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  1. thanks for your replies... with 20+ ships in RCL fleet alone, they will have a large number to put up at all the ports. good to see Miami is waiving the berth fees, most likely many others will offer to do the same. I looked at the ship cruise mapper site tonight and there are so many clustered down south.. will look tomorrow night expect to see the ocean almost empty..
  2. Since the majority of all ships are on the seas or in port somewhere, now that so many cruise lines are suspending cruises for so long, where will they put all those ships. I can not imagine the number for all these lines. then do the ships sit empty or have minimal crew to maintain?? will they all have a major cleaning ? will any go to dry docks.. If anyone gets the scoop, would be interesting to know
  3. NY GOV just shut down BRoadway and any other venue with 500 + in a gathering.. we already saw Baltimore port was closed as well so we need to follow closely to see how this would impact our trips and make contingency plans accordingly.. as upsetting and disappointing as much of this can be, we need to put it in perspective and get thru this .. may we all stand together strong and keep each other positive and informed... having the ability to get on forums like this and share real information is so helpful and supportive... at least Royal has been on top of making us feel more in control of our decisions offering the 48 hour cancellation info.. but we realize as in MD, it is not always their decision.. Good luck to everyone and stay healthy..
  4. The biggest issue at Cape liberty is the line of traffic going in to the pier.. once you are there and can drop off our luggage to the porters and go park.. the embarkation process is very fast and efficient. we have cruised from there multiple times and the only time we had an issue the WiFi was down and they were not able to upload the online check ins with a scanner.. however since this new virus issue, they may have some new procedures in place.. regardless if you do as you suggested you should be fine... remember you can not get in your room until 1... so we now plan on getting to the pier around 1 and the lines are smaller we go straight to the cabin drop off walk on things and go eat..
  5. Wouldn't this problem go away if they just sold a drink card package with x amount of drinks for a discounted price... then they could just sell drink cards online in advance with an additional pre cruise discount like specialty dining?? If they can put 3 drinks on your card for diamonds and up for certain times every day during the cruise which we use on the oasis class ships, it does not see too far a stretch to put a specific amount of drinks on a seapass card for the entire cruise .. they track most everything else you do with that card.. but maybe I am not seeing a down side that others may...
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