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  1. Sorry to hear that your dining experience was less than exemplary as that is usually not the case on ACL; at least not in our past cruises. In our experience the food has always been much better than any we have had on the mainstream cruise lines. Thanks for your review, Mike😊
  2. bhopal21

    Best beaches in Key West?

    I think you will be pleased with Fort Zachary Taylor. Mike😊
  3. bhopal21

    American Cruise Line is terrible

    Glad you had such a great cruise! I can hardly wait until your next excellant;p review. Mike:)
  4. The laundry rooms do not show on the deck plans but are on deck 5 next to the fitness center. They are also listed in the amenities for each ship which feature them. No I have not sailed on the Constitution but I have sailed on the sister ship the Constellation. Mike:)
  5. bhopal21

    Key West Pier B?

    Since they are adjacent there is no need for one unless one is mobility impaired. Mike:)
  6. The Constitution also has a self service laundry on deck 5 across from the fitness center. Mike:)
  7. The OP is sailing on the Constitution I believe; however the Constellation does have two self service washers and dryers on deck 5. Detergent and dryer sheets are furnished. Mike:)
  8. You will be given menus for the day’s meals each morning at breakfast where you can make your selections for lunch and dinner. Any specific needs can be communicated to the chef and he/she will gladly accommodate. Mike:)
  9. bhopal21

    Outer Mole question

    You are correct. The only way from/to the ship is by the free provided shuttle. The Outer Mole pier is located behind a military installation so no other forms of transportation are allowed. Mike:)
  10. Actually the permanent bar was in the entertainment area but it ran very smoothly. And like yourself we have never felt ourselves lacking for alcohol on ACL. Mike:)
  11. They actually set up two bars on the Constellation the permanent bar on deck 3 then an additional bar (folding tables like on other ships) on deck 4. I don't think the take down bar on deck 4 was open after dinner like the built in bar on deck 3 but on the other hand I didn't visit the deck 4 bar after dinner Mike:)
  12. Yes, same location. The bar remained open throughout the evening's entertainment. Mike:)
  13. Yes Ray the second open bar was an every evening occurrence. Mike:)
  14. Just a few comments about our recently completed cruise. We arrived in Juneau late in the evening on July 27 and after a bit of jockeying were able to obtain a taxi to our pre cruise hotel. The Prospector is a very dated establishment with no AC which I later learned is the norm in Juneau. The temp was 78 degrees and it felt like the heat was on in my room so I opened the window which was next to a very busy thoroughfare allowing limited sleep. The front desk said they had several fans that they loan but all were already loaned out to other guests. The included bus tour of Mendenhall Glacier the next morning and delivery to the ship went very smoothly and the cabins were all ready upon our 1130 arrival. The Constellation is a very impressive ship and everything was spotless. I would say 85% of the crew was new (not only to the ship but American Cruise Lines) which caused a few bumps but overall they did an excellent job. We were surprised that a second cocktail hour was added beginning after dinner at 815. This itinerary (with the overnight in Glacier Bay) is certainly for those who like to get away and see areas not often covered on an AK cruise. A couple of bumps were breakfast and the internet (WiFi). The implementation of room service during breakfast caused complete havoc during the morning hour which slightly improved during the week; but was still stretching the staff too thin to provide good service in the dining room. Many passengers were talking about this and in a ship this small it seems people could drag themselves to the dining room for the morning meal. We even observed folks using this for lunch (which the crew accommodated) when that is not offered. I don't know if the Constellation has equipment problems with its routers, etc but there was not one minute of contact through WiFi with the outside world which was frustrating to many of us that have to at least have some contact while away. I will add that if you have Verizon cell service you might as well leave your phone at home while in AK. AT&T had decent coverage in all ports and nearby land areas. Guess who ditched AT&T for Verizon two weeks before our cruise?:o The captain, Eric Brown was a delight and our group would happily sail on any itinerary where he was in charge. I will be happy to try and answer any questions. Mike:)
  15. bhopal21

    No Food Products Back To Ship

    Yes once the ship visits a foreign port that necessitates an inspection upon entering the US Mike:)