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  1. We've been on about 20 cruises and our favorite was a 12-day Mediterranean on Carnival. I hope you enjoy your trip!
  2. We've cruised many times on Disney, Carnival, Princess, RC, and Celebrity. We tried NCL Escape last December (non-holiday cruise) because I got a great price, and it was the worst cruise we've ever taken. The ship was beautiful, but we disliked the food and there were crowds absolutely everywhere. For a large ship, it felt very claustrophobic. As mentioned above, many public areas of the ship were very smoky. I doubt we'll ever cruise again on NCL.
  3. Hi! We are going in a few weeks, so I don't know how it will turn out, but we've booked: Exclusive Champagne Catamaran Sail & Snorkel Tour operator: Exclusive Cozumel Sailing Charter I found them on Trip Advisor. Happy sailing!
  4. Somehow I ended up on a different thread, but I want to let people here know that you can get your "good" eye lasered to help prevent a detachment in that eye - it reduces the chances of detachment by about 75%. I had a detachment with minor symptoms; but my mom lost her vision to a delayed diagnosis and surgery, so I went to Duke right away - better safe than sorry. A few weeks after my retinal reattachment surgery (buckle and gas bubble), I had the other eye prophylactically lasered. I would totally freak out if I got symptoms of a detachment on a ship. As others have said, it is a medical emergency.
  5. Regarding the retinal detachment - you cannot predict when it's going to happen. I had one and it was repaired by the retinal specialists at Duke within 24 hours. After a few weeks, they lasered the retina in my other eye to help prevent a detachment in that eye. It's something you may want to talk about with your ophthalmologist. I will freak out if I get signs of a detachment on a cruise ship. My mom lost the sight in one eye due to a delay in diagnosis and treatment of a detachment.
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