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  1. Question: We charged our trip on a credit card which has been replaced due to a credit card breach. What are the chances of our ever seeing the princess refund which will be to our old/cancelled credit card? My hope is that Citi's system is smart enough to know that a credit to a cancelled card should be applied to the replacement card...
  2. have you checked on Princess web site to see if you at least have FCC's in your account? They don't notify you...it just appears.
  3. You can request that any credit balance on your account be sent to you in a check.....call your credit card company. That does not apply to pending credits due to disputes....but once it's resolved, you can get the money.
  4. yes, cash refund plus lower FCC's. The FCC's are now in our account but we haven't seen any $'s refunded yet.
  5. I know many are worried that when cruising restarts later this year, there may be a dearth of ports that will accept cruise ships....or the ships will stop in areas that are having Corona virus problems so you likely will not want to leave the ship. Today, Slovenia declared an end to their corona virus epidemic.....so cruise ships should be able to dock safely in Koper...a port that Celebrity normally visits (and we've been there). Not sure that a 7 day cruise from Ft Lauderdale can reach Koper, but it may just become an offered, and perhaps only cruising option...but maybe on a 10 day cruise. Not sure how you get back from Koper...but maybe consider back to back cruises 🙂
  6. Per princess rep this morning...our refund has been processed and we should see it within 10 days. I'll believe it when I see it, of course. April 22 departure date.
  7. If you paid for your cruise and cancelled (or the cruise was cancelled after the final payment due date, what legal basis are you using to get a refund? Are you claiming that you cancelled and under the cancellation penalty you are due 75% back (etc)....or is there some other clause in the contract of passage that allows you to file a dispute with your credit card company?
  8. I don’t think it’s corrupt...I think it’s a business/financial decision to delay.....not a personnel/system caused delay. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. I think it's pretty clear that Princess is delaying cash refunds....most likely until they start sailing again. Not sure what the accounting reason is...but the delay is almost surely a financial decision rather than any processing delay. At some point, perhaps they will start to trickle out payments or try another "we love you but it's just so people intensive that it's slow...we're so sorry for the delay" letter. I'm not sure that we can actually do anything proactively to get a refund quicker....we can moan and groan here, but that's not doing much to date. We're just waiting, assuming that eventually the $'s will be refunded... but all of us could, of course, be caught in a bankruptcy....but really can't' do much to avoid that. We were fully paid (post final payment) for a 28 day cruise in April .
  10. For 2020 cruises, it's likely that Princess and the other cruise lines will have very strict restrictions.....they want to get back sailing, but don't want any problems. They would rather sail with empty cabins then to have another health/publicity disaster. However as things settle down....translated, that means when there is a vaccine....the restrictions will be greatly eased. If you are over 70 or have any critical conditions, I wouldn't suggest planning/booking a cruise in 2020. We fit in the old and maybe critical condition (who knows how they will define it) and we are planning and booking cruises in 2021/22. If things don't work out...we book refundable fares, so nothing lost. Alternatively, we'll just rent a house somewhere in the world and enjoy a nice two week vacation without a ship.
  11. Progress....Applied for Option 2 on 3/13 and just found FCC's in our accounts for our 4/19 cruise so they are definitely processing the paperwork. Haven't see anything on the credit card yet (option 2) but I'm pretty sure it will show up soon.
  12. I know someone who is in permanent afib and has been for over 20 years.....without any changes in medications in those 20 years..living a very normal life with only routine annual visits to doctors. Anyone can get a blood clot...sit too long in an airplane, etc. Yes, the risk is higher if one has Afib....but Afib is not necessarily life threatening itself...it just raises the risk of having a stroke. Ablation is one way to try to reduce or eliminate Afib but it's not always successful and it's interventional (I believe the procedure includes poking a hole in one's heart); the procedure itself can lead to death (infection, irritation of the blood vessels....) . Often it does not eliminate Afib immediately and many require more than one ablation and it still isn't successful. Sorry to hear of your BIL's passing....but ablation is not a cure for everyone.....and having Afib doesn't mean that you will have a stroke tomorrow....or ever...and if you did have stroke on a cruise ship, you would need and get the same treatment as anyone having a stroke...and, yes, they do have strokes on cruise ships, likely very few from those with Afib.
  13. Atrial fibrillation is not life threatening...many have it occasionally, some have it permanently and some even with permanent Afib have no restrictions and only know they have it because of an irregular pulse. It's risk is an increased risk of stroke, although with blood thinners and control of any high blood pressure, the risk is still quite low. It certainly is not transmittable to others and there is no difference treating a person with Afib or no Afib for stroke. Ablation involves poking a hole through parts of the heart....and may have more risk than just living with Afib. There are similar decisions about prostate cancer...sometimes the treatment carries more risk.....and even untreated, it isn't going to cause a significant problem on a cruise. The risks from severe obesity and diabetes causing problems on a cruise may well be higher than someone with Afib. I doubt that Princess will actually stop someone with Afib from travel....and many other conditions will also not be a problem. OP....since cruising is still in limbo...I'd wait for the dust to settle before making any decisions, even if you are getting what I'd call guesses from folks at Princess. They will figure out that they don't need a doctor's note for those over 70, etc.....and they won't have sweeping medical restrictions. Hang in there....
  14. Reminds me of the guy who wakes up every morning saying "I'm going to give up smoking tomorrow". I am pretty sure that we'll eventually see requested refunds, but the start of the 60 days is a moving target. I rebooked a HAL cruise but not booking anything new with Princess until I see the refund. For our cruise which was to begin tomorrow, I was able to get independent travel insurance refunded and airfare (frequent flyer points) deposited back in my AA account with no charge....now just waiting on Princess.
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