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  1. 11 minutes ago, jelayne said:

    You said you spoke to the  MaitreD the past evening, hopefully you will report back that things have improved.  

    Met restaurant manager for the whole ship invited me to Murano for dinner last night but I turned it down.

    A mail in specialty restaurant won’t resolve the issue and I don’t need any compensation.

    Did received phone call from guess relation manager Alana, Luminae restaurant manager and the MC concierge.

  2. My post address to CEO of Celebrity is because she  is accountable has the responsibility to the shareholders of RCL when there are issues and mismanagement of the cruise line.
    Everybody is on vacation and paid a fair share to use the facilities.
    Please be considerate and be respectful to others.

    I have to give credit to the couple with two kids dining in Luminae,they were so well behaved.

    Thats all I got to say.

  3. I met the Maitre D last night at the elevator and told him about the problem . He told me he will follow up with this issue.

    The  hostess and the restaurant manager knew how I felt and moved me away from them the next night but the noise was so unbearable that all the customers could feel the same thing.

    They  just thought they are the only diners in The whole restaurant.

  4. Since I sent an email to CelebrityOneTouch@Celebrity.com two days ago with no response may be I better post here.

    This is the worst cruise that I been on.
    To be honest I wish I am not on this cruise.
    I am a solo cruiser,I have been dining in Luminae so many times and never experienced a dining room that was so noisy.
    If you can’t hear people talking from table of 5 feet away and you can hear clearly every single worlds from table 20 feet’s away to me that is consider loud.
    It used to be a quiet and cozy dining but the host and hostess turned the place like a fish market.The host started to arranging that specific few customers to make up a bigger dining group initially from 5 tables for two to become a 1 big table of 10 on the third night of the cruise.
    At some times that group of TEN talked and laughed so laud that everyone in the room can hear and it created such a discomfort  and displeasure to the less of the others diners.
    It totally lost the feel of FINE DINING of Luminae.
    On the second night the wait staffs and the sommelier have to take care that group and spent so much time on them and totally under served the other customers
    If that is the way Celebrity only interest to make the ten customers happy and ignored the less then perhaps I may need to look else where.
    Another thing I was unhappy was the invitation of the senior officers night at Michael Club.
    The concierge was only interested to greet a few who may be in the HIGHER END SUITES and totally ignored me being in the room.I felt so discomfort and uninvited so I left the place in a short while.
    Celebrity is time to wake up.I don’t see any MODERN LUXURY in this cruise line.
    I brought this up is because I care about Celebrity,Celebrity is my only choice of cruising.
    I don’t like to see Celebrity to go down hill so fast and open the doors to other competitors.
    I am currently on the Celebrity Solstice 18 nights Tahitian Treasures cruise 2019 September Sailing if you decided to talk to me you know where to find me.



  5. 5 hours ago, C-Dragons said:

    That would be me. 😊

    Thanks. I will send you an email right now.


    I found her email and contacted her and now she is very happy with that cabin I released.

    Are we on the same cruise to Sydney? seeing you going to Hawaii.

    I will be flying out on the 22nd. to Hawaii.

  6. On 6/5/2019 at 5:48 PM, Texed said:


    I believe I know someone that would be very interested.  I will try to contact them.  😊

    That person contacted me few months ago saying she is interested about the Aft S1,but I lost her email .if you read this message please write to me again because I may want to release the cabin.

  7. 10 hours ago, vtcruising said:

    We fondly remember how X used to have the last sea day buffets with piles of shrimp and chocolate fountains. We didn't eat too much, but loved the chocolate fountain. I was quite surprised to find this recent video of the last sea day on the Edge. The person who made the video said it was a special buffet and it reminded me of the ones they used to have. There is lots of seafood, several roasts, huge steaks for grilling, beautiful fruits and salads, about 50 cakes and a chocolate fountain! Granted, they had someone dipping for you, but I guess that is a good thing. It looks quite good and is giving me the munchies at 10:30 at night. 😉


    It seemed that there were a lot more choices in addition to the usual lunch selections. Has anyone else experienced this on the Edge? Maybe it was a one and done, but hope they continue. Any other X ships doing special last sea day buffets?



    Its nothing new,it has all the Celebrity cruises that I have been on after there removed the Grand Buffet at the main dining room.

  8. 22 minutes ago, Ma Bell said:

    Why don't the two of you get together and then you'd only have to pay for one.

    Sorry I don't sleep with strainger.

    I will be in suite fro Hawaii to Sydney from Sep.23rd to Octber 11th.

    I like my privacy.

    And No Thank You I do have a cruise mate that cruise with me from Rome to Fort Lauderdale on the Transtlantic later on.

