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  1. does anyone know why the Eurodam was late getting into Seattle today, June 15. Ships usually arrive around 6 am but today the Eurodam arrived late afternoon.
  2. I realized my mistake and tried to delete it! Thanks anyway.
  3. A few years ago we did the Asian cruise on the Millennium. Food was horrible. I noticed the Constellation will be taking it’s place. Do you think the food will be better or is it just that that’s the food available to the ships?
  4. A few years ago we took the Asian cruise on the Millennium. Food was really bad to the point I couldn’t eat it on the last night and people we were traveling with got sick on the chicken on the last night. Since the Constellation will be doing that cruise do you think the food will be better or is it more that’s the food available to the ships?
  5. I’m curious as to which ship/cruise line do you think has the best activities? The last few cruises have been on Celebrity and really enjoyed activities on just a couple of them. Our first TA there were several good ones to choose from at the same time. Just got off Reflection and wasn’t impressed with activities but did have good lecturers. The live band for the evening entertainment was so loud it hurt my ears. We’ve been on HAL, Princess and RCCL.
  6. Hi, we are also from the Seattle area. I would like to suggest something totally different! Have you ever considered a Rick Steves Europe tour? We just got back from our 8th RS tour. Can’t say enough good things about them. After the 2 week tour we took the train to Civitavecchi, Italy where we did a TA cruise to Ft Lauderdale! This is the second time we’ve down a trip like this and find it’s much easier to adapt to the time change on a cruise. We always fly back on Alaska Airlines which only nonstop flight is at 6:00pm. I recently discovered resortpass.com where we booked a “day pass” at a hotel where we hung out for the day. It sure beats the airport! Good luck making your decision! You have lots to choose from.
  7. It’s in the middle of the ship and looks out over the atrium. Three floors below the Library. Let me know if you find it. You are on the Reflection, right?
  8. We just got back from a transatlantic cruise and had the same thing happen to us 2 days before the cruise so we took their offer to be moved to their suggestion. It was the Mercure Sunbay and without going into details it was a terrible experience. I booked the hotel a year in advance. My suggestion would be to try and find something on vrbo. Good luck! I hope you have a better experience than what we had.
  9. Hi, just discovered your blog! Got off Reflection Monday. Had a great crossing. You probably know this but just Incase you don’t there is a great coffee service on deck 7 named The Hideaway. They serve it from 7-5. Most people don’t know about it. Hope you have a wonderful cruise. The Captain is the best. Loved his sense of humor!
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