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  1. Really loved the Atlantic Adventure on the Maasdam (42 days) and the Veendam (49 days), and have sailed, with great happiness on the Rotterdam, as well. Loved the size and ports of call on the smaller ships and will miss them. Just had the Amazon trip (32 days) canceled on the Amsterdam in October 2021. However, I am sure we will find something we like along the way.
  2. I've had 2 long cruises canceled so far. Pretty sad, considering how I've been looking forward to them. Well, thankful for our health and family. Trying to stay focused on what is most important...and we are indeed fortunate.
  3. Yes, as long as there has been a vaccine. We don't usually go to the entertainment and can do without the buffets. We are very accustomed to the socially distance society by now and would have no difficulty with an adjustment in travel.
  4. We love where we live, by the ocean, so we'll stay home. Feeling very fortunate to be happy where we live.
  5. Quite sad, my PCC, whom I liked for years, was laid off. Years ago, I would book with big box sites and stopped that when it became a huge hassle for various reasons. My PCC was wonderful and I will miss her. We were assigned someone new. She seems very nice and I hope that it will be smooth sailing ahead.
  6. Just received for Baltic transatlantic in April. I'll just use the money toward other cruises booked. Probably should have just taken FCC for the whole amount, but cruises booked are not that soon. Bird in hand, so to speak.
  7. We booked a 14 day Caribbean for March 2021, and South America in the fall 2021. I have decided to be optimistic on these matters. With all the dire news worldwide, it's good to pause and give thanks for what we do have. The opportunity to book new trips is certainly something to look forward to.
  8. We do carryon. Once we hit the 4 star level, it changed everything. The only time I won't do a carryon is for a cruise more than 3 weeks. Obviously, you would get sick of the same clothing for a month. Not that I really care that much.
  9. Zoom the kids and grandkids every day. Learning how to cook lots of soups with dried beans. We never ate out much, so we don't miss that. Taking long walks, reading a ton, and probably drinking more wine than usual. We miss seeing people, particularly family, but this may ease in the near future. Our opinion is that it's probably best to keep to ourselves right now. Oh, and planting is fun...looking forward to the best garden ever.
  10. Love this review, thanks. Just what is needed when we are all cooped up.
  11. We've sailed on the Veendam several times and its great ports of call that keep us coming back. Took a 49 day transatlantic with her last year and loved every moment. Granted, there aren't all the bells and whistles of the larger ships but we don't tend to get bored easily, since we read alot.
  12. Many of us love Holland America and love to cruise. It's good medicine to have hope for the future. We've been confined for pretty much six weeks and find this to be uplifting and we look forward to a brighter future.
  13. We would be embarking the Veendam today for a 31 day transatlantic to the Baltics. I was so excited, since this also included Ireland and England. This is sad for us, and many others.
  14. Sadly, it will be after a vacination period, and cure, occurs for this pandemic. Whenever that is. We are completely isolated right now and missing normalcy already.
  15. I love booking while they have these great sales, but unfortunately, I think I'll hold off. It's just such a wonderful package, though. I'll wait for the vaccination, whenever that will be.
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