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  1. Thanks for your incorrect assessment of my reply. The cruise in question is 9 nights and formal night are in fact 2 and 8
  2. No sail by on our trip last May. Here is the view of Lady Liberty from our balcony taken with 400 mm lens.
  3. My wife is prone to UTI. If she were to have a UTI during the cruise, are on board medical facilities able to dispense antibiotics? We are traveling on Anthem of the Seas.
  4. You can order them in Vintages but they come from Jamie's Italian next door to vintages.
  5. Not that I am aware of but there are restrooms on your left about 50 meters from where you exit the garage and before you enter the terminal.
  6. Before our trip on Anthem last June, all of our cruises have been on smaller ships (Song of America, Grandeur of the Seas, Enchantment of the Seas, and one trip on Navigator of the Seas). Like you, we had concerns. But I must admit, it was one of the best cruises that we have had. Never felt crowded. Now expect crowds at the busy times for eating and shortly before and after major scheduled events on the ship. Even then we always found a place to sit and enjoy the event. Loved the Solarium! In fact, we are joining our family in late May 2019 for another cruise! Enjoy.
  7. Outlet on one side of the bed. Side tables are 6 inches in width and hug the wall. My wife was unable to place her small fan on the side table in a manner that allowed any kind of air flow that satisfied her.
  8. On Anthem of the Seas (June 2018) the cost of a bud light (16 ounce aluminum bottle) was $7.25 + 18%.
  9. Question for those who have been charged a corkage fee. . .Who at the table will be charged the corkage fee? Do they give you a bill as if you purchased a drink?
  10. This does not answer your question but since Song of Americas port of departure and destinations have integrated into the discussion I can add the following: June of 1997 and 1998 she was porting in NYC and travelling to Bermuda on 7 night trips. This was our families first and second cruise and we have been cruising ever since.
  11. Thanks for inviting us along. We are also on the next 9 nighter going out on May 31.
  12. Using an average drink cost of $10 and the purchase of the package at $45 each, you would need to purchase 9 drinks per day between the two of you. If you drink a specialty coffee, a soda/pop, fresh squeezed orange juice and grab a bottled water it drops to about 7 alcoholic drinks per day between the two of you.
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