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  1. Agree it will be sooner. They would want as much time as possible to get the schedule set and cabins sold.
  2. They have not cancelled the cruises longer than 7 days, they are just unable to sell/market them.
  3. One of the folks in my cruise's FB group called and they said they will be canceling the 8 day cruises as they will have to change the itinerary. Aruba and Curacao are too far to get to and back on a 7 day.
  4. I asked if they were going to convert to 7: Over the next few weeks, we will be working closely with the CDC to understand how to best move forward with these sailings and evaluate all the options. We will let you know immediately should anything change. Thanks for your patience.
  5. The alternating 6 day cruises would have to be changing as well and they haven't locked them down. I think the 8 days are filling up due to all the folks with FCCs they need to use. We booked a GTY balcony cabin for the June 19th sailing and they've already assigned us one. Doubtful they would do that if they were planning to make changes.
  6. Same type issue when logging into our PC. Main Excursion being promoted is for Grand Cayman and that's not on our itinerary. It came up when they shuffled us from one cruise ship to another and think they are so busy taking care of that fiasco that they haven't gone back to clean up the small messes like this left in the wake.
  7. I msg'd them and they said I am part of a "group booking" because I went through a TA and my window is Oct 16-30 but it could happen earlier. I'm also locked out of my cruise planner and can't cancel the DBPs that they are going to cancel when they move me anyway.
  8. Brilliance will be replaced by Indy, Indy out of FTL cruises are cancelled from what I hear. No replacement ship.
  9. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/sites/default/files/blog-images/summer-2021-deployment-changes.jpg
  10. HA! Not moving to Italy but it is moving to Tampa. See new post with the info.
  11. ROYAL CARIBBEAN ANNOUNCES UPDATES TO 2021 SUMMER CRUISES Royal Caribbean Press Center News Feed 3min //keep unread//hide MIAMI, Sept. 23, 2020 – Royal Caribbean International today provides an update to its 2021 summer cruises, announcing upcoming changes in itineraries and homeports. Tapping market research and valuable feedback from guests and travel partners, the cruise line has adjusted its schedule with the goal of providing guests with greater variety for their 2021 adventures. Highlights of th
  12. Right!? We'll contact you as soon as a decision is made.... We'll see how it goes but I wouldn't bet against it.
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