  9. 9 minutes ago, Straughn said:

    I was going to make a similar comment. One of the benefits that Royal offers to D+ passengers, when they hit the halfway point to Pinnacle, is that solo passengers pay 150% instead of 200%. As a frequent solo cruiser, I am Elite + and unless I live on a cruIse ship (if only), I will never reach Zenith. I should reach the halfway point. Because I won’t reach Zenith, I would happily give up the double points to pay 150% rather than 200%.


    I know it sucks I am also paying 200%.

  10. I think is a very good idea so most of us can enjoy drinks on the first day.

    Remember there is no Happy hour on embarkation day.

    Lets not to be selfish I do know some Zeniths don't like that idea.

    Celebrity moved that event to the embarkation day because the attendants are  down and it didn't serve any purposes to hold such event.

    Arno did you remember that I was with you on one of the Captain Celebration?

    The event was luck warm.

    I do like people acknowledged you as the top cruiser every time you are onboard.

  11. 11 hours ago, hcat said:


    No..Michaels was changed from an Elite Lounge ( a.m. lite breakfast and pm cocktails) sev years ago..No longer available..Now exclusive for suite guests, Zenith and hi level gamblers .


    Elites can have lite breakfast in Tuscan and there are sev options for  Cocktail  hour

    Those were the days we did enjoyed MC being Elite.

    I still wish they will change back MC for Elites and above and have the Pool bar at retreat mainly for suite guests.


  12. 14 hours ago, CruiseImage said:


    Also a fellow Zenith, my take is why should a Z member who decides to cruise an "inside" or "window" cabin have access to a "suite only" area just because they've got top loyalty status. I'm more than happy with what comes with the status.

    I know a number of Z members who have had access to the Retreat Sun Deck. How this is arranged or authorised is unknown to me. If I want the perks I'll book the #Suitelife 😉

    What make you think that Zenith cruise in inside or window?

    I am Zenith,I still cruised in suite and I cruise SOLO.

    I was the Top cruiser of my last B2B.

    I turned down the offer the officers diner on the 1st leg and never got invited for 2nd leg dinner with officer.

    I don't think is standardized fleet wide.

    They delivered the flowers but not the wine.


  13. On 8/1/2019 at 6:38 PM, gerelmx said:

    Celebrity was giving me an option to solve the problem: at the end of the cruise from Honolulu to Vancouver (second stage) Total disembarkation in Vancouver and boarding the next day in Victoria BC. , my travel agent must make a late boarding request in Victoria.

    Can you pay a fine instead?

    Your travel agent is right when you look at your 2nd and 3rd cruise there is no foreign distance port.so you need to disembark in Canada to break down your trip as two different trip and not as one trip.

    if it is one trip you are violating the Jones act.

    That also apply to Hawaii to Vancouver as 1st leg then  Vancouver to Alaska then disembark in Seattle as 2nd leg.

    it is also violating the Jones act. Because Vancouver,Canada is not considered as a distance port.

  14. 38 minutes ago, sr4mjc said:

    This Tampa resident is happy!  We usually only have Royal's Radiance class here. 


    39 minutes ago, sr4mjc said:

    This Tampa resident is happy!  We usually only have Royal's Radiance class here. 

    It will benefits the Floridian once the Brightline start operation from Miami-Fort Lauderdale -West Palm Beach -Orlando

  15. On 7/18/2019 at 4:51 PM, Mercruiser said:

    I'm an American living in Europe for a temporary job assignment. I use the Schwab no-ATM-fee checking account for all my ATM cash withdrawals. There are no ATM or other fees. I've used this debit card all over the world for ATM cash withdrawals. Highly recommended.

    You are a smart traveler.

    Few years back a poster recommended TD bank card.It works like Schwab debit card,there is no transaction or foreign exchange fee.

    I used that card every where I go.Every time I run out of money I will go to  any bank ATM machine to get a small withdrawal.

    Be careful there are a lot of pick pockets in Europe.

  16. 34 minutes ago, isanlu said:

    Hi there,


    We are arriving in Lahaina, Maui on Saturday, September 21st at 8:00 am  aboard the Celebrity Solstice .  The ship departs Lahaina on Sunday, September 22 at 7:00 pm.  Apparently Lahaina has no port so passengers are tendered to and from the ship .


    We want to rent a car and drive the 3 hrs to see the Sunset at Haleakala Summit.  Coming back to the ship would be past midnight or very early in the morning the following day.


    My question is: can take a Tender back to the ship any time.  Can we get back on the ship?  Do we have to ring the bell to be let in?  Don't want to reserve a car if we can't make that trip and once on the boat without internet and phone we can't cancel the car reservation, yes we are not paying for internet and cell phone usage.


    Thank you in advance

    I heard parking the car will be the big problem.Tender services will be all night long,

  17. On 7/31/2019 at 11:16 PM, Shadow9612 said:

    But you'd be 20 points closer to a new level between elite+ and Zenith if it ever materializes. 😉

    Yes the 20+ ponits will get me closer to double Zenith.

    It will be next year instead the year after.

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