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  1. calvegas04

    Just heard 12 ships cancelled ...but...

    Royal has raised far more money for other programs and done many other relief efforts for smaller countries effected by natural disasters
  2. calvegas04

    Bar hopping tour excursion in Ensenada experiences?

    Just take the shuttle to the bars, look for Rudy on the main street. He can get you anything you want lol
  3. calvegas04

    Booze Cruise

    Got caught once with liquor in water bottles, and they just took it away they din't even say anything. But that was only once out of many times bringing drinks on board. But I agree with above poster to look into rum runners they work better.
  4. calvegas04

    Why is Disney so much more than Carnival?

    I would agree with the first part, haven't been on Celebrity to agree with the 2nd part
  5. calvegas04

    Why is Disney so much more than Carnival?

    I would think Carnival would be a 3 or 3 1/2 star
  6. calvegas04

    In your 30's on Carnival

    eat drink sleep and repeat...... and gamble
  7. Carnival Plat cruiser here and I am looking to start sailing more with NCL and MSC, will keep carnival for the cheap ones out of Long Beach. Carnival has been turning into literally a Carnival
  8. The outline of the ship is beautiful, the back of it is a little weird looking. But overall looks like MSC is really stepping there game up with their new ships
  9. People are weird who think the staff want to be your friends off the ship. Would you want your friends in real life serving you food and drinks on a ship for a week?
  10. calvegas04

    Men...What do you where to dinner in the MDR?

    On Carnival you could really wear whatever you want any night, Ive seen it all. But keep it simple polo/pants dress shirt/dress pants and tie
  11. calvegas04

    Bottomless Bubbles price increase

    carnival nickel and dimming again
  12. calvegas04

    Carnival hit new low

    We can agree to disagree on that one then
  13. calvegas04

    Carnival hit new low

    I would recommend RCCL, their food and entertainment is better and the prices are not that much different