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  1. It might be too rough to load and unload zodiacs in the open ocean outside of Milford Sound.
  2. It fits current government policy. Instead of giving millions of people $300, give one person millions of dollars.
  3. It would only be a bad idea if it didn't work. In which case it would be an inexpensive idea. I'm yet to see any good ideas coming from those politicians criticising it.
  4. You do whatever it takes to get to herd immunity. Compared with the costs of a single lockdown it would be chicken feed. It makes a change to see someone come up with an idea, good or bad, they've been scarce on the ground lately.
  5. These are the people the anti-vaxxers are willing to toss to one side. People who might not be able to take the vaccine for good reasons. I have a great deal of sympathy for those that can't take the vaccine for medical reasons and who will suffer because of the stupidity of others if we can't reach herd immunity. I have no sympathy left for these anti-vaxxer idiots. Unfortunately only 1-2% of them will suffer severe consequences for their decision, while another 10% or so may suffer long term covid complications. Not enough to have them change their minds. 😡
  6. Don't worry about Noosa or the Gold Coast, Moreton and Straddie are 40 minutes ferry ride across the bay. The view from the Point Lookout surf club beats most anything I've seen in Sydney, and sitting on the beach at Tangalooma sipping some beverages watching the sun go down over the city across the bay is also a nice way to spend some time.
  7. This plan is about goals, which could have been set a year ago at least. We know the cruise companies were told nothing because of the way in which they were forced to leave thousands of passengers in the lurch with cruise cancellations. If they had been given any inkling of what conditions were required before cruising could resume, there is no way that they would have gone to the expense and tied themselves up in knots cancelling and reimbursing passengers over this past year. Instead they were given phony baloney three month rolling cruise bans.
  8. True, but they can make plans. Which we now have after a year and a half into the pandemic. Why did it take 18 months to produce a plan? Why couldn't cruise companies for example have been told all this a year ago so that they could make their own plans?
  9. Does anybody know what constitutes the inner harbour at Milford Sound? Would it be the the section within sight of the village, maybe allowing ships to enter up to a point. Anyway it still leaves Dusky and Doubtful.
  10. I marvel at how things seem to stay so much the same. Where's my flying car? 😁 The cars we drive today might look different but pretty much work the same as they always have. We fly around in jets that wouldn't turn a head in 1970 and we still haven't gone back to the moon. We live and work in cities that are pretty much just like they were in 1970, only bigger. If it wasn't for mobile phones and the internet, which admittedly are big deals, how different is today really from 1970? But at least we've moved on in a fashion sense from the 70's, the decade that good taste forgot. 😱
  11. Christian Science definitely doesn't allow vaccinations. I can't think of any other organised religions that don't allow vaccination. Maybe some cults. Other than that it's really all about personal preference and I don't see why personal preference should be a matter of exemption.
  12. That was generous considering we don't have any aircraft carriers.
  13. Anyone else really glad that Brisbane has clinched the 2032 Olympic Games? It gives me an excuse to go on a lengthy cruise while it is on (if I'm still around 😁). I notice that the Olympic Village is intended to go in next to the old Cruise Terminal at Hamilton. They could bring all the athletes over on cruise ships and quarantine them on the way over. We'll probably still be in lockdown anyway. It's a pity that almost all the ships that could dock there have been sold off. I think Pacific Explorer might be the last one left.
  14. He should be talking to his leader before making announcements to the ABC. Without support from up top it's so much hot air. First thing is to make sure that the cruise lines will have enough vaccinated passengers. Which could be some time the way things are being handled at the moment. Next is for the Federal government to finally provide a protocol under which sailings can occur. Which should already exist, but doesn't. Then the cruise lines will be able to start planning their season.
  15. Whatever it is, it's still light years ahead of what Morrison and his crew of no-hopers have been pushing.
  16. I always thought that the unlimited package was worth it just to eliminate the anxiety over logging off.
  17. The low orbit satellites that Princess uses for fast internet start to drop below the horizon north of about 45 degrees latitude. Then the slow geosynchronous satellites take over. Ponta Delgada is at 37 degrees north and Copenhagen is at 55 degrees.
  18. Yes. Most likely mid 2022 before international air tourists are allowed. Likely, but not definitely. Cruising? Nobody knows except to say, after that.
  19. Yes, no vaccine is 100% effective in preventing infection, but as far as I know the covid vaccines have been 100% effective in preventing covid deaths. If cruises recommence with 100% vaccinated passengers and crew, it is very likely that every cruise will see at least some on board infected by the end of the cruise. Thankfully if they are vaccinated the infection should be manageable and maybe even very minor. What we will need are cruise protocols that can cope with this. Like not shutting the cruise down and refusing entry of the ship to port. Plus some way of allowing infected passengers and crew to self isolate on board. Of course that would only work for Oz/NZ cruises, cruises to other countries would require a lot of multilateral negotiations. If the government was serious about allowing cruises to restart they would already have such protocols in hand and be in negotiations with other countries and the cruise lines. But they aren't.
  20. There is no reliable information as to when Australia might be open to visitors. Indications from the Australian government are that mid-2022 is most likely, but that is in no way definite. Even then that would be for international air travellers and may not apply to cruise ships.
  21. Enough said. The point is made.
  22. Or alternatively, treat them as professionals doing a job. Not as mendicants or your new best friend. Treat all staff politely and courteously, and keep out of their way while they are doing their job. As for tips and wages, that's between the cruise line and their staff. If the staff are unhappy with the arrangements then they should organise. It's been done before in even more difficult circumstances.
  23. Hope you get to visit us. However, I think a 2022/2023 cruise here for international visitors is a possibility, but not a probability at this stage.
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