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  1. Eliza3 has PreCheck She has no problem at airport.
  2. I never use the single seated couch other than placing my clothing on it.
  3. I think the Rocker will be good for S1 on S class ships by replacing with the single seat.
  4. Just relax and enjoy your vacation. You easily make your flight. They usually disembark around 8:00am in Port Everglade.It only takes 10 minutes to airport.
  5. Haven't fall in love with M class ship.Hope the revolution of M class will change my mind.
  6. Make sure its not the 1st cabin from star port side of C1. It has the smallest balcony. Don't forget the sparkling wine.
  7. An Italian couple on my last transatlantic is also over 9000 points. They were the top cruiser.
  8. I heard there were 27 Zenith members on one bridge ceremony.Wow what a big group.
  9. Ceremony will be held on your 1st. zenith cruise and the ONE free 7 days Caribbean cruise will be good for one year in veranda cabin.
  10. Congratulation and welcome you to the Zenith club.
  11. Congratulation and welcome you to the Zenith club.
  12. I know but that social media site is strictly for my family use only.
  13. Thanks for creating this thread. Would be great we can keep in touch with each other and share our thoughts about cruising with Celebrity after reaching Zenith.
  14. Remember it is your vacation.just enjoy and do what best for you.
  15. That's great news.I belong to Hilton honors.I don't see much values out of it.
  16. I don't gamble may I know what benefits just to join MLife?
  17. Thanks for the information that I got from you on other threads. Where is MC.they changed MC to Suite retreat.I don't feel comfortable going in as I don't stay in Suite. There are restricted area where I can't access. Where is the Bar counter in Retreat Lounge.I don't feel comfortable sitting by myself on a table of 4 because I always cruise SOLO. I like to sit by the Bar. If all the ships after revolutionized copy like Edge I would most likely cancel my S1 cabin on Apex and move to other cruise line. With the $$$$ I spend on Celebrity every year I believe there are some cruise line's happy to welcome me as their loyal customer.
  18. Life is too short,you can't bring with you.
  19. I am a Zenith member.I heard those Bars are strictly for suite guests only. Now I see why they change MC to retreat lounge.Its all for business reason. I guess Loyalty mean nothing anymore to Celebrity. Just booked an S1 Aft on Apex for the Transatlantic.If the design stay the same as Edge,very likely I am going to cancel.
  20. Edge is not for me.I travel solo and always like to have drinks by the Bar. Thanks for the info on the retreat lounge.
  21. Just show your check in paper with the security and they will let you in to the port. Everyone needs to show their paper in order to get into the port area.
  22. Congratulation for reaching Double Zenith V and G. It is very sad other Zenith members not being recognized by the Officers. I think the decision came from the main office in Miami. I already made up my mind and will never again show up for this function. I was disappointed by the way they organized from my previous 2 cruises.
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