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  1. MrsPhoenix91

    Current Concierges continued discussion

    I am very grateful for this thread. We are currently on the Mariner of the Seas in Grand Suite 1256. Yin Tao (SL Concierge) is WONDERFUL!
  2. Hello everyone! In the Grand Suites on the newly renovated Mariner of the Seas, are there wall-mounted shampoo dispensers inside the bathrooms? What about travel-sized bottled lotions?
  3. MrsPhoenix91

    Mariner of the seas completed Vlog

    Thank you for posting your experiences on the MOS!
  4. ^^100% Correct^^! Thank you for advocating for the employees.
  5. This was the response from the Blog Moderator: "No announced changes for JS benefits."
  6. Great Service Recovery!
  7. And I just posted there asking about guests in Junior Suites.
  8. Hi James. You can't post links here. Is that from the Royal Caribbean blog?
  9. MrsPhoenix91

    Pier at coco cay

    Personally, we are looking forward to tendering to an island (we have yet to experience this). And if we don't this year, no big deal;)
  10. MrsPhoenix91

    Smokers a problem on Mariner

    No matter what cruise line you patronize, weekend cruises will typically (but not always) have a "different" flavor to them versus 4 day and above. Our first cruise (Husband, Daughter & Me) was a weekender in late May 2015. We all found the drunk folks to be hilarious (at least they were HAPPY drunks :')), and we did not allow them to interfere with our fun and relaxation. Of course, my husband has a similar demeanor as gammite. The way that you conduct yourself in public and in private will always speak first and louder.
  11. Wow...I wonder what the "committee" members were smoking when they came up with those names:confused:...
  12. MrsPhoenix91

    Status of CocoCay pier

    We will be happy either way. It's enough to be out of Toledo for a while :)