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  1. Its your choice if you want a dead city or a lively city in Seattle. How come the people in Seattle never speak up? I hardly believe that the hotels in Vancouver are more expensive than in New York City.
  2. I wasn't happy either. I have to tell the flight attendant to remind the guy in front of me to put on the mask during the flight to Spain.
  3. With the AI thing everyone has internet connection. I don't think it works for your husband unless he is working while everyone in bed.
  4. Yea I know is way long over due since 2019. I like to take the Transpacific to or from USA just to cut down my flying time after or before family visits in Asia. Look like I have to wait for the Fall crossing to Asia next year.
  5. Funny thing is I just booked B2B for April 2022 Japan and Transpacific Yesterday and Celebrity cancelled today.
  6. I have started to like AI now. Before I never see 150% for solo cruiser.
  7. Jim, Do you have any trouble using VPN on the ship. If yes how do you go around?
  8. Thanks for the pictures.Will be in Santorini 4th. of next month sailing Apex. Would like to know what restaurant should I book to enjoy a memorable sunset in Santorini on the ship?
  9. Ha, Too bad I started cruising late in 2009. I been telling myself I will be bored and never thought I am hooked now.
  10. Yes its for whisky tasting.I attended once before.The event usually held at 9pm.
  11. Hi, I am Spanish citizen, will be flying from Madrid to Athens and board the Apex. Do I need to do anything for entering Greece. I am fully vaccinated. Enjoy your cruise.
  12. The internet will be almost unusable because most of the passengers have AI. What a pity we pay for thing that we can't use.
  13. Thanks for the summary of AI and simply sail. Would you please do another summary for SOLO cruiser who are Elite,Elite+ and Zenith.
  14. This AI thing doesn't benefit to any member belongs to Captain Club. Celebrity created the Captain club because they know it is important to their business to be loyal and keep coming back. I really don't know what they are thinking to run a business without loyal customers.
  15. If you included the Elite plus will be a different story. I know there are not many Zeniths on every cruise other than the Transatlantic.
  16. A new venue created for Zeniths and Elites Plus will solve the problem. Suites passengers will have their lounge and higher tiers Captain clubs members will have their dedicated lounge.
  17. There is an update of RCL Crown & Anchor benefits yesterday. Don't know when they will update Captain Club.
  18. How about Florida and Texas and some of the southern states? Should state department and CDC issue Do Not Travel list as well with the surging of Delta Variants. Isn’t that a joke?
  19. Most of the season cruisers don't usually cruise in the month of August because of the hot weather and the school holidays.
  20. You are posting on the 10th October transatlantic sailing of refusing to accept your credit card payment and here you are posting the October 3rd credit card payment. you really got me confused.
  21. Not only that Medjet will have a certified nurse accompany you during the flight back home. That happened to me years ago.
  22. Talked to one of the captain's before the pandemic, there will be an Edge class ship in Australia.
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