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  1. Why would you expect travelling half way round the world to be the same as going to the Caribbean???
  2. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/electronic-travel-authority-601
  3. Which is first NZ or GBR that might change my answer if GBR first Oct if NZ first Feb. my reasoning: NZ is much cooler than GBR so do it in the warmer time and the Reef when it is a touch cooler.
  4. Not sure I trust any of them not to snap borders shut. Would love to get to MELB yo see sunny, or TAs, just to see Tassie, or SA maybe a river cruise. But have no faith I will be able to get back or not get half way there and another snap lock out. Just think of the weeks missing work and the accommodation costs if you get stuck in a 10+ week lockout. If I thought cruising was on my agenda I’d be real worried, I’m not rich enough yo spend months on end trapped somewhere and can’t get back.
  5. Don’t forget that now days anyone is a Media commentator, with social media giving space to all sorts of opinions, and unfortunately it seems the ability to think things through logically is almost non existent
  6. I still have hope for next season, ie Oct 2022 I think a big factor could be what happens when international travel restarts
  7. Our first Celebrity cruise was Century, about 2014 I think, we got concierge for less than a balcony, about $200 pppd (slightly less I think) next was Solstice, but that was a three night booze cruise so hard to price compare, but we splurged for Mrs G’s birthday, still only $250 pp pd
  8. The court didn’t settle the case the parties did, on both sides because they thought it was a sensible compromise.
  9. Unfortunately most lines are lacking in non cola diet options. But to be fair most Soda makers don’t have a huge variety to fit that requirement either.
  10. Mine was $200 p- pd but that was for a mid ship sandwich deck balcony and up to a couple of years ago could stick to it no worries, then I had to start going first couple of cabins mid fore or mid aft, not a hope now.
  11. You need to upgrade the service app too before it starts working.
  12. Had to go to the shops today, those that require double Vax were being ultra cautious as “authorities are doing checks”. Mrs G isn’t double yet so I had to go in and do what needed doing. Silly thing is she could freely wander around the centre, but some shops she couldn’t enter.
  13. It will be interesting to see what itineraries they can come up with to provide some variety and options if limited to NSW, VIC, Tas and SA
  14. And a big worry is how quick they might snap closed again. A few places I’d love to drive to, but….. will I get there, or part way, and another snap lock out.
  15. The circumnavigation of Aus is an absolute dream cruise, sure you still only see a time portion of this huge land, but it is still a wonderful cruise. We did it Princess, booked to do it again with Cunard, had to cancel due to health, booked with Royal Caribbean and Covid cancelled that one. P&O Aus are offering one early 2024 but price looks a tad high to me.
  16. It’s still very much up in the air, but I’m really not expecting anything this season, especially for overseas visitors, some are hopeful for limitited cruises early next year but Aussies and NZers only and only Aussie ports. Personally I’m not expecting wide scale OS visitors allowed in till mid 2022 at earliest and doubt cruising will kick off prior to that. Our “normal” cruise season is Oct-April and I think best case is restart next Oct.
  17. Price seems a bit steep, balcony from about 300 pp pd.
  18. Never been asked for Drs letter, but asked for sharps container across multiple lines, but I guess in the world of Covid we may be asked for more doctor’s letters proving fitness to cruise, I guess I’m lucky that my doctors would write me one unless they had major concerns.
  19. Just had a quick look at a 6 night Tassie trip in March nearly $2400 ea for 6 nights, (verandah wheelchair) Pass. I was cringing when prices passed the $250 pp pn mark, but $400 is just crazy.
  20. They attract me, but never had the chance at one, plus the few I’ve seen the one’s with full length windows tended to larger cabins and cost as much, one ship was more, than a standard balcony.
  21. I must has beened very good at the quacks today, though I’m buggered, Mrs Gut bought me Herbert Adams, the fact they were on special might have helped
  22. Yeah some great cheeses and their reject fruit and vege (do they call them rejects imperfects or 2nds) are often way less $$$ but still great quality. We have a few farmers markets most weekends near us, and we can often get great value from road side stalls near farms, but miss the days when dad kept us in most fruit and vegetables in season out of his own garden, now days about all he keeps us in is mangoes, and thank goodness that time of year is getting close.
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