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    Hello, I got my information from the first post in response to my inquiry about changing my signature. However when I tried to expand and add additional Cruises it would not save the information so I’m not at all sure now of what my signature looks like now but at this point it’s beyond my worrying. Thanks to everyone Ashercat1
  2. I need specific instructions on how to edit my signature. I am beyond frustration on finding this info. PLEASE HELP ASHERCAT1
  3. Ashercat1

    Solo cruise line ranking

    N. , I haven't posted the city where I'm kind of new to this cruise critic boards. Where is the Oceania board is it part of the rollcall? Also not real sure of how to post on a roll call to see who else might be going on that same cruise. I'll certainly let you know how it goes after I return. Thanks for your help Linda
  4. Ashercat1

    Solo cruise line ranking

    Hi, i'm going on Oceania cruise southern Caribbean March 2016. Has anyone ever gone solo on an Oceania cruise? If so what was your experience? Thanks for the info