on U tube their services is far much better than Celebrity. There is no comparison at all.
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