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  1. Sorry for hijacking this thread. I have been Zenith for a while now.Is there a social group or web site as a way to get in touch with other Zenith members? i don't cruise that many, so far I only met a few. On my last cruise there were only 19 and I hardly met them in MC. The only time I met was on the Zeniths Lunch with Officials.. Verizon.
  2. I would take the train from the dock each is a walking distance and stay in Perth city.It takes about half an hour ride. There is not much to see at Freemantle. The only place that I like to visit is one of the restaurant in Freemantle called Fish and Chip by the sea. They claim is the best Fish and Chips in Perth.
  3. Apex Transatlantic is opened for booking. Prices sky high.
  4. I am on Eclipse now doing pretty much the same itinerary. Every night is a Spanish night up at the Sky Lounge.There are a big Spanish speaking group on the ship.
  5. Will a non Zenith member be admitted to MC if they share the same cabin with Zenith member?
  6. Doesn't matter who served you in Luminae. They all worked very hard and give excellent services to their Customers. They are specially selected to work at Luminae what ever ship they have contract with. I recently met one waiter on Infinity that remember me that used to worked on Eclipse.
  7. Yes I do. if I don’t owned their stock I will never cruise with them. As an investor I only support the companies that I have share with.
  8. Ditto.Been on M class ship recently. It didn't impressed me.Think never on M class ship again.
  9. I used to spend $280.00 for a 14 days.Now I only pay around $100.00 with Uber Round trip included. Its safe and is Garage parking with attendant day time and surveillance cameras 24hrs everywhere in the whole building. Its less 2 miles from the port. Good place to park during hurricane season.
  10. Please email me I will recommend a cheap safe garage parking.
  11. Timeline of The Celebrity Revolution Ship Completion Date Celebrity Millennium® - 09/02/2019 Celebrity Summit® - 23/03/2019 Celebrity Equinox℠ - 25/05/2019 Celebrity Silhouette® - 24/01/2020 Celebrity Eclipse® - 01/04/2020 Celebrity Constellation® - 01/05/2020 Celebrity Infinity® - 14/11/2020 Celebrity Solstice® - 01/10/2021 Celebrity Reflection® - 02/02/2023
  12. They have two new ships.Edge,Apex and Equinox.
  13. It was under the premium package before. May be they misprinted Decoy instead of Duckhorn. if it’s Duckhorn Carbenet,then it’s worth the money for $23.00 /glass Duckhorn Carbenet 2014 retail as $65.00 /bottle.
  14. Hi Jim, Something missing on the Zenith celebration at the bridge. Did the 20 Zenith members join you at the bridge for your 1st. Zenith cruise?
  15. Stop eating till you get on the ship. The food is so good onboard
  16. New Zealand Cruise with Celebrity Eclipse 11 days from Auckland to Melbourne, departure 26/01/2021 Before: < 11 days New Zealand (15/01/21-26/01/21) Following: 14 days South Sea (06/02/21-20/02/21) > ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE HOTELS SIMILAR CRUISES SHIP INFORMATION Date Port Arrive Depart Tue 26/01/21 Auckland / New Zealand 17:00 Wed 27/01/21 Tauranga / New Zealand 07:00 18:00 Thu 28/01/21 At Sea Fri 29/01/21 Napier / New Zealand 08:00 17:00 Sat 30/01/21 Wellington / New Zealand 08:00 17:00 Sun 31/01/21 Picton / New Zealand 08:00 17:00 Mon 01/02/21 Lyttelton (Christchurch) / New Zealand 08:00 17:00 Tue 02/02/21 Dunedin / New Zealand 08:00 17:00 Wed 03/02/21 Dusky Sound (Passage) / New Zealand 08:00 09:00 Wed 03/02/21 Doubtful Sound: Scenic Cruising / New Zealand 11:00 12:00 Wed 03/02/21 Milford Sound (Passage) / New Zealand 16:00 17:00 Thu 04/02/21 At Sea Fri 05/02/21 At Sea Sat 06/02/21 Melbourne / Australia 06:30
  17. Before: < 11 days New Zealand (26/01/21-06/02/21) Following: 12 days New Zealand (20/02/21-04/03/21) > ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE HOTELS SIMILAR CRUISES SHIP INFORMATION This Date Port Arrive Depart Sat 06/02/21 Melbourne / Australia 17:00 Sun 07/02/21 At Sea Mon 08/02/21 At Sea Tue 09/02/21 At Sea Wed 10/02/21 Maré (New Caledonia)* / South Seas 08:00 18:00 Thu 11/02/21 Île des Pins (New Caledonia)* / South Seas 08:00 17:00 Fri 12/02/21 Lifou (New Caledonia)* / South Seas 08:00 17:00 Sat 13/02/21 Port Vila (Vanuatu) / South Seas 08:00 17:00 Sun 14/02/21 Luganville (Vanuatu)* / South Seas 07:00 15:00 Mon 15/02/21 Mystery Island (Inyeug), Vanuatu* / South Seas 08:00 17:00 Tue 16/02/21 Nouméa (New Caledonia) / South Seas 08:00 16:00 Wed 17/02/21 At Sea Thu 18/02/21 At Sea Fri 19/02/21 At Sea Sat 20/02/21 Melbourne / Australia 06:30
  18. On mine Singapore to Sydney went up $500 from Tuesday booking. Going to have a lot of Aussie on this sailing.
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