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  1. @riredsox, did you mean 5/15 ever, or just with the new promos? My New England/Canada cruises that had been scheduled for October were both booked (or re-booked) at 5+15. Just shot one for "proof." Note the crazy cancellation date.
  2. Thank you, deliver42. The four or five times I've done something like this, it was always handled but would not say "no problem." Each person with whom I've spoken at MSC has always been polite and diligent in getting the job done. Last time, it took about 45 minutes--1 minute on hold and the rest of the time to figure how to do it. That time, there were several incorrect invoices sent, but I always stay on the phone until the right one comes through. Add patient to the qualifiers above.
  3. Thanks for that info. I had asked about that in a Seaside at Port Canaveral thread. I know I can call but wondered if anyone had any luck getting 5+5 online--plus the OBC. @Av8tor, today, I had to switch browsers to even get to enter VC number, then I had to keep switching between browsers to get all the room choices to show up. But, I didn't expect the website to actually improve due to Covid 19. I think the website has improved a little from a year or so ago. Once last year, I had to send screenshots of a new deal on a booked cruise (now cancelled) as the CSA couldn't find it through her computer.
  4. Has anyone been able to get/see the VC 5+5 on any of the Seaside cruises out of Port Canaveral when attempting online booking? Has anyone called regarding this (before I have to--TIA)?
  5. Yes, it is. I'd used the Italian pronunciation with the "i" sounding like "eee." Having been on the Meraviglia for 3 weeks, I'd always thought I heard the rolled "r". I guess we hear what we expect. Still living; still learning.
  6. The MSC website is often "challenging." 48 hrs before the cruise has been the policy.
  7. I'm considering the FCC, although after Voyager's 15% discount plus several hundred in OBC, I don't think we'll get a deal anywhere equal. Does anyone know if that FCC can be applied to a booking after a new booking/deposit is made? It seems like that could be, but I've never had FCC with MSC. As we booked two (back-to-back), I wonder if we'll get two FCC's. If so, could they both be used on one cruise? Of course, I can call and ask but was hoping to get word from those who know right here.
  8. @broadwaybaby123, THANK YOU!!!!! ---yes, I'm yelling it from way down in Florida because I want to be sure you hear it. I know there are thousands and thousands like you out there, but I can say this to you since you posted: "You are loved and appreciated far more than you can imagine. Hang in there, baby."
  9. I have that cruise and the one following (and we were SO looking forward to both). I'm just under 100% sure they will be cancelled; however, I don't see any problem waiting until July to cancel--we will cancel, though.
  10. This (https://www.sprint.com/en/support/solutions/international/cruise-ship-roaming.html) might help. For ATT, even prepaid, regular US service is available in both Puerto Rico and in US Virgin Islands.
  11. I realize this is over 2 yrs old; however, I have BOTH codes on my latest Voyager's booking so I, too, am wondering what the GVS means. FWIW, the GSV lists USD and Eur. The cruise is US/Canada.
  12. This is worth a lot as I just read this ( Item allowance must be used all together in a single delivery. Multiple deliveries are not accepted. Items are collected before 12.00 pm, returned before dinner the next day.) from the MSC site. I returned to find out if someone had split the service recently. Glad to read it.
  13. Regarding laundry, unless it's changed in two years, yes, you may send as many/few items as you wish until you have fulfilled your quantity.
  14. When we took a b2b (UK and Norway) in spring 2018, one of the bookings had OBC listed at USD so we got the conversion rate for Euros. The other was listed in EURO so we received the full amount shown. I have no idea why they were different as both were booked in US.
  15. There is a pic of exactly what you're looking for on a deck plans site. Pics are available for members only. I will say it's exactly as lifeasme123 showed. Just visualize the other Pullman down with a gap about one forth the width of the bed beneath. There is quite a lot of floor space in the interiors as I'm sure you've seen on the vid tube. The ship has a lot of wide-open areas so kids can move. The kids program may work for you.
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