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  1. I am looking into cruising out of New York with 4 children this summer. Which cruise lines have the best connecting rooms? We are wanting to connect rooms and out the 4 kids into one room and then hubby and I have the other room ( regardless of how we register for the rooms). The problem I am running in to is that some cruise lines have such tiny rooms to accommodate 4 with very little room for people to move if all the beds are out. also what is the best combination when it comes to booking connecting rooms? Do I do 3 and 3, 4 and 2? thanks
  2. i am going on the breeze in March and we are trying to decide on getting the cheers program. I have a couple of questions... Can you get the shakes on the bubbles program as well or just the cheers? My kids would want the shakes but I do not care for them. If I got the cheers package can I buy the shakes for my kids? If not does anybody know how much the shakes are? I am really not sure if the cheers program is worth it or not.
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