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  1. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/10/01/coronavirus-vaccine-trial-participants-exhaustion-fever-headaches.html Trying again. The types of side effects described by actual participants are significantly beyond the mild or moderate ones being reported by the vaccine developers.
  2. Interesting article on CNBC today interviewing some vaccine study participants. Doesn’t sound like minimal side effects !?!? https://www.cnbc.com/2020/10/01/coronavirus-vaccine-trial-participants-exhaustion-fever-headaches.
  3. Our Princess PVP is terrific. So much easier to talk with someone who knows us and our likes and dislikes. And now you can’t seem to book a mini suite without calling Princess anyway. She answers emails promptly when we need to cancel or rebook or just switch things around; she makes it happen in a NY minute. Can’t recommend her highly enough.
  4. Surprised also that any type of mini suite on the Ruby January 2022 Hawaii was guarantee only. Luckily my PVP was able to snag our favorite cabin and we also had a nice chat. But why they were all blocked by Princess for online booking remains a mystery.......
  5. We are on the October 3 Mediterranean cruise and we were shaky about going for the same reasons folks enumerated above. Then about ten days ago American Airlines totally trashed our return EZAir flights. I understand they probably want to maintain Madrid but pullout from Barcelona in the fall but their rebooked flights included a twelve hour layover (overnight) in Chicago! 750 miles west of our east coast city! And these were pretty darned pricey business class seats to begin with. So we went from shaky to definitely ready to cancel. But as a loyal Princess cruiser we will wait a bit longer
  6. DH just said “what about spending a couple of days in Sonoma before”? Of course! So decision made. Sonoma wineries plus sailing under the Golden Gate. We will take the Ruby and fly into SFO. Thanks to all. I’m working on Sonoma part tonight then will call TA tomorrow to book cruise! Excited!
  7. Thanks all! We’ve been to both LA and San Francisco before. Gotta admit didn’t think about sailing close to Golden Gate Bridge. Think you got me with that prospect!
  8. Requesting help deciding which port for embarking and debarking before booking our cruise to Hawaii. Personal experiences and opinions most welcome!
  9. Boy are you right. Had the same issue last year. Immediately went back and rebooked with AA flights, not BA (with their seat charges —-even business class!) Gotta watch those code shares —tricky!
  10. That’s why I put the “disappear” in quotes. A glitch most definitely did happen. Why and where who knows? But the booking was made through EZAir and I was certainly able to rectify it very easily through that portal.
  11. That’s exactly what I found yesterday evening. And agree it’s a change by AA. I had to go back to EZAir to request sears. Then they immediately showed up in my AA app.
  12. Have a terrific cruise! 👍🏻
  13. I was only able to reclaim my seats on the EZAir site. I first tried to adjust them on the AA app. But the American site showed “ticket pending” and referred me back to Princess. However, you’ve pre-paid seating so it’s different, I think. I do know that when there’s a schedule change, for example, it often takes several days for Princess to “catch up” even when not slammed by the current situation in Asia.
  14. That’s what surprised me. No schedule change and no change of aircraft. Totally random!
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