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  1. Just booked cruise for oasis Over the summer, I have heard of these coupon books and my agency doesn’t have. Anyone know how I can get one? I saw an old one that had free 2 hour of nursery and some discounted drinks!! Thanks!!!
  2. I had vip years ago. I am going to ask my TA if they have this as an old TA got it for me. I was in a regular room. I really liked how while waiting to boats you got to wait in the suite area and got priority boarding!! That in itself was awesome!
  3. Ummmmm. Yes they are Allowed if it is a separate filtration system and able to be cleaned. That’s exactly what the law states. the pearl based on pictures has a clearly seperate pool called a baby pool, in a completely separate indoor area away from the other pools. AND I am not asking about nursery. they state they have guppies programming daily on all ships for babies under 3 wirh parents
  4. Anyone have pearl dailies? Spec for Bahamas but any of them I guess? Baby/guppy dailies?i want to know the activities for babies under 3. so I saw they have a seperate Baby pool, so does that mean swim diapers allowed? Bc it’s seperate than the other pools!
  5. Thank you!!! I am going to cruise with my husband and 15 month old and want to get an idea of timing of kids events or night shows to see how we can even work this. My baby is good thankfully and if she went to any shows with us we’d be in the back on an aisle ready to walk out if s problem but I’d like to get an idea!
  6. You used to be able to see sample daily schedukes where could I find them for the radiance and sunrise? Thanks!
  7. not an option to bring anyone else. Will just take baby to shows with us then and sit in the back and leave if she gets loud
  8. Willl be traveling wirh a 15 month old out of ny/nj. Oasis is so expensive and the only royal ship with the nursery out of these ports. The empress and advantage are also out of here but no nursery but I saw this somewhere, is this true for babies less then 3? “ All ships offer group babysitting from 6 p.m. to midnight (for $8 per child, per hour). Space is limited so advance reservation are suggested.” thanks!!! Or is there just nothing for babies since there is no in room sitting anymore and these don’t have a nursery? Thanks!!
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