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  1. May I recommend betterbidding.com ? They are virtually able to reveal the Hotwire hotels before you buy them through varying data points. Worked twice for me! I’m on the edge NYE cruise with the family.
  2. To finalize this thread, I do feel that this deal is legit, and will say I am ECSTATIC to have found this deal. We were booked on Mardi Gras same date, but with the kids club closing, it took away our primary reason to cruise. (We have little to no help with kids throughout the year, so cruising fits us well, we get some alone time and also family time). My mardi gras rate for balcony was $4700 plus about 450 OBC. When you factor in the money we would have spent on drinks and tips, it very close in price. My kids will likely miss the "fun ship amenities" (have never cruised with carnival before).... they are still very young and the idea of just spending time as a family in the rooftop garden feels very wholesome. I'm thrilled, and very thankful for all of the replies i've reviewed. You all have been a great help!
  3. Under " Promotions applied" it says: Please be advised if your booking qualifies foray amenity... these will be applied within 10 business days (has not been 10 days yet).
  4. So just received one of these from TA. It looks a little different, and shows this booking is in fact part of a group. It does also specially say that "Always included, drinks, tips, grat". is part of the booking. It also says "vaccinated", although I am not yet only my wife. No one asked me if I was lol, but my first jab is today so no harm no foul. I do NOT see anything about OBC on this form, and oddly, the itinerary only shows first four days, despite saying top the correct sailing and length. I'm assuming this is legit. My biggest question left, would OBC show on the Celebrity Booking Confirmation?
  5. I will do the same and report back. Thank you for your advice.
  6. I’ve attached my ( redacted) booking confirmation from TA, is this good enough in your opinion? Always included etc is in the “ notes” section. Celebrity Cruises.pdf
  7. Sorry about that, I don’t see a way to edit the post to remove that part.
  8. So, sort of new to cruise compete. Booked my 3rd cruise with them just recently. Specifically, the EDGE leaving Dec 26 2021. Received a E3 (infinite’s veranda) for me, wife and two young children. Prices was ~$5840, w. Always included (tips, WiFi beverage) and $250 OBC. Celebrity lists this right now at $8100 (no OBC) and next best on Cruise compete for same cabin was $7150 w/ 700ish OBC. Not were about $7150 w/ $300 OBC on average. Should I be alarmed (TA was an expedia cruises agent), or just ecstatic. I did already book but don’t want to have any surprises on a holiday vacation.
  9. This should be a must watch if you are considering a Mardi Gras aft balcony:
  10. If you are concerned about your health, look in to putting the deposit on a credit card with travel insurance benefits, such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve. You’ll be protected if you are sick, and covered under many other scenarios too.
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