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  1. The truly unfortunate thing is that the Section 51(ix) of the Commonwealth Constitution specifically gives the Federal government control over quarantine and overseas arrivals, and they didn't want it. Chapter 8, Part 2 of the Biosecurity Act 2015 deals with "emergencies involving threats or harm to human health on a nationally significant scale". The government has essentially abrogated this responsibility through forcing state governments to assume the role of managing infectious overseas arrivals via a flawed hotel quarantine scheme. Lockdowns have almost all been the result of outbreaks resulting from leakages from hotel quarantine or associated activities, such as transporting aircraft personnel. This is where the responsibility for lockdowns resides, not with the state governments who have been left by the Feds to try to make bricks out of straw. We are a year and a half into the pandemic and where are the Federal quarantine facilities? It's a joke. 😡
  2. They need to start doing it sooner rather than later. As more adults get vaccinated, the population of unvaccinated people will trend younger and younger. As that happens the virus will adapt to that population and we could end up with an "Omega" variant that is more virulent among the young than the old.
  3. Then you heard wrong. What I said was: "The best that has been come up with so far is "go hard, go fast" on lockdowns." "Your Premier squibbed it." There is no prefect answer, there are only imperfect ones to varying degrees. As Gladys found out.
  4. No, just from the bleeding obvious. We are indeed waiting to see what happens in Vic and Qld as the virus spreads out of NSW. Thanks Gladys!
  5. So how did that work out? What economic cost was avoided? If she had actually shown those brains NSW would not now be on course for a months long lockdown.
  6. The best that has been come up with so far is "go hard, go fast" on lockdowns. Your Premier squibbed it.
  7. That's a relief. Last cruise I was on you had to wiggle your toes in the water in the hope that something would bite.
  8. I don't think that the cruise lines are going to let ships stand idle while waiting for a go ahead from the government and they'll commit them where they can. Once the ships are committed I can't see them coming here for a part season.
  9. Yes, the cruise lines will not be doing a part season. So cruising will restart in either Oct 22 or Oct 23. Maybe a month either side, but not more than that.
  10. Certainly you can. Sydney to Uluru, Uluru to Cairns, Cairns to Sydney are each approx 3 hour flights. But you'll only have 2-3 days at each place once you allow for traveling time. At Uluru, April is a transition time between boiling hot summer and freezing cold winter. So it should be a good time of year. For Cairns, April is basically the end of the wet season. For Sydney, April is the beginning of cooler weather that seems to start around Easter. In Cairns, of the closer islands, Fitzroy island makes for a good day trip. There is also accommodation on Fitzroy Island. Green Island has seen better days. There is also a Skyrail cableway that goes up over the jungle into the mountains behind Cairns. It starts from north of the city and you can come back to central Cairns by a train. Or visa versa. For seeing the GBR you can stay in either Cairns or Port Douglas, about 40 miles north. From either, I would recommend a trip to Cape Tribulation and the Daintree River if you have time. If you are going to NZ in April remember to take some warm clothes.
  11. As Mr Gut says, tipping exists but it is completely unnecessary to actually do it. It used to be virtually unknown, but certain American tourists insist on doing it so the habit exists, but should not be encouraged. If someone asks for a tip they are being a cheeky devil and just tell them that you heard that tipping is not customary in Australia. As for taxi drivers, I assume that they have enough respect for themselves not to expect a handout so I expect my change. If you don't want to keep the change there are plenty of charity jars around. With waiters, unless one has performed a Heimlich Manoeuver on me and saved my life, they aren't seeing a tip. They are paid quite well, especially in the high end restaurants.
  12. They often forget that no tipping required brings the relative costs down. In Australia the price you see is the price you pay.
  13. Currently they can only dock one ship at a time. I don't know what they would have to do to increase that, but I suspect it would involve a great deal of money.
  14. There's sure to be cruises visiting Brisbane during the Olympics, but only for the day. It's hard to see how a cruise ship could stay in Brisbane for the duration of the Games. There's not a lot of room in the river for ships to anchor, like they do in Sydney Harbour. Maybe they could dock at the grain terminal, but even that would be expensive. The closest place where several ships can anchor safely is in Moreton Bay off Tangalooma. Which is a long ferry ride back to the city.
  15. Sydney is a port! 😁 I was thinking if you wanted to do something out of the ordinary, April is during football season and Australia doesn't just have one type of football to choose from, but four. Depending on timing you could probably catch one of the big two football codes, either an AFL game at the SCG or a NRL game at one of several Sydney grounds. NRL is the bigger game in Sydney, but AFL is the bigger game nationally. Another option, if you are feeling adventurous, is to arrive in Australia at either Brisbane or Melbourne, and hire a campervan to drive to Sydney via the coast road. This would take some planning and research, but lets you see the country outside of Sydney, but at the expense of seeing Sydney.
  16. Not enough cruise related content I would imagine. Anyway, returning to the thread title, I see a Federal election as happening on either May 14th or 21st 2022. As late as can be, so as to allow Morrison to remove as much of the lingering odour of his pandemic efforts as possible. Give them a few weeks to settle in after the inevitable cabinet reshuffle (or who knows maybe even a new government?), then I think they will tell the cruise lines to start up in 3 months. So my prediction for a restart of Australian cruising is 1st October 2022.
  17. I can't see the Federal government allowing cruise ships in until after the next Federal election, due before the middle of 2022. I think Morrison will hold off calling the election for as long as possible to get past any lingering resentments over his handling of the pandemic as well as not risking anything that reminds people of the Ruby Princess debacle.☹️ At the moment I am working on the assumption that 2022/2023 will be a (relatively) normal cruise season. Even then I have doubts about PNG and the South Pacific being accessible.
  18. There is enough in Sydney for a week. If you feel OK with driving on the other side of the road, you could hire a car. In any case you could try: Blue Mountains Manly Ferry Harbour Bridge climb Opera House tour Ferry to Watson's Bay for views from The Gap Taronga Park Zoo Bondi Beach Royal Easter Show (early April) Several museums and art galleries depending on preferences It's hard to say what will be open in April 2023, hopefully everything. 🙂
  19. Yet you'd think that Australia might have so much more medical resources than Bhutan. Apparently not, going by the figures.
  20. It sounds as though there is thought to be too much tourist pressure on Milford Sound. If Milford Sound was made off limits, I wonder if there are other sounds along the coast that would be suitable for ships. I notice there is George Sound, Caswell Sound and Charles Sound just down the coast. No idea what they look like though.
  21. Vaccination rates UK 58% US 50% Australia 15% You can't do anything much without a vaccinated population.
  22. If people will only get vaccinated if they get paid, then pay them. If they want lolipops then give them lolipops. Just get it done. Maybe even give them a lottery ticket while they're at it. 🙄
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