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  1. Is Royal taking new bookings for later in the year? The hubby and I found another cruise that will work for us, We already know we are cancelling May but not wanting to call in yet, letting the people with March/April cruises set on hold first. I called in but option for booking wasn’t an option?
  2. So called the number listed on cruise with confidence that is 24/7 and I get office is now closed. Anybody else run into this?
  3. When we booked our May 1st cruise a year ago we got the standard Royal cruise insurance they offer. So now we are going to cancel, not because of the virus but because we can’t afford to be quarantined. How does it work with fcc and insurance? I already know when we want to rebook! Would we get all FCC or does it fall under cancel for any reason? I have a preexisting condition so would be in the group that right now is not recommend to sail. Can you rebook the next cruise at the same time or do I need to wait?
  4. So the hubby and I went on our first cruise years ago. That cruise was paid for by my employer so we didn’t pick rooms. The boss put everyone in balconies. The second cruise we booked on our own and chose an ocean view. We learned that we prefer the ocean view over a balcony. We like any time dining. Prefer dining room for dinner, but like the buffet for breakfast. What has everyone else learned from their years of cruising?
  5. I have been browsing the menus for our cruise in May😉. What is everyone must try menu? What is the one to avoid? We are also planning one chops night, what is the favorite there?
  6. Can the hubby and I share a card or do we have to each have one?
  7. I do the same thing. Those ornaments are the last to go on the tree and the hubby and I reminisce about our favorite activities or restaurants from those places.
  8. Is the coffee card worth it or better to pay as you go. The hubby drinks espresso every morning and sometimes one in the afternoon. I drink mochas or lattes. So for a 10 day cruise tops we would drink 10. My question is how much do the drinks cost?
  9. Any places to snorkel from the beach? Best place to go if not doing a ship excursion?
  10. We are the same way, we stay up late and sleep in... we will make sure to tell them that gratuities will not be effected.
  11. The steward on carnival asked if we wanted twice a day and we told him no, evening only.
  12. Just curious. On ncl Ncl we had twice a day service, On carnival we had once a day service. What does RCL do? Do they have towel animals? Can you opt to just have every other day or no service?
  13. My hubby and I cruise for 2 reasons relaxation and the food, our budget allows us to only book one dining upgrade a cruise. We did the chef table on carnival and loved it! However this time we are celebrating our anniversary so deciding on doing the chef table on enchantment or booking chops? Also saw something about dining discounts! For those of you who have done both which would you recommend?
  14. Found it under account settings, edit signature
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