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  1. Memory fails me....I thought it was a reduction by half of dinner, but it could be more. Sorry, havent sailed in awhile. Maybe someone else remembers. I remember paying 5 dollars apiece but that was awhile ago.
  2. Lunch for two is the real bargain, especially if you are a 4 star mariner. Very elegant too. We like to do it when we have a sea day.
  3. Perfect. I wonder how many people who are against getting a vaccine would like to step on board with an unvaccinated crew.
  4. This is a cruise thread. I personally don't care if people don't want to be vaccinated. I think the point is that there are those of us who are don't want them on the same cruise, since we will miss ports if there is a covid outbreak on board. It certainly would ruin the cruise and hurt the industry again.
  5. All vaccines are pathogens. 7th grade biology. You never had a vaccine as a child? Weakened polio virus had a vaccine. Nobody wanted that? Never walk again? Yikes. Sorry, but these arguments are just ridiculous. It's a shame you will not be cruising and hurting the rest of us with your antivaccer thing going on.
  6. With all due respect, he made the senior population a top priority. So, seniors and Holland America=equals a win for the cruise line. I think the statistics you quote can be misleading at times. No offense meant, but the news is so full of misinformation that most of us don't know whether the truth prevails.
  7. Well, I'm in Florida, and it's been refreshing to see how open the state is. Without getting political, there are alot of states still under strict restrictions after over a year. Businesses shut down, shops closed and so on. I don't think our governor is overreaching on this; take a look at other states first before casting a stone at Desantis. We've been vaccinated for months now, and our northern neighbors are still begging for a shot. I hope all the cruise lines require a vaccine. I don't want my cruise ruined because some sneak comes aboard with a fake record. When I book a cruise,
  8. Deleting emails seems to be my new hobby. I prefer to have no emails concerning cruises, since I wish to know only when my ship will sail.
  9. We had no choice in Florida. Moderna or nothing. We don't care; we are very relieved to have received the full vaccination.....a while ago. Florida has been doing a good job. In my opinion, others may disagree.
  10. I disagree. I know people who are anti vaccers and I think it is entirely irresponsible to expect to go on crowded cruises without protecting others.
  11. We are all getting very tired of this. It's busy here in Florida, but we aren't in the Miami beach area. We make sure to avoid crowds and so on. I do question the CDC, as well as the others maintaining we must stay in lockdown indefinitely. I think it's starting to feel very dramatic and just not good for the economy.
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