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  1. lostsoulcruiser

    Cabin temperature

    My room temperature story: While unpacking on my last Dream cruise, we mentioned how warm the room was. The room steward agreed and called his supervisor. My wife, the room steward and I were pretty uncomfortable when the boss arrived, she proceeded to explain the room temperature policy. She took about 20 minutes to go through the policy all the while holding a digital thermometer in her hand. She finally took a temperature and realized how hot the room was. Took three days to fix. BTW, I mentioned this on the complaint form and never received an acknowledgement from Carnival. Not surprised.
  2. lostsoulcruiser

    Carnival Dream newbie questions

    We were on the Dream twice and my wife smokes, don't worry these sections will have people to speak with. If you are on deck 7, take the rear elevators to deck 11. Go outside, to the left and you are at that smoking area. For the deck 5 area, take the elevators to deck 5, go outside on the opposite side of Guy's BBQ place towards the ships rear (this was my wife's preferred spot, a little more quiet). The deck 5 spot was hard to get service for a drink. Never had a noise issue on the Dream. Bon voyage.
  3. lostsoulcruiser

    Carnival 6,600 Passenger Mega Ship that runs on LNG!?!?!?

    There is a upcoming international maritime requirement for cruise ships to reduce emissions from the stack; meaning either LNG, some type of scrubbing system since many ships burn a heavy fuel (Bunker C or #6 oil) or something else. Carnival recently signed an agreement with Port Canaveral to home port this ship so I would guess that includes the port or Carnival paying for the installation of a LNG loading facility. The LNG will probably be a future trend expanding nationwide. Regarding the Mega ship, having never been on one I cannot comment, however, it does seem to work for RCL and NCL. If you are going to stay competitive...
  4. lostsoulcruiser

    American Express

    Just added. Thanks for the post.
  5. Mazel tov on your upcoming wedding. A lot of good advice offered so far; I'd have some chocolate covered strawberries and champagne purchased ahead of time and waiting in your room.
  6. lostsoulcruiser

    Carnival Shareholder Benefit Request Form

    You must generate the document and send to Carnival, typically a brokerage statement will account information blanked out except for ownership of Carnival stock. Online brokerages generally generate a statement monthly, so just print a statement, I use a black sharpie and edit all but Carnival info (although I leave my name on the statement; I do black out the account #). Here is an example of what I send: TO: Carnival GuestAdministration FAX: 305.406.6102 FROM: PHONE: FAX: DATE: NO. OF PAGES(INCL.COVER): 4 MESSAGE: Request for Shareholder Benefit Please apply the appropriateshareholder benefit (onboard credit per stateroom) for my upcoming cruise.Details are as follows: Booking #: Ship: Sail date: Cabin # : Proof of share ownership isattached (June brokerage statement) Thank you for yourassistance. I have sent requests both by fax and email; both were successful. Happy cruising with some drinks on them.
  7. lostsoulcruiser

    Cabin service

    We requested am service after 9 am as we are late risers. Still had turn down and towel animals in the evening. Love them towel animals.
  8. lostsoulcruiser

    Can you get onboard with a declined card?

    You should be able to prepay everything including gratuities before you board. Make sure you prepay the gratuity or else carnival will drain your cash account with a daily charge. Once you do this, whatever your cash account balance it should be sufficient. You will be able to monitor it from your cabin television.
  9. lostsoulcruiser

    Is the water drinkable on Carnival Dream?

    We buy bottled water as a convenience when in our cabin and to take on port days. We drink ship water at dinner and have ice in our drinks. Never ad a problem. Water will taste differently whenever it is not local. Doesn't mean that it is problematic.
  10. lostsoulcruiser

    Do I have a right to be angry?

    It is understandable to feel cheated. I suspect some people upgraded to regular balconies and your balcony became a cove.
  11. lostsoulcruiser

    Proof of CCL ownership for OBC

    Be careful about screenshots, Carnival only needs information on Carnival stock. You cannot edit a screenshot to remove non-Ccl stock info. I noticed the email stating a fax only submission came from a PVP. I suspect they do know every detail and will just respond with company standard info.
  12. lostsoulcruiser

    Dream Punchliner Club

    No reservations needed. I have been on the Dream. Great venue but get there early. Always packed.
  13. lostsoulcruiser

    Refund for missed port charges?

    Last year, on the Dream, we missed one cruise port because of weather (left one day late due to possible hurricane). We received the port charge as an OBC (on board credit).
  14. lostsoulcruiser

    Shareholder OBC. How far out to get credit?

    Thanks, I'll try it on my next cruise. That reminds me, I need to schedule a cruise.
  15. lostsoulcruiser

    Pre-order sodas and water questions

    We ordered water ahead of time on our last two cruises. Each time it was in our stateroom but not in the refrigerator when we got to the room. We put the case into the refrigerator and chilled the water w/o a problem. It was cheaper than buying it once on the ship but I don't remember by how much. The convenience factor of having it in the stateroom is nice.