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  1. Celebrity probably has the best food and the most expensive (understatement) drinks. Entertainment on Princess and Celebrity are about the same. We do mini-suites on Princess because the regular cabins are pretty small. Celebrity, 1A on Solstice class; concierge or aqua on M class for cabin size again. Celebrity tends to have more interesting longer cruises...princess tends to show a 14 night cruise which is just two 7 night cruises back to back....eg. you leave from ft Lauderdale, return 7 days later and then start the second cruise. Celebrity doesn't really offer back to backs. I've lef
  2. Agree on NCL 🙂 We are stir crazy enough that we probably would sign up for short cruise, given the right conditions...something we'd never do in normal times. Different folks assess what "given the right conditions" means to them. Consider that despite all the public health warnings, massive groups will attend conventions and rallies in the coming weeks. Likely those are the same folks that would sign up for a short cruise...no worries...what virus?
  3. While it would require country approval, some of the islands are owned by the cruise lines......and they could just offer a day ashore.
  4. I think that some of the first cruises will be very short...perhaps Florida to a private island....3-4 days. Those could start this year IF there are enough folks who believe they just won't get the virus (yes, there are many...just look around you) and are willing to sign away any liability (sort of like the GOP convention). Additionally, it's not unlikely that one of the vaccines will show enough positive results that it will get FDA approval for compassionate use or whatever they call releasing something early that really isn't ready to get a final stamp of approval. While not intending t
  5. This was a Regal Princess cruise. Over $10K refunded.
  6. We submitted option 2 (full refund) request 3/12 for our 4/19 cruise. The refund showed up in our credit card account as one lump sum this morning.....just under 90 days from when we submitted the request.
  7. Additionally, if you are at a high enough captain's club level to get a discount, that discount will usually be applied to the upgrade charge....if you upgrade on board.
  8. It's become clear to us that when you call Princess, a random number shows up for the Princess Rep who picks up her "script" sheet and gives the reply that matches the number: 1) Your refund is in revenue....I have no way to checking to see it's status 2) Your request has been processed and you should see it in your credit card account in 2 weeks 3) I see that we have received your request and we are processing all requests in order of sailing date 4) ....... Based on personal experience, there is almost zero chance of being told the
  9. Question: We charged our trip on a credit card which has been replaced due to a credit card breach. What are the chances of our ever seeing the princess refund which will be to our old/cancelled credit card? My hope is that Citi's system is smart enough to know that a credit to a cancelled card should be applied to the replacement card...
  10. have you checked on Princess web site to see if you at least have FCC's in your account? They don't notify you...it just appears.
  11. You can request that any credit balance on your account be sent to you in a check.....call your credit card company. That does not apply to pending credits due to disputes....but once it's resolved, you can get the money.
  12. yes, cash refund plus lower FCC's. The FCC's are now in our account but we haven't seen any $'s refunded yet.
  13. I know many are worried that when cruising restarts later this year, there may be a dearth of ports that will accept cruise ships....or the ships will stop in areas that are having Corona virus problems so you likely will not want to leave the ship. Today, Slovenia declared an end to their corona virus epidemic.....so cruise ships should be able to dock safely in Koper...a port that Celebrity normally visits (and we've been there). Not sure that a 7 day cruise from Ft Lauderdale can reach Koper, but it may just become an offered, and perhaps only cruising option...but maybe on a 1
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