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  1. tricialee

    Taxi to Golf Course???

    Not in Cozumel specifically, but in other places I have asked the cab driver just to return at a designated time to pick me up for the return trip. That has worked for me a few times.
  2. I see I posted on this thread before we did this. My kids had an awesome time. We were on the Legend of the Seas, smaller than the Liberty I think. We were lucky in that we travelled with another family with kids of similar ages, but I can answer your questions based on our experience. 1. We travelled the last week of April/first week of May, so there were very few kids. I understand that there are many more in the summer months. 2. There was only one pair of siblings that did not speak English, and they were pretty young. About 4 or 5 if I recall. All the other kids spoke English quite well. 3. Kids camps were all in English, with some translation for the little ones who didn't speak English (I think they were from Spain). If you have any other questions feel free to ask. My kids had a great trip and would drop everything to go back if I gave the word. In fact, we spent 2 weeks in Italy on a Land only Vacation last summer since they wanted to go back that area and show my parents all the sights.
  3. tricialee

    RCI tour to Rome - 2 kids in tow - suggestions...

    We went with private tours when our kids were that age so that we could tour at their speed and not be forced to keep up or wait for the masses of a ship's tour. Yes it was more expensive some of the time, but so worth it. If the kids were getting cranky, gelato stop, if they were just tired, gelato stop, hungry, gelato stop, bored, gelato stop. Get the picture? :D
  4. tricialee

    Any tips for excursions in Italy with kids...in August?

    My sons were 6 and 10 when we last cruised the Med. We read these books and it really helped keep them interested in both Rome and Pompeii. http://www.amazon.com/Magic-Tree-House-Research-Guide/dp/0375832203/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1307471753&sr=1-1 http://www.amazon.com/Vacation-Under-Volcano-Magic-House/dp/0679890505/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1307471753&sr=1-2
  5. tricialee

    Do you think a 8yr old child will appreciate europe?

    My kids were just shy of 7 and 11 when we cruised the Med for the first time. They both loved it. We are going back to Italy (Rome and Amalfi) next month and they can't wait. We made sure they were involved with the planning and even got to pick some places we stopped at (Capucchin Crypt). Lots of Gelato stops during the day helped of course, and never planning 2 very heavy days in a row was good too. One thing that may help kids that age is the Magic Tree House books. There are several on areas that you may get to visit on a Med Cruise, (colisseum, Pompeii, Greece, Pyramids) This gave my boys lots of history on some of the places we visited and they even knew some tidbits of info that I wasn't aware of. We did private tours for the vatican and Colisseum and also for Pompeii, and Athens, so we could operate at a speed that worked for the kids.
  6. tricialee

    Rome hotel

    We stayed here http://www.hoteltrastevere.net/ a couple of years ago. They have quad rooms for about 155 Euro, so it was very reasonable. We walked to the heart of Rome each day with a 6 yr old and a 10 year old with no problems.
  7. tricialee

    Audience with the Pope

    Thank you. It was the Vatican site I was at, but not this particular page. Now I think I have the info I need.
  8. tricialee

    Audience with the Pope

    Just curious how everyone knows for sure there is a papal audience on these specific dates in October and June. The page I have visited, does not have the schedule up for either of these months yet. I want to go to one the last Wed. in June, but the schedule I keep getting is that the June stuff has not yet been approved by the Holy See.
  9. tricialee

    Transportation Rome to Amalfi

    Thank you both, I knew I could count on this board for good information even if it's not for a cruise. OK, so the train to Salerno it is. Since I'm not yet sure which train I will be on, and therefore, what time it will arrive, I think we will do the 2 taxi thing, now that I know that is feasible. And thanks for the thumbs up about the hotel. We have an apartment in Rome, and wanted one in this area too, but I wanted to be close enough to a beach to just run down with the kids at least once a day, and anything that offered that was way out of our price range.
  10. tricialee

    Transportation Rome to Amalfi

    We are taking a land trip to Italy for the last week of June and the first week of July. We will be staying for 6 nights in Rome, and then heading down the coast and spending 5 nights in Amalfi at the Hotel Floridiana. There will be 6 of us travelling. Just wondering the best way for us to get from Rome to Amalfi. Is it the train to Salerno? And then something else for the rest of the way? If so, what train is best? And how do we get from Salerno to Amalfi? Help.
  11. tricialee

    Rentals in Rome?

    I have a place booked with Rental in Rome. They were really easy to deal with, but I have not stayed yet. My trip is at the end of June. This is the place I have booked for 6 of us. http://www.rentalinrome.com/romeviewpenth/romeviewpenth.htm
  12. tricialee

    Any Experience with these Italy Tour Groups

    We used Through Eternity for a Vatican tour and a Colliseum tour in 2008. Both were excellent. We had booked private tours, so they met us at our hotel and then brought us to the sites (walking or buses), it was great.
  13. Nope, not too early. i already have our apartment booked for our June/July 2011 land trip.
  14. tricialee

    Hotel / Appt for Family of 4 in Rome

    Seems to me that the singles were the same length of singles here in North America, but just a bit narrower.
  15. tricialee

    Hotel / Appt for Family of 4 in Rome

    Hotels are a little harder to find that sleep 4, but the VRBO site that you quoted is Vacation Rentals By owner. Lots of apartments that sleep 4. We stayed at the hotel from my post above last time, this time we are 6 people travelling and are renting an apartment.