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  1. it will generate good revenue,with so much demands from this board.😄
  2. Thats a good choice if you don't want to break down your flight, I can't take flight more than 15 hours. non stop. If you prefer,they do have direct flight to Sydney from LA by AA or Delta.
  3. Choice air don't usually cover much destinations in Asia. To Europe yes but not Asia.
  4. I did that in April this year one way from Florida to London London to S E Asia,from S E Asia to Sydney , took the ship from Sydney to Vancouver then flown to Florida. The air fare was about 6K in business class with some Miles from airlines. It took me almost 2 months. If you travel east bound try Malaysian airlines.They do have pretty good fares from London to Sydney.
  5. Its still a god buy at this level if you are a long term investor. With a five years horizon.It pays Div. of $0.70 a share.
  6. As a shareholder I hope I get invited to the inauguration cruise of Apex next year.
  7. I think is called Waterfront Station?
  8. I will be on the same cruise leaving on the 22nd.
  9. Make a LEFT turn after you get off the terminal and walk about 500 feet.Waterfront Skytrain station is there. Once in the station look for the entrance to airport.
  10. You don't need a visa if you are U S citizen to Singapore.You are required to have VISA if you visit India. They advised you to get VISA for India.
  11. I carried 3 luggage and a box by myself and I used Skytrain with no problem. If one person can roll two luggage I would take the skytrain.
  12. Wish they also invite Zeniths and Elite Plus other than the execs, VIPs, likely major stockholders.
  13. Yes they are the top cruiser of Celebrity as far as I know. Glad you decided to stay with Celebrity. Remember me ?we were on New Year cruise with both of you and the Belgium guy that always met in MC. Sorry for hijacking this thread.
  14. I believe you just pay the difference between your drink package allowed. Take for example Smoking Bull is $18.00, you pay the $3.00 extra for Premium package and $7.00 for Classic.
  15. It is very clear that Zeniths are not welcome in the club. I don't see any reason they need to change the name. They just want to make the suite guests feel special. It is OK to me as long as they don't change my zenith benefits and force me to land tours vacation. I don't go to the club much even when I was in the suite.
  16. Some one posted Uber from the Pen Station NJ to port is about $18.00-$20.00
  17. Why stay in NJ if you haven't been to New York. There are so much to see in New York city. My choice is stay near Pen State NY .On the day of cruising take the train to Pen State NJ,from there take an Uber to the cruise terminal.Total cost for one around $25.00
  18. I have an Aft. S1 deck 11 for TA to let go soon. Any taker?
  19. Most of the Zeniths are no more booking the Suites is because most of the suites booking come with the perks that already offered as Zenith. That doesn't make sense for us to pay extra for perks that been offered. If we can afforded to spend so much to be Zeniths,we surely could afford to stay in Suites. Moreover the Menu in Luminae is not very appealing to me,I don't use the sun deck.I just enjoy the space in the cabin.
  20. We have 9 Zeniths on the Transpacific. I think I am the top cruiser,they sent me the flowers and the wine to my room. I was offered a lunch at Tuscan and all Zeniths were invited to dine with HD and senior officers on the last sea day. On the 2nd leg from Hawaii to Vancouver,they just hosted a Luncheon Party with all the Zeniths(13), Captain Tasos and a few Senior Officers.
  21. According to Chinese Horoscope this year is year of PIG. I hope It will bring luck to Celebrity with less complain. Pigs in the Year of the Pig (2019) The year of one’s zodiac sign is their 本命年 (ben ming nian). It is traditionally the most unlucky year with trouble and danger lurking at every corner. Similar to the previous year, Pigs may find luck in some areas of their life, but others will require hard work to avoid potential pitfalls. Chinese believe if you touch the PIG in PIG YEAR with bring you good luck.😄
  22. There is another nice guy on Solstice other than Captain Tasos and Nigel Smyth is HD Chris Scaliotis.
  23. Ya where is my McCallum ?
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