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  1. Sorry for posting late. I think I can answer some of your questions I have used Med Jet and Goe-blue(annual member) for my cruises or when I am oversea. They both are excellent choices when come to services. I do not need to pay upfront for hospitalization,all I need just to provide my insurance provider to the hospital and they handled everything. Did a few phone calls to Med Jet and they made all the arrangement for the transportation to home hospital.
  2. The good old days is back. Today I received an invitation to dine with the Hotel Director this evening. There will be nine Zenith members and surely we will have a good time together. For those Zenith members please don’t give up,Celebrity still love us. Maria Tudor you did it again. Thank you.
  3. The good old day is back.Received an invitation to dine with the Hotel Director this evening. There will be nine Zenith members and surely we will have a good time together. For those Zenith members please don’t give up,Celebrity still love us.
  4. Believe me the crew members have a list of who are good tippers what ever Celebrity ships you cruise on.
  5. I am on Solstice from Sydney to Hawaii. Maria did a good job.
  6. Yes very nice that Celebrity recognized all Zeniths. There are 9 Zeniths on this cruise. i don’t think I am the TOP cruiser.
  7. Today is Captain’s Club Celebration. Very nice of Maria the captain club hostess delivered the roses and the wine to my room even though I didn’t attended the party. Guess they now honoring the all Zenith members with roses and wine.
  8. I was invited to dine with a couple in suite. Found out they don’t have every day menu like they have on the Edge. Wonder it’s the same to other Solstice class ship. The diner menu didn’t turn out to be exciting so three of us ordered from the MDR menu.
  9. Can’t blame her either.She just not properly instructed who are entitled to be in that reserved section.
  10. Last night was the Chic night on Solstice.i was rejected to sit on the upper deck for suites guests,made me really feel like an IDIOT after showing my status. She told me this section is for suite guests only.
  11. This is the welcoming letter for Zenith members on Celebrity Solstice.
  12. Recent stock price of RCL truely reflected the wrong directions the Edge is going, badly managed with high prices and many unoccupied cabins.
  13. I haven't read a thread here that Zeniths not happy with the Generous Perk that Celebrity offered.In fact Celebrity offered one of the best pecks of the cruise industries. I became Zenith with 32 cruises and most of my cruises are in Suite. The welcoming receptions from the MC concierge are never the same since become Zenith. I wish that never happened.
  14. Tom, It seem Celebrity treat us as 2nd class and very difference from Suites guests. I happened to find out from one of the Concierge 2 years ago. I don't blame the concierge,may be that is what Celebrity wanted them to treat us. T25 is very disorganized regarding about checking in.The security on duty refused me to check in at Suite Check In hall and sent me to the other hall for check in.Luckily I met a check in person on the other hall and know I am Zenith and brought me back to the Suite Check In section.When I brought up to the Celebrity in charge at Suite Check In,they seem don't care. I really hope who ever work at the Check in are properly informed by Celebrity.
  15. Celebrity just don't get it that some people devoted their life just for cruising with them.Wake up LLP.
  16. Tom, I am thinking of Azamara cruise what are the perks they offered as a Zenith member?
  17. Since I didn't get the survey. These are my most critical; 1)Complimentary unlimited intenet. 2)Complimentary Premium drink package. 3)Complimentary Laundry Least Flavor ; 1)20% off photo package. 2)Complimentary scoop of Gelator. 3)$5 match play. I hope Miss Shey read this.
  18. With the saving I can afford to fly business class. I rather choose my seat on my flight than my cabin.😿
  19. Hmmm. after spending so much of our saving and been so loyal to the cruise line.It really give me a second toughs for my next booking. Guess still not to late to change.I only had 2 on RCCL, 1 on NCL and 36 on Celebrity. To me a bar without a bar counter is not for me.I like to watch the Bar tenders make my drink. Btw. on all my cruises taken,I haven't use the pool or the Sun bathing deck once.
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