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  1. ghstudio

    Buying Next Cruise Onboard

    We have transferred reservations to TA's and been offered their "group rate" instead of what we booked but we would have to pay the full deposit. We've also been told that they had some special deal but to get it you had to pay the full deposit....as I recall it was an extra $50 OBC. Most of the time, whatever deposit you paid stays the same.
  2. ghstudio

    Buying Next Cruise Onboard

    If you book on-board and decide to change your cruise at a later date with your TA or celebrity direct, the extra Book On-board OBC will remain in addition to any other perks being offered when you make the change. The other perks that you received with your booking on-board will not roll into the new reservation though....just the extra OBC for booking on-board. Also...the extra perk booking concierge vs a balcony cabin can be significant. Remember, on the M-class ships, concierge and aqua cabins are also roughly 20 sq ft larger (about 15% larger) in addition to that extra perk. Coupled with the one class upgrade you would book a C2 at a C3 price....or an A1 at the A2 price. Two things to watch for though....1) make sure you book with a REFUNDABLE deposit, just in case you do decide to change or cancel the cruise and 2) make sure your on-board reservation isn't automatically booked with the travel agent you use for your current cruise. That's the default...but better to keep your options open to see which TA will give you the best additional perks if you move the reservation within the 60 days. You have to sign a simple form or it will be booked with the TA. Often the on-board booking agent doesn't ask...you have to tell them to book the cruise with Celebrity Directly.
  3. ghstudio


    You will unlikely get any answers for your questions 2-5 due to the answer due to the answer to question 1 πŸ™‚
  4. ghstudio

    The Porch ?

    The seafood tower is included in the price. If you finish it, you can ask for more of any of the items on the tower and they are also included. It's a good deal...and a nice change of pace dinner.
  5. You can order a reasonable amount of food...yes, a couple of appetizers, maybe a couple of main meals (or just ask to try something). Orders for "I'd like to try all the appetizers" or "desserts" would likely be politely refused.
  6. I don't think Choice air offers flights from Quito or Guyaquil to Baltra, where all the celebrity ships depart and return. Additionally, you will have to get from the airport to the zodiac to take you to the ship. Check with your TA and/or Celebrity to see how you make the connection. It's not like other ports where you just take a taxi to the pier, check in and board.
  7. ghstudio

    Celebrity Bloody Marys πŸ€—

    There are so many variations of Bloody Mary's...each of the "name brand" mixes, including the Mr & Mrs T's taste quite different. Demitri's is actually pretty widely used and rated 4.5 out of 5 or higher when you find ratings....and even they offer four different spice mixes that can be added to tomato or clamato juice. I don't think any of the mixes or spice mixes deserve to be called "crap"....different strokes for different folks.
  8. ghstudio

    Celebrity Bloody Marys πŸ€—

    Celebrity uses Demitri's Bloody Mary seasoning...which is excellent. The drink they produce, however is dependent on how much of the BM mix the bartender adds. If not enough, it can taste, of course, like tomato juice...if too much, it can be spicy (which is the way I like them). I actually think most of the BM's I get on Celebrity are excellent...but then again, I don't care much about the "fruit" they put in it...I care about the drink. http://demitris.com/Products/Bloody-Mary Adding more Vodka has almost no effect other than perhaps watering down the spiced juice for those that like it less spicy. As far as using Grey Goose or other "premium" vodka...that's psychological....in a taste test, it is close to impossible to tell the difference between a bloody mary made with Popov vs one made with Stoli Elit or Grey Goose. If you think Bloody Mary's are variable around the ship, just try Mai Tai's which vary all over the lot depending on who's making them.
  9. ghstudio

    Missing a Bridge Director

    This is the modern Celebrity. On your daily events, you will find activities such as "1PM Bridge open...Qsine translated means you are welcome to use those tables on your own...just bring your own cards and scoring device. This is similar to the Basketball, table tennis and many other activities where a member of the activity staff used to participate, etc. Now you get to do it on your own since Celebrity cut the activities staff to just one or two folks on the cruise. Part of the cost reduction. Keep in mind though that they will give you playing cards at guest services (free)...however I challenge anyone to actually be able to mix those cards which are, as far as I can tell, made out of uncoated paper.
  10. ghstudio

    Aqua Benefits

    They eat with the unwashed masses πŸ™‚ at the buffet, Main Dining Room, mast grill or, for a fee, one of the specialty restaurants.
  11. There is at least one hidden benefit on most B2B cruises. If you bring wine or liquor on board either at embarkation or at a port on your first cruise, celebrity will store them for you for the duration of the cruise. At the end of the first cruise, Celebrity will almost always return those bottles to your cabin on the last night of that cruise for packing. Since you are staying on the ship for another cruise, you will have to store those bottles in your cabin for the second cruise.
  12. ghstudio

    Dog on the Edge!

    However, there is nothing illegal about posting the law I quoted above or putting it on a card and handing it to people to be helpful.... "just so they are aware of the law" and the penalties. At a minimum, Celebrity should post this type of information at check-in, at least at Florida Ports. Additionally, they should require a written statement from a veterinarian that the dog has received a rabies shot (health concern) and a copy of it's state/local dog license. I believe both would be legal.
  13. ghstudio

    Dog on the Edge!

    (9) A person who knowingly and willfully misrepresents herself or himself, through conduct or verbal or written notice, as using a service animal and being qualified to use a service animal or as a trainer of a service animal commits a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083 and must perform 30 hours of community service for an organization that serves individuals with disabilities, or for another entity or organization at the discretion of the court, to be completed in not more than 6 months. plus (b) For a misdemeanor of the second degree, by a definite term of imprisonment not exceeding 60 days. -or- (e) $500, when the conviction is of a misdemeanor of the second degree or a noncriminal violation.
  14. ghstudio

    20 yr Anniversary Cruise

    no, you will enjoy the cruise. You will find lots of retired folks on your cruise as well.....they (we) have the money and time to cruise and Celebrity is, IMHO, the best of the "mass market" cruise lines. There will be a fair number of folks in their 40's on board most any celebrity cruise. The food is very good, the Reflection is well laid out so you won't feel crowded, except at the Martini Bar which seems to always draw more than other bars....but there are other bars including some outdoors. You won't find rock climbing walls, hairy chest contests, slides into the pools on Celebrity...it's really not geared towards that type of cruise (carnival, Norwegian)....it's more lay back with only one announcement a day on the PA. I think you made a great choice.
  15. + 1 on the golf carts and any of the stingray city tours but don't take any offered by celebrity which have just too many people. Even if you aren't swimmers you should go to stingray city. The water is generally only about 4' deep so you walk around (actually, you shuffle around...you don't want to step directly on top of a stingray, even in GC.) Note: Don't expect any shopping bargains in the ABC islands....surprisingly expensive in the shops....for example liquor is cheaper at home.