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  1. It's refreshing to see someone returning to the original topic of this thread 🙂 There really are four changes: 1) On the reflection, and perhaps some other ships, the elite cocktail event has been extended to 4:30-7:30pm 2) Many, if not all of Celebrity's ships have converted to 3 drinks per elite passenger during those hours using electronic coupons on your sea pass card...and usable at many bars and all dining rooms. (world class bar and cellar masters are excluded on all ships...some ships may also exclude the martini bar...the reflection does not exclude it). 3) The sky lounge may not be limited to elites on your cruise....all drinks go on your bill....the system automatically charges 0 for those drinks purchased with the coupons. No coupons or as always, off the elite drink menu, you get billed. 4) In the past, you were "not allowed" to take an elite party drink out of the sky lounge. With coupons, you can take your drink anywhere you want.....including a glass of wine to dinner (or just order the wine in the dining room during the elite hours. The only way to enjoy "free" elite drinks with dinner if you have late dining is to order a glass before 7:30 and bring it with you to dinner.
  2. ghstudio

    Bringing wine on board

    No, it's unrelated.....we just completed a TA where no one had a drink package perk and they apparently didn't care if you brought wine or any other alcohol on board.
  3. Great to hear it worked out. While it was frustrating, I think expecting or asking for additional compensation for "pain and suffering" is a bit unfair. Finish packing and enjoy your cruise.
  4. Solas requirements • Ships engaged in international voyages must have: – Partially or totally enclosed lifeboats, for 50% of the total capacity of people onboard, at each side (total capacity for 100%) – Rigid or inflatable liferafts for at least 25% of the total number of people onboard • Ships engaged in short international voyages must have: – Partially or totally enclosed lifeboats, for 30% of the total capacity of people onboard, at each side, plus the number of liferafts necessary to obtain a total of 100% – Rigid or inflatable liferafts for at least 25% of the total number of people onboard
  5. Upgrading to a suite doesn't help..... The simple solution is to move a sofa bed into the room. Any other solution would require finding two cabins together with a shared door. Maybe there is a cabin still available with a cabin next to it with a connection door, Celebrity should contact the folks who currently are in that second cabin and offer them some extra compensation or whatever to move to another cabin. This can be worked out....all it takes is one call to the ship.....move a convertible sofa to cabin xxxx.
  6. Sofas can be moved. Celebrity can move a convertible sofa into that room and move the one that's there now (not a bed) to some other room. Just takes finding someone with the authority to make this happen. Clearly, adding a portable bed would not be a violation of any lifeboat safety issues...Celebrity knows how many are on board...and yes, there is a limit, but it is almost never reached. That's just a smokescreen someone thought up to try to make the issue go away. Challenge them on that one....
  7. ghstudio

    Edge Overpriced???

    I have not read the four pages of comments on this thread....but the answer is very simple....irrespective of what folks here think, if the ship is full, then Celebrity is not overcharging. Their business goal is fundamentally to maximize the income from each cruise....a full ship does just that. Vote with your dollars, not emotion.
  8. Please check the cabins you thought you booked on Celebrity's deck plan for your ship to see if either of them show as sleeping 3/4 people. If not, your TA has a significant problem on their hands. It's hard to believe that celebrity would bill you for three if the cabin only holds 2. I'd venture a guess that you booked when there was a 3rd/4th person free in the cabin...and your TA didn't register that 3rd person in the cabin. Obviously a big mistake, if that is what happened. Ultimately, given the time schedule, Celebrity needs to figure out how to accommodate you in adjacent cabins..irrespective of any cost which can be dealt with later. It's a lousy situation requiring someone who has both authority to do something and who cares. I wish I could give you the name in Celebrity who meets those qualifications. Best bet is probably to talk with management at your Travel Agency and explain that they have a problem they need to resolve. Best of luck...hope it all works out...and please post here how it works out.
  9. ghstudio

    Celebrity M Class Deck 11- Aqua Class

    As a general rule, you shouldn't do anything on your balcony that you wouldn't do sitting next to the pool...sort of like "don't put anything on the internet that you wouldn't want to see on the front page of your local newspaper"....remember the ship has video cameras, folks have been known to peek around dividers, etc.
  10. ghstudio

    Silk Harvest changing to LPC

    Silk Harvest will probably be just a memory when you sail....but the lowest we've ever been able to negotiate for any restaurant is 2 for the price of one...a BOGO offer. With a group of 8, you have a lot of bargaining power.....and 40-50% off should be your goal. Good luck
  11. As the OP.....I guess I should rescind that "permanent change" statement. The new hours were definitely in effect on the Reflection TA and I specifically asked the Captain's Club hostess if this was a fleetwide change or something they did only for our cruise (the TA with over 1500 elites). She said it was a permanent change and fleetwide. Sorry if I inadvertently misguided anyone......but I thought I had the information from a very reliable source. Perhaps it is a permanent change on the Reflection only????
  12. You will find folks offering specialty restaurant reservations at various places around the ship at different times. There is usually someone outside the oceanview cafe (buffet). Ask them if they are offering any special deals or be specific and ask if they can offer you a discount to dine at xxxxxx. They may so no, but I can give you a discount on yyyy. If they offer Murano for $35 (discounted from $50), you might say "I'm willing to book if you can do it for $30. Sometimes, they'll say ok...sometimes they'll say no, "I'm not allowed to do it or something like that"...and then the next day, smile as you pass them and say "my offer for $30 is still open....you may be pleasantly surprised. It's sort of a game. They know that empty seats don't give them tips or profits and you have the $'s. Just be friendly, not adversarial. Note: if you want to eat in Murano on one specific (maybe special) night...reserve it....Murano seems to be the busiest restaurant. Other restaurants are easier but you do have to be flexible on time and day. We are generally ambivalent...if we get a good deal, we'll book...if not, we enjoy regular dining for that cruise.
  13. ghstudio

    What bar do you mostly frequent?

    We actually avoid the ensemble lounge....if there's entertainment it's impossible to talk. I agree with the OP....I find a bar where the bartender is friendly and isn't anal about measuring drinks. I find the sky lounge is enjoyable if you get drinks at the bar vs ordering from waiters who disappear behind doors and appear with drinks. I also watch what brands they use in drinks...if I have the classic package or drinking on an elite coupon and they reach for well scotch/vodka....it's sayonara to that bar....etc.
  14. ghstudio

    Bringing wine on board

    I just purchased a corkscrew in Barcelona, put it in my day bag and carried it on to the ship...they scanned the bag....and didn't ask or say anything. OTOH, just after 9/11, I was passing through LaGuardia airport and the security inspectors confiscated my gum massager....now there's a terribly dangerous weapon.....As I sat on the plane, the lady in front of me sat there knitting (think about those needles).
  15. ghstudio

    Would we Like the Smaller Ships

    We have been on both S-class and M-class ships many times....and yes, the M-class ships seem to have more interesting itineraries. We find them pretty much interchangeable in terms of enjoyment. Each class has it's plusses and minuses. We are just off the Reflection and our next three cruises are on the Constellation and Millenium. If you book the M-class, remember that the concierge and aqua balcony cabins are physically larger than the other balcony cabins....worth the extra cost, IMHO.