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  1. Five Sixes Taxi will be your best bet 305-296-6666. Mike😊
  2. A few pics of my cabin. As you can see it was quite roomy for a single. Mike😀
  3. I was on this cruise two years ago and it was nothing short of awesome. Being able to spend the night anchored in Glacier Bay was an unexpected delight. The Constellation left nothing to desire besides the spotty internet and of course cell service in remote Alaska is almost non-existent. Flying in and out of Juneau was of great convenience; but don't expect much in the way of hotel accommodations there other than a clean room. It was quite warm when I arrived only to find there was no AC, only fans loaned by the front desk. Having been on 5 previous AK cruises this was by far my best ex
  4. There is far more to this saga than the original poster has shared. Since this is his first and only post on Cruise Critic I doubt that we will ever be privy to the whole story with ALL of the details. Mike😊
  5. Amazon US does not have the Sunsational products but offer a similar product Island Oasis which gets poor reviews. Mike🙂
  6. Given the current situation I don't think anyone can answer that question. I would check with the cruiseline itself closer to sailing time. Mike😊
  7. Hi Marshhawk, while I am not familiar with Five Sixes hourly rates I am sure they will be happy to answer your question. Just give them a call at 305-296-6666. mike😊
  8. Yes you are correct. All tables on my ACL cruises were for 6 or more. Mike😊
  9. bhopal21

    Crab claws

    I agree with the above Eaton Street is less expensive and fresher than restaurants. Half Shell Raw Bar would be my second choice. Mike😊
  10. We also did this cruise but in reverse (Charleston to Jacksonsville). Did a couple of days pre cruise in Charleston and had a terrific cruise. We chose our route to end up closer to home. Mike😊
  11. Taking prepackaged snacks ashore is fine and there is no problem taking foodstuff back to the ship. Mike😊
  12. Harpoon Harry's 832 Caroline St has free wifi Mike😀
  13. Yes book your future cruise while onboard in order to receive the discount and then notify your TA after you get home and they can take over the booking without you losing the onboard discount. We have done that several times with no problem and then got an additional discount from our agent on top of that. Mike😊
  14. You will dock at the Margaritaville pier B which is an easy walk off into town. Mike😊
  15. A good travel agent can also save you several hundred dollars as well. Mike
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