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  1. when my mother passed away, she loved cruising, my sister and I arranged to have a wreath that we could toss in her memory. Princess did a wonderful job, they provided a wreath (that was environmentally friendly and pre approved) and gave us the time we needed to say goodbye. This is still a very special memory for us
  2. I'm going on a cruise in August and have already received word from Princess that private excursions would get off the ship about an hour after docking (the time was 930 , but I can't remember the time we pull into port)
  3. I booked (and have made payment) SPB after reading good reviews here on cruise critic. I leave in August , anyone use them lately. I'm getting nervous and leary now
  4. thank you.............my travel agent found a package for me at explora that is $$$$ so I'm looking for something cheaper. I would love to do some of chile as well (1-2 days) are you on the roll call?
  5. on the Coral last year they used canned Gosslings
  6. Anyone else have advise?
  7. I have cruisedd to Alaska twice in September once it was sunny and I never wore a jacket (it was 75 in Ketichian) and the next time it was cold and we had snow! don't plan your trip around the weather.
  8. I'm at the age now where I'm not comfortable driving in a foreign country (and I'm not that old...........oldish) So I'm looking for a tour or tour company/ guide I'm 100% up for eating local, its one of the reason I travel
  9. any tips on a hotel? Tours?
  10. I am on the Jan. 21st cruise that leaves Buenos Aires and arrives in Santiago (I believe we arrive on 2/6)
  11. I am doing a cruise of the antarctic that ends in Santiago, Chile. I would love to go to Easter Island while in that part of the world Does anyone know of tour companies that do Santiago and Easter Island thank you
  12. I always start by telling them no trying to sell me products after the massage, and they don't.
  13. I agree with this poster....Have done Chillkoot tours twice and have not been disappointed the train ride is wonderful, and would also do the train ride up (although on one trip it was too overcast to see much) The lunch is the same exact place as the cruise ships. The highlight for me was playing with the husky puppies (we went in September last trip)
  14. I agree that Juneau is best for whale watching. I've seen killer whale and lots of humpbacks on all of my trips
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