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  1. 5 minutes ago, pl281 said:

    Right now I'm looking at


    Melbourne - MIA - Toronto - Vancouver - Melbourne (Air Canada)  - Equinox Post Renovation

    Sydney Would be PBI - ATL - LAX - SYD (Delta) - Solstice Pre Renovation


    Feel free to give thoughts one which one would be better - I'm leaning towards Equinox


    Equinox don't sail to Australia.



  2. 13 minutes ago, SkystheLimit said:

    Include Air New Zealand in your search.  They fly direct from Houston to Auckland.  Then on to Sydney.

    Thats a good choice if you don't want to break down your flight,

    I can't take flight more than 15 hours. non stop.

    If you prefer,they do have direct flight to Sydney from LA by AA or Delta.


  3. 10 minutes ago, Beachin2 said:

    When you get closer to booking don't forget to check Choice-Air/Air 2 Sea or whatever they are calling themselves today.  I've booked international business class 3 times with them (and one for upcoming March) and fares were about half of the airline's site.


    Avoid code-shared flights though.  Was a real PITA.

    Choice air don't usually cover much destinations in Asia.

    To Europe yes but not Asia.

  4. I did that in April this year one way from Florida to London London to S E Asia,from S E Asia to Sydney , took the ship from Sydney to Vancouver then flown to Florida.

    The air fare was about 6K in business class with some Miles from airlines.

    It took me almost 2 months.

    If you travel east bound try Malaysian airlines.They do have pretty good fares from London to Sydney.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Northern Aurora said:



    At the Waterford Skytrain station you take the elevator down to the lower level.  There you will find a machine which takes both credit cards and currency.  Very clear instructions.

    I think is called Waterfront Station?

  6. 21 minutes ago, Banjo said:


    Thanks for the heads up. That what was available after a Vancover-Honolulu Solstice cruise we took last Fall.  We did not make it out to the Missouri on that visit but did see the Bowfin & the Museum. Missour may be a option. 


    Thanks Kokopelli thanks for the embarkation information.


    We will check for some other activities, if not, go to the Cruise Terminal around 11 :).

    I will be on the same cruise leaving on the 22nd.

  7. 12 minutes ago, hsk1977 said:

    I have been wondering how we should plan to get from the port to the airport myself, and so I'm glad I saw this thread. We have never been to Vancouver and didn't know about Skytrain. Thanks!

    Make a LEFT turn  after you get off the terminal and walk about 500 feet.Waterfront Skytrain station is there.

    Once in the station look for the entrance to airport.

  8. 2 hours ago, SergeiKa said:

    After a long break, I bought the cruise again with this company. But something about the website not working, on the website of the Russian representative offices do not answer, you have to write here!

    Question: I am sailing from Dubai to Singapore (Russian citizen), do I need a visa to Singapore or transit 96 hours without visas?

    - Travel agencies write that a visa is needed.

    - Singapore border guards write that it is not necessary.

    - Tourists with experience on the forums write that you can without a visa, but will have a long time to swear with the staff of the cruise company when boarding.

    But do not want to spoil the rest from the beginning! I want to understand this mess in advance.


    You don't need a visa if you are U S citizen to Singapore.You are required to have VISA if you visit India.

    They advised you to get VISA for India.

  9. 8 hours ago, vtcruising said:

    I was looking for Apex info and found the following, directed at TA's (my bolding and underling):


    " Jo Rzymowska, Celebrity’s vice-president and managing director UK, Ireland and Asia Pacific, told TTG while the schedule for Apex’s UK visit was “not fully finalised”, two pre-inaugural sailings were likely.

    “It will be the hottest ticket in town,” she said. “We’ll be able to entertain more partners, and we want to make sure agents get the chance to appreciate what Celebrity Cruises is all about – we want to bring energy and excitement to the market.”

    Discussing potential new features onboard Apex, Rzymowska said despite the vessel being a sister ship to Edge – the second of five planned Edge-class vessels – “there is always something slightly different about family members”.

    After launch, Apex will cruise five ex-UK itineraries before being based in the Mediterranean for the rest of the summer. The lead-up to Apex, Rzymowska said, would echo that of Edge, which launched last December, using “reveal events” to “build up the excitement”. "


    I saw that the first cruise was on April 1st on another site, which would make sense if there were two X 2 night Press and Trade cruises prior to the April 5th Inaugural voyage. The Edge had a 2 night shakedown cruise for crew and 3 X Press and Trade cruises that were 2 nights each prior to the 2 X 3 night Preview cruises. They may do the naming ceremony on one of those Press and Trade cruises, as they did on one of the Edge's Press and Trade cruises. Seating was limited since it was in the theater (holds ~ 950) and they need to invite execs, VIPs, likely major stockholders, etc.


    I was wondering if they would do the reveal events again since dining, spa, staterooms, suite amenities will be the same or quite similar - the excitement will be in the changes, I guess.  Maybe a reading nook or a T Pool (I can dream). Hopefully they will start revealing some Apex info to get the excitement rolling! 🙂

    Wish they also invite Zeniths and Elite Plus other than the execs, VIPs, likely major stockholders.

  10. 5 hours ago, RodPat said:

    I see in your photo of the Zenith Lunch you are sailing with Arno and his wife JoAnne.  I would think he is the top cruiser on board.  I think they are Zenith 3 times.  Lovely couple.



