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  1. I can't see anyway PR would be a safe place to embark or disembark- don't care to ever go there again!
  2. Well there goes another year - so bad when will be alert and moving for only a few more- if am lucky!!! With no river and no Athens to Abu Dhabi, I will be taking a Bahamas cruise as I miss being onboard so much! Hurricanes or not- on a ship it is bound to better than enduring them on land here in NC---
  3. Well we know what that means! Keeping my fingers crossed for October!
  4. With my river cruise just cancelled may enjoy one of these- just a few hours away !
  5. Just received word from my TA that the Amsterdam to Budapest river cruise is cancelled- was to leave 7 June. Am not going to book it for the 3rd time! The ones greater than 7 days are too rare with CC. I won't fly for 9 plus hours to turn around in a week!
  6. I love the aft cabins with the bigger balconies. Like having a private ship on the aft areas. Also lots of exercise starting from there to the front!
  7. Operation Warp Speed is responsible for the incentives for the rapid unheard of production of the vaccine. In no way does BIG PHARMA ever do anything out of the goodness in their heart- it is always about profits!!!
  8. This is some mostly new information and sure there will be outcries as off topic! On the same web site noted above there are lists of confirmed ship buildings until 2027. Endeavor is noted to be ready by April 2021. There are two other ships of same size (19000) and capacity (only 200) , same cost (390 million) coming in 2022 and 2023 as yet unnamed. This would bring a total of 3 small expedition luxurious ships into Crystal for those out of my league. I do not see another Crystal new build holding 800 passengers , 67000 tons until 2023, with projected first quarter completion . I
  9. I think we are OK for now. I have not heard anything from my TA. Looks like just thru that March 25th cruise. So have a month after then. Hoping able to get the vaccine by then ( understanding is not 100 percent effective) and that it is a go! So will continue to just wait and pray I don't get sick and that Crystal survives.
  10. I have thoroughly researched the equipment used by Emirates . I have even found which seats to avoid. They are having great problems with a profound 88 percent or more reduction of their routes/passengers due to the virus in a recent WSJ. Dubai is really suffering from the lack of their employees spending and supporting the city. We are not welcome anywhere I would like to visit at present. Hopefully by six months time , there will be some flights from the USA. Of course all in flux for now!
  11. I too am booked on the next to last WC segment as Jinn. Dubai-Rome on April 24th. Cannot guess what will be the situation 6 months from now. Then a river cruise 2 month later. Just in holding pattern until decision made by Crystal. Was looking forward to flying Emirates for the first time. Will wait and hope if not happening can do it later !
  12. I have never been on Oceania but have heard it is not friendly to solo cruisers and no entertainment . Went over to Crystal 10 years ago as a newly solo cruiser and am hoping it can survive due to the COVID and financial distress of parent company. In past sailed Cunard, Princess, Holland American, Royal Caribbean and Carnival - all are worlds away from the service , food, entertainment, lectures , ambience and wonderful personalities of the staff on Crystal. Cunard and Princess had newer larger cabins but that was minimal compared to the other issues. Also one never feels crowde
  13. Uniworld might want to enter the ocean segment just like Viking did- who knows???
  14. I am booked on the Dubai-Rome segment beginning 24 April and final payment not due for a few months. Will not book air until it is a go! Also a 16 day cruise on Mahler in June. Did book the air with Delta, only one I use if can, as they are reasonable regarding cancellations, changes, etc. If we are still locked down by then I question survival of the world as we know it!
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