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  1. Found the answer about not needing snorkeling gear. Search didn’t bring it up at first but after a while of scrolling and distracted reading on other posts got it, with a title just like mine and what I entered as a search-go figure! Sorry for the post clutter.
  2. Can I do the stingray visit without being in snorkeling gear? I did it years ago before I could no longer wear contacts for more than an hour or two, but I can’t remember anyone not snorkeling. I have a high prescription and cannot see to walk across a room without my glasses. Also to get new contacts would add a minimum of $300 on to pay for a $50 excursion and I’ll never wear them again. Or do they offer prescription masks on most of the excursions? I know I could try to find out by calling but I also know how those answers should be taken with a grain of salt.
  3. All the solo cabins are on deck 4 in one location. The lifeboats are on the deck above so the boats themselves are not an obstruction, but some of the roping does seem to hang down around some of the windows in the few pictures I’ve seen of the ocean view rooms.
  4. For my sailing the solo with gratuities prepaid is $1286. Interior without gratuities with the 200% single charge was $2116. The solo cabin is a refundable deposit unti PIF date, so I might change IF the another rate comes closer but I do like natural light and unless the sailing needs to fill regular OV or Balconies I’ll likely stay in my solo room. Double points are nice but I really don’t sail often enough to worry about extra benefits.
  5. Than you! I know it’s small but enough savings for me to get the drink package and my excursions and still have spare change left over. And otherwise I’d spend too much time in the room as opposed to exploring the ship and that’s why I booked Harmony!
  6. Just booked a solo ocean view cabin for next September. I was just noticing some concerns about the location of these rooms. If any one has stayed in one maybe they can help out. First, they are on deck four under the running track on deck five. They do seem to be inset a little but I was wondering if purchase anyone has stayed in one of these rooms and noticed much noise from the joggers early in the morning? I get up early but like my peace and quiet. Second, they are just outside the casino. I know it’ll smell smoky in the hall but I would hope it wouldn’t so much in the room. I ca
  7. Thanks Crewsweeper! I just wanted confirmation that there are “NO GUARANTEES” I am flexible and would just sit in the Serenity area for my views but she wants them from her own balcony, which I can understand.
  8. Thanks. Carnival Legend next February and the mainland of Mexico for the water/ocean view. And yes, I mean it’s IMPOSSIBLE to know for sure how the weather will be that day and if another ship will berth next to them. She just wants to know the best chance of getting her view so wants to know which side, port or starboard, she should book. Based on what you’ve said and what I recalled port side would overall be best? But if it pulls in forward or another ship pulls between them and mainland I know she’ll pout. At least I am not sailing with her.
  9. Is there any way to know which berth the ship will dock at? My sister wants a balcony and is requesting she can look at the mainland while on the ship. I believe it is impossible to know this for sure as the berths aren't assigned until much closer to actual port day. And then they sometimes pull in or back in for weather reasons. But I just want to make sure I've given her accurate information as she wasnt happy with my answer 🙄
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