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  1. I know that SPA pricing booked in advance online varies by day and offers lower pricing during port days. Does anyone know if these are the same port day deals I will find onboard or could they be even lower onboard? Is it better to book these in advance (aside from potentially better scheduling options)? Thanks
  2. Ok need some help on this since RCCL is not being very helpful. They said the escape room holds up to 10 people and it's $19.99 per person to book ($199.90 total). They stated that even if I booked all 10 slots for my group, there is no guarantee the room would just be ours. How would it not be if I book 10 and it holds 10? They want $530 to guarantee the room is ours which seems excessive since the max they would get for the room to begin with is $199 if all slots were booked. What am I missing?
  3. I would have to see if there is something like that. Will definitely provide updates! ' Unfortunately I have contacted the events person on the ship and they said the helipad would not be an option 😞 I was actually curious if you could walk back there since I didn't do it on Oasis. That might be a good idea. It's simple but a nice view! I had thought of this too but worried he would figure out something was happening because of it. Still on my list though! I don't think we will be doing an excursion like that but will need to make sure the concierge knows. Would be nice to know that there is a little bit of a big deal made for us!! I also asked them about the escape room and they said they could make it a private event for $530. This seems a bit high since it's $19.99 per person with I believe a max of 12 people which equates to $240. Not sure why it needs to be so high to make it private when i could basically just book it for 12 people myself, pay the $240, and only a few of us actually show up (we have a bunch of cabins on the ship so could easily book 12 people). They are looking into doing it at the bottom of the Abyss slide (although not sure what needs to be looked into). Also considering something in Wonderland and have asked for some info. Keep the ideas coming!!!
  4. That could be a good idea, especially if it's smaller and maybe there's a slightly out of the way table. Will have to look into this one! Thanks! Good to know there are some quiet areas just in case. Having the ship in the background for pictures is good too! The area near the helium balloon is quiet if the ballon isn't running due to wind but it doesn't have the views. The bridge would be a good idea except we already have something booked that he really wants to do. That would be a good idea! I assume this isn't a public option on this ship like it is on some others? Thanks and it may just come down to that! I usually plan creative things and he knows it so trying my best to come up with something. However, it may just come down to the right moment! I may have to! I'll end up having a ring in my pocket all week maybe!!
  5. Like the idea but he would freak out with that many people!! In Roatan we are doing an all-inclusive beach day and in Costa Maya doing a tubing excursion. I've been trying to think of ideas during those too that could be creative but wouldn't know who to contact and would be a little nervous carrying the ring around at those places! Thought about that too. Are there quiet areas there now with the re-design? It's been a while since i've been there. Thought about having a friend write Marry Me in the sand ahead of time or something like that. Parasailing would be cool but he's not into heights that much plus I would worry about the ring! I thought of the waterslide too as an option but he would probably still think there are too many people since it would get attention. Thought about that at maybe the slide at the back of the ship. The escape room idea would be cool - i'll have to see if I can email them and if there are any options. I'm considering the beach as an option, probably at CocoCay if I did it. I think the restaurant idea would freak him out. I do like the escape room idea. I have to see who I would email about that. Does anyone know? As for the cabanas, the over water ones will not be open as of yet when we are there. I did also think of the King of the World platform so that might be an idea too. Not even sure if it's possible but also thought about maybe seeing if there was a way to get on the rising tide bar before it officially opens where it would just be us and maybe a few friends for photos. If I remember correctly it opens at a certain time so not sure if they would do it early or not. I love all of the idea so far. From my original post and some of the things he had mentioned already, am trying really hard to make it creative since that seems to be where his head is at. While the beach, balcony, dinner ones would be creative, I don't want to disappoint him either (and I know, he should be happy either way!!). Thanks for all of the suggestions so far!!
  6. CocoCay, Roatan, Costa Maya, Cozumel
  7. Evening everyone - so I am planning to propose to my partner on an upcoming Oct cruise on the Symphony and am trying to get some creative ideas. I've searched the threads and online and still want to see if anyone has any additional great ideas. I've racked my brain as well and not coming up with something as creative as I want it to be. I do know, however, he does NOT want anything that is public. If some people are around that's fine but not something that would specifically get a big audience. I also plan to have at least a friend on board who is a photographer someplace hidden to take pictures. When I say creative and to give you an idea of what I mean, something like in the hot air balloon or having me at the bottom of the zipline at CocoCay or having a Caricature artist draw a proposal picture when he's not looking. Why can I not use any of those? Because he started talking about things that would be cool and mentioned every one that I had thought of so back to square one! I prefer not anything just on our balcony or just on deck at night, a restaurant, etc. While those are perfectly fine, trying to find something a little more than that. I've been on Oasis before but first time on Symphony so in addition to some great cruise suggestions, if anyone knows of anything unique to the ship that I might not be thinking of even better! Thanks in advance!!
  8. I haven't been on these boards in a while since it just seemed like people couldn't wait to make negative and stupid comments when someone expressed their opinion. I see that hasn't changed much. If you enjoy paying higher prices for no reason at all - go at it. No reason I should want to.
  9. I'm well aware of how dynamic pricing works, especially for industries like car rentals, hotels, and even for the cruise fare itself. I've just never seen it that way for excursions (maybe it's because i've never booked a cabana). For example, if I book a tubing excursion, the price will fluctuate based on the tour operator potentially but is usually based on the promo RCCL is offering. 20% off, the price goes down. Remove the promo, the price goes up. Either way, the price doesn't skyrocket just because multiple people purchased it. I think it's ridiculous how much they jump the cabanas based on inventory. As for the drink package, I understand the concept that I can buy it and cancel if the price goes down and how all that works. It's not even the fact that the price went from $52 to $56. It's the game of getting rid of the current option so it looks like it's no longer available, and then replacing with something that is exactly the same and adding the words "special offer". It makes it look like you're getting some sort of special deal that you are not at all getting. When it was in my cart at $52 it said "20% off onboard prices". Now with the $56 per day and the "special offer" it still says "20% off onboard prices".
  10. Not thinking the price would be saved, but annoyed about the cabana pricing. I know the other "excursions" are not priced that way. Still confused on the drink package change - especially adding "special offer" to the name when it's not really a special offer at all!
  11. I am travelling on the Mariner 10/18/19 and had the Deluxe Drink Package in my cart which was $52/person per day. When I went into my cart to purchase it a few days later, it said the option was no longer available. Now when you go to the cruise planner, the option is now called Deluxe Package Special Offer at $56/person per day. I don't see any difference in this package except for the name from the prior one and the price is higher. How does this become a "special offer" to put that in the title? Anyone know if this is just a RCCL tactic like always of if something is actually different? I am getting so tired of the royal pricing for excursions and other packages changing like crazy and often times making it look like you're getting a sale price but you really aren't. Don't even get me started on the cabanas at CocoCay!! I have a 7-night cruise and had one in my cart for just over $400 and was waiting for my party to tell me if they wanted to do it. A few days later, the price is now $1299!! It's one thing to be offering a promo discount from the full price but these are priced differently based on sailing, ship, time of year, and the best of them all, how many are left. I hate knowing I could be paying $1299 and sitting next to someone who paid $400 for the same cabana! For my 3-night Mariner cruise, it went from $383 to now $799! That is just crazy!!
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