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  1. My wife and I were in cabin 6017 last May on a Panama Canal cruise. IMO 6017 is in a excellent location. You do have some motion and you do hear the production shows at night but not bad and are over with early. Also, when there are Zumba classes in the morning you do hear the music but again not bad. We would be this cabin again….
  2. We disembarked yesterday and the crew said the dry dock was for maintenance and mentioned that work had already started behind the scenes. I talked with one passenger that had been on the ship for the world cruise starting Jan 5th said both the Pacific Lounge and Cabaret Lounge were being updated. We took on a lot of workers in Panama and noticed six guys wearing Nortel shirts in the Buffet.
  3. I believe that all balconies are built into the hull and there for covered. We sail on Pacific Princess this Sunday, she is indeed a special ship.
  4. Great trip report Bob. Enjoyed your live from reports and your pictures on Flickr. Again thanks for posting the MedallionNet speed test. Mike
  5. Bottled water package is no longer showing for our March 24th Ruby Princess Cruise.
  6. Thank you for posting your Internet Speed Test results. Not bad for your location on the Ship. Here's another question, We should be at San Pedro around 10:30. Do you think we will board early even tho we have very few cruises on Princess? Thank you! Mike
  7. Try fast.com on your Internet Browser. It’s Netflix speed test site.
  8. One device at a time. You can alternate between as many devices as you want, but one at a time.
  9. I believe it is. MedallionNet is purchased for the whole cruise. Mike
  10. Thanks again Bob! It would great if the WiFi was fast enough to FaceTime with the Grandkids.....
  11. Bob, Have a great cruise! We will be on the cruise following yours. I'm curious the know if MedallionNet is up and working. Thanks, Mike
  12. Diamond Princess, December 2004 10 night New Years cruise to Mexico.
  13. Please do and have a great cruise!
  14. AF-1, you are correct. These 3 plans are what was offered on the Pacific Princess last May. Here is what I purchased for my upcoming cruise on the Ruby Princess.
  15. Here you go, I can't take credit for the picture. I can't find the post to credit the original poster.
  16. We are on Ruby Princess March 24th. Up until a few days ago you were able to purchase the Pre Set Internet Minutes Plan. Next day MedallionNet became available at 50% off, $99 for 14 days. I purchase that plan. The next day I checked, no internet plans available. Just checked again and still no Internet Plans available purchase. Mike
  17. Hi Croptop, I need your help again, inquiring minds want to know what Premium Vodkas are at Crooners. No hurry, relax and enjoy your cruise. Thanks again, Mike
  18. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for me! As for these being any good everyone has different tastes. These Tequilas are fine for Margaritas but not for sipping or drinking straight. Thanks again, Mike
  19. Well if your granting wishes, how about listing or posting a picture of the available Tequilas on board? Thank you! Mike
  20. I'm not sure, I never used more than my 300MB limit. I seem to remember and I may be wrong that you get cut off. The great thing about this is you are always connected to the internet like you are at home. You can use you Internet Package on any device just not more than one at a time. Just log in at internet.princess.com. On the Pacific Princess there was no Internet on the balcony and spotty in our cabin. Good connection in the hallways and down by the shops and great connection in the Buffet.
  21. Thanks for posting. Interested in how well the internet connection is. We had the MB plan on the Pacific Princess and it worked well.
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