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  1. Wonderful following you. I love Lisbon and enjoyed your pictures and comments very much!
  2. We spent 49 days in one on the Transatlantic Atlantic Adventure. That was a year and half ago. We always book this sort of cabin since it has a beautiful view, with a quiet place to read in the afternoon. The lounge chairs are reserved for you outside the cabin. The smaller space didn't bother us at all. Just be careful to book your cabin away from the kitchen galley on the next deck up. The noise is bound to keep you awake at night. Examine your deck plans before booking.
  3. Thanks for your review. We were on this sailing a week earlier. Loved the ship and had a wonderful experience in the MDR. Fabulous service We had one of the nicest cruises ever. The only thing I did not like is that they had no Alaskan King Crab legs in the Pinnacle Grill. We did have a great time, however, reconnecting with some people from our previous transatlantic.
  4. I really wish the cruiseline would provide some high speed internet for a limited time to all guests. Therefore, everyone could download books to their kindles or tablets. It would be helpful, particularly on a long cruise. Although, I could download in advance, of course. My public library doesn't always have books that I want available for my kindle on overdrive and it can be a bit of a wait for them.
  5. Agree. Reading materials are my best friend on a vacation, and I would never be without my kindle.
  6. agree. Bonds mostly 3 percent if you are lucky and stocks, who knows. Too crazy to predict.
  7. food is too salty on this ship. ask for more water when you look at the menu.
  8. My wonderful parrot, Franco, would love to be there for Thanksgiving. However, he has a problem with birds for dinner and probably would swear it off.
  9. We missed a cruise once because of fog in Atlanta and various issues with the plane, like they couldn't open the door. Awful. We had insurance but were disappointed nonetheless. Bon Voyage and have a wonderful cruise.
  10. Huh? Why the negativity.We love those cabins.
  11. I have much more interest in whether the ship has a library on board than whether there is an "O" shop on board hawking items of interest to her.
  12. Agree. Well said. People were nervous when we took an extended cruise to Europe this past fall. While we were there, there was violence here in the US. Each day is a blessing. I'll take the blessings while I can.
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