    Yes they are the top cruiser of Celebrity as far as I know.

    Glad you decided to stay with Celebrity.

    Remember me ?we were on New Year cruise with both of you and the Belgium guy that always met in MC.

    Sorry for hijacking this thread.

  11. 3 hours ago, Orator said:

    Michael's Club was named for Michael Chandris, the son of the founder of Celebrity. Dropping the name is just another sign of a new direction. Maybe they're "Retreat"ing from the past? A terrible mistake in my opinion.

    It is very clear that Zeniths are not welcome in the club. I don't see any reason they need to change the name.

    They just want to make the suite guests feel special.

    It is OK to me as long as they don't change my zenith benefits and force me to land tours vacation.

    I don't go to the club much even when I was in the suite.

  12. Why stay in NJ if you haven't been to New York.

    There are so much to see in New York city.

    My choice is stay near Pen State NY .On the day of cruising take the train to Pen State NJ,from there take an Uber to the cruise terminal.Total cost for one around $25.00

  13. On 6/3/2019 at 3:16 PM, Arno. said:


    Many top cruisers are no longer the top spenders onboard unless I count all the money spent on 200 cruises..  Most Zeniths are not in the high rent district on board.  In matter of fact, once a cruiser has attained the quick journey in suites to attain the Zenith level, they revert back to AQ/Concierge/Balcony and even insides. 

    That homebrew is BAD!  I think I'll just ask for the label and return the bottle.  The premium drink package that is offered to Zs really means that the bottle of "wine" is not necessary.  The significance of the cutback is that, only a year ago, the top cruiser would always be at an officer's table and get that free visit to a specialty restaurant as well.  It's a good thing that we are trying to cut back on the calories and that our favourite restaurant has been eliminated (Murano) and 2nd, Qsine with the little joke of a special meal called Le Petit Chef.... Not that I'm complaining ... 😉

    Most of the Zeniths are no more booking the Suites is because most of the suites booking come with the perks that already offered as Zenith.

    That doesn't make sense for us to pay extra for perks that been offered.

    If we can afforded to spend so much to be Zeniths,we surely could afford to stay in Suites.

    Moreover the Menu in Luminae is not very appealing to me,I don't use the sun deck.I just enjoy the space in the cabin.

  14. 11 hours ago, TommyD3 said:

    Closely held secret !!!

    The ranks are growing though.

    On one Solstice cruise last month there were four new Zeniths !!!

    We have 9 Zeniths on the Transpacific.

    I think I am the top cruiser,they sent me the flowers and the wine to my room.

    I was offered a lunch at Tuscan and all Zeniths were  invited to dine with HD  and senior officers on the last sea day.

    On the 2nd leg from Hawaii to Vancouver,they just hosted a Luncheon Party with all the Zeniths(13), Captain Tasos and a few Senior Officers.




  15. 27 minutes ago, mmeg29 said:

    Image result for cincinnati pigs

    According to Chinese Horoscope this year is year of PIG.

    I hope It will bring luck to Celebrity with less complain.

    Pigs in the Year of the Pig (2019) The year of one’s zodiac sign is their 本命年 (ben ming nian). It is traditionally the most unlucky year with trouble and danger lurking at every corner. Similar to the previous year, Pigs may find luck in some areas of their life, but others will require hard work to avoid potential pitfalls.

    Chinese believe if you touch the PIG in PIG YEAR with bring you good luck.😄

  16. 17 hours ago, rusticfurnituremaker said:

    After spending over 9 1/2 hours on the phone today with Choice Air, Delta, and my travel agent, I am ready to shoot myself!  My cruise is in two days, and our plane leaves tomorrow (for Venice) at noon.  I tried to print my boarding pass today and found out Choice Air misspelled my middle name by one letter.  No boarding pass, no valid ticket, nothing! I spent the whole day calling the airlines, my travel agent and Choice Air, all who could do nothing to change this error (which Choice Air made but won't admit to).  Choice Air offered me the option of purchasing two new tickets at today's price for a flight tomorrow ($6000 plus) but did nothing else.  They said they corrected the errors, but when checking with Delta, they did not.  They kept telling me that "they understand how I feel".  Bull!!!  I am supposed to leave tomorrow and drive two hours to the airport with no valid ticket (says Delta).  Choice Air insisted that my travel agent of MANY years called them and gave them a new spelling of my middle name.  Bull again.  Every document I have for the cruise and everything else spells my name correctly....except the airline tickets.  Finally, they changed my name back to the incorrect spelling and told me "no problem".  I guess TSA doesn't care if the names match.  They and Delta insist that I can check in with the incorrectly spelled name (they have records of my 17 phone calls and it will be "fine, and TSA doesn't worry about middle names) .  I have cruised many times and have always made all my own arrangements for air.  I made the mistake of using Choice Air this time.  NEVER AGAIN.  They accept no responsibility for their errors and do not try to correct their mistakes.  Use them and wish for the best, but plan on screw ups.  No sleep tonight and leaving REALLY early for the airport...need all the time just in case the reservation is still screwed up.  Wish me luck.

    So was mine.Choice Air reservation put my middle initial together with my first.Glad Air Canada didn't find out and let me board.

    When the time I made my reservation I already told them clearly there is an initial letter as my middle name and they just don't care.

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