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  1. Just injecting a note of reality here. We often find the noise made by our neighbors, including above/below to be far more troublesome than some scraping above. We have had folks open their balcony doors and play the TV at full volume. We have had all day parties, we have had bluetooth speakers playing loud music on the balcony. We have had what must have been a basketball team practicing above us....and crying babies...and don't forget the kids running up/down the halls and folks yelling in the halls to their friends.. I wouldn't worry too much about the cabin positition noise issues.... yes, they are real, but you may find that your neighbors are more of a problem...and that's true no matter what cabin you book.
  2. FYI....I just checked that "big box store" and their offer is: $5110 + 2 perks + $380 cash back We have used them for some cruises, but find that other large TA's often offer better deals....see TA A or B in this thread's original post.
  3. our experience mirrors davekathy's....we just go to the "meeting point" for elite/elite + folks and when they are ready for us, someone tells us where to go, or more often than not, takes us to the tender area. No tickets. We rarely have more than a 5 minute wait...but we aren't trying to be the very first off the ship
  4. some of us don't have or want AOL accounts....how about posting the press release here.
  5. on deck 9, try to get a cabin 9108, 9110,.... or the equivalent on the other side. They are under carpeted areas so no noise from above. Cabins that are under the pool deck , as others have said, may have some noise from above when someone moves a chair or when they roll a heavy cart across the deck. We have stayed in 9108/9110 multiple times on M-class ships....no problems. Yes, if you can get one of those aft A1 cabins, definitely go for it....1138/1140/1141 are really the prized ones with much larger balconies.
  6. I suspect that it was just some $75 special offer that they rolled into the fare vs just giving an additional $75 OBC......again, the zero sum game.
  7. You might want to check the Celebrity site tomorrow.....I have seen a couple of cruises today where no perks are offered and you just choose refundable or non-refundable. Essentially, it's the refundable, no perks fare that folks have been asking for. You have to select a cabin, select refundable and then wait to see the total. They mysteriously deduct $'s from the fare shown earlier. In my case, $5100 suddenly became $4100. Confusing, but take a look and do a mock booking....
  8. perks, other than the extra OBC you get if you book on-board, are not transferable...you get whatever perks are offered on the cruise you are moving to. Ditto with deposits....you are booking the new cruise so the $50 goes towards whatever the deposits are on the new cruise. I think one of your problems is solved however....I believe that Celebrity is no longer offering any non-suite fares with perks on the new tampa cruises....you can just choose between refundable and non-refundable. My advice...book though either my TA A or TA B who must remain nameless, but are large internet TAs.
  9. TA A cabin price was identical to Celebrity's price $5110 TA B cabin price was a little lower because they offered a "group" rate.
  10. As you well know, Celebrity is a worldwide company.....so the folks that plan perks like the concierge lunch who are located in the Pitcairn Islands don't talk to the folks that load balance arrivals located in Tristan da Cunha. IT, located on Floreana, only communicate with the outside world on their one telephone which they also use for updating the Celebrity web site.
  11. I'm not sure this is a generally known fact.....in fact, I believe it's incorrect. We have changed perks a couple of times prior to the cruise at no charge and with no difficulty.
  12. Bo....While I agree with you intellectually, I have had many stockholder relations turn downs because of the "perks" included in the Celebrity fares.
  13. We are going to cruise with friends....we booked two A1 cabins refundable at A2 prices (captain's club). My friend booked with TA A.....$5110 plus two perks plus $625 OBC from the agency We booked with TA B - $5034 plus two perks plus $575 (group rate). Alternative offered by both...all four perks with no additional OBC. At this point we have $1 more OBC..... Not sure how to value the addition of two perks for us....we have classic drink package and gratuities....OBC's would be $300 and internet on 11 night cruise ? but we get a discount since we are elite plus. I think it's essentially the same. Note: all are better than celebrity which at the time offered $5110 plus two perks. Today, it's less but with no perks which is terrible if you want a drink package. If not, you are about a wash.
  14. Celebrity Insurance seems like a good deal until you look at what it covers and the limits. The medical and evacuation limits are IMHO ludicrously low....they may not cover your medical expenses and they probably won't pay to get you home. Additionally, you can't cover pre/post stays. The advantage is the "cancel any time provision" but even that limits you to a Celebrity cruise in a finite timeframe. We use insuremytrip, squaremouth, tripinsurancestore and find a policy that fits our needs. Yes, cost is higher, but you get what you pay for. Suggestion, and you can't do this with celebrity.....when you first book your trip, buy insurance within the pre-existing condition waiver period BUT only buy it for the amount you have booked which is non-refundable. If you have a refundable deposit, you can't do this...but here's a surprise, it's the one time a TA cancellation fee comes in handy.....insure that cancellation fee...not the full trip. Why? because if you do cancel a cruise for a non-covered reason, your travel insurance payment is not refundable...so that's all you lose. When you make the final payment, increase the insurance to the full amount. Note: check with whoever you buy your insurance from to make sure the policy you are buying allows this...most do, but there's always the one that doesn't allow it.
  15. We just had the exact same decision....on the constellation.....a SS2 or an A1. We opted for 1141 Aqua due to location and view....even though the S2 would have only been $500 pp more with 4 vs 2 perks. One other consideration was that the retreat is in the bow and the S2 cabins (except handicapped) are in the rear of the ship. We weren't willing to step up to another $500 for an S1 with better location. We actually prefer 1138/1141 to 1140 because they have better views to the side, not just the rear....and the balconies, while not as large as 1140, are still much much larger than the standard size balconies and more room than we need.
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