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    $$ Issues with RCI.

    Perhaps she quit posting because she lied to the reporter about her own credentials and expertise. She said in the article she is a "travel agent" and some type of certified Royal expert, which there is no such designation. Glad she got her money back but she didn't come off looking good herself in the article.
  2. willysgrandma

    $$ Issues with RCI.

    I read this story on Elliott - why on earth did the woman who posted here tell Elliott she was a travel agent? She bought into an MLM scheme - she is no travel agent. And she also claimed in her story she is a certified Royal Caribbean expert which is untrue. Why lie to whoever did the story on Elliott? Happy you received your money back from the unscrupulous "agent" (who is no more an agent than you are- she is a pyramid scheme saleswomen) but by lying you made it seem you two were in cahoots together. Maybe the bad publicity will put Amy out of business if she is playing with other people's money like this. I would hope the agency she is working through would throw her out for what she pulled.
  3. willysgrandma

    China visa

    Columnist Christopher Elliott, who has a website I follow, contacted Princess on behalf of two people who wrote for help on this subject. The visa is needed, they claim the 144 hour thing doesn't apply. Read the last page. http://forum.elliott.org/threads/princess-refuses-to-honor-144-hour-visa-free-transit-in-shanghai.3569/#post-44619
  4. willysgrandma

    Princess should pay for China visa screw-up

    When they speak about transit visa, it usually means you are first getting on the ship in Shanghai, or you are permanently disembarking in Shanghai within 144 hours. If the cruise begins or ends in Shanghai, and you are arriving or leaving within 144 hours, before or after the cruise (arriving or leaving of different flights or cruise ships) you meet those requirements. If you are merely making a port stop in Shanghai and entering and departing on the same ship, it might not fit the law as it reads. I believe that is where the confusion might be.
  5. willysgrandma

    MY bag was STOLEN from in front of my cabin

    I think you should pursue this with NCL. Their lapse let these guys get off the ship when they should have been arrested. Being nice doesn't mean they shouldn't be held responsible for not doing their job. This can happen to anyone and if you allow them to get away with doing nothing, you are allowing it to happen to someone else. Please pursue this with NCL. They may pay you just to keep you quiet.
  6. When you get home, file a claim with the insurance company for trip interruption. Royal used to brag that their insurance covers air even if you booked on your own. If that has changed I don't recall seeing anything announced. The worst they can do is deny the claim and the best is they will reimburse you.
  7. willysgrandma

    Live...mostly...from Anthem

    These poor passengers. I am in NY and we have the storm here now that they just sailed through. Thankfully the wind is nothing like those onboard experienced. I think no one should be second guessing the Captain and RCCL. They would never knowingly put 5,000 passengers in harms way. And some of the descriptions of the listing, I totally get. We were on Freedom of the Seas and got caught in wind during a tropical storm. I woke up rolling off the bed and watching everything flying off the desks and shelves and the luggage in the hallway falling down. I was terrified and woke up my husband saying the ship was going to tip over. He was in the Navy, woke up and said "it's a 5 degree roll, go back to sleep". The Captain came on the loudspeakers after he righted the ship, said we got caught on the wind and took a 5 degree roll. So what Seemed to me for sure to be at least 45 degrees was far from it. Glad everyone is safe but the news is still reporting the ship is going to Florida. Thanks to all who are updating us and glad you are all safe. You'll have a cruise to talk about for the rest of your lives. But we should stop being Mondsy morning quarterbacks and not second guess what has happened on board.