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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Matt is my favorite.
  2. Carnival hast started releasing the 2022 Summer Caribbean itineraries. There was an announcement by Heald a couple of weeks ago that the new itineraries would start rolling out early. Since we had two cancelled cruises, we booked the Mardi Gras for summer 2021 and will book the Horizon for 2022 (8 Day to Aruba and Curaco). If you don't see the cruise you're looking for, just keep watching for it!
  3. I rebooked on Carnival's site and paid the deposit on the new booking. It sucks, but unless you can get a PVP or an agent to transfer your funds over, it's the only way to rebook. Once you rebook, use this link to enter your information. At some point, you will still need to call Carnival because it won't show up on your new booking immediately. Wait a few weeks and then call them to double check. The lines right now are going to be jammed. I was the lead organizer for my church's group trip and it took me DAYS to get everything swapped out.
  4. Not typically more than $50. The last time I got a nice sized OBC ($200) was right after the Triumph and Costa Concordia tragedy. Those came right behind each other and Carnival was trying to entice new cruisers. I don't expect there to be a larger OBC until after this passes and consumer demand is still low.
  5. The OBC cannot be used for port fees and taxes. The OBC will only apply to on board purchases - specialty dining, shore excursions, etc. The FCC will not apply as your new deposit for your new booking. So, if you had $500 paid toward a cruise, that becomes the FFC. When you rebook, it cannot be used as the deposit on the new sailing. When my cruise cancelled, we'd paid $750 toward the cruise and had it applied to the new sailing. I still had to post a deposit (new $250 - 2 for 1 reduced deposit) for my new Mardi Gras sailing. I'm not certain on the question of the refun
  6. Agreed. Also, cruise lines need to figure out logistics besides the social distancing aspect. You cannon conceivably disinfect an entire ship in the narrow window of time between debarkation and embarkation. We're all hurrying to get off the ship by 10am, and the next set of cruisers come aboard at 11am. You'd need to put a day or two in between sailings. So, if you do a 7 day, the next itinerary would need to sail a day or two later and be a 5 day. Or, you can't sail until the following week. There's just a lot there that needs to be done before it's realistic to sail right now.
  7. Yep! I love cruising just as much as the next person, but I knew with FL and TX spiking and re-opening too fast that this would happen. I booked for next summer in the hopes that some version of a vaccine will be ready. But this year? Stick a fork in it. It's DONE!
  8. Great update and Cliff Notes. Thanks so much for this! I'm not terribly upset about the possible retirement of the Fantasy class ships. Although I loved the Elation, I sailed on the Fantasy last summer and definitely missed some of the newer amenities. I know my kiddos would be bummed to be on a Fantasy class after sailing on the Dream and Vista class ships (they didn't cruise with us on the Fantasy last summer). All of this is so fluid. We decided to rebook for next summer on the Mardi Gras. I'll be very interested to see what the actual sail date is for the Mardi Gra
  9. I have done Chichen Itza from Progresso. I found that to be better than needing to do the ferry from Cozumel to the mainland and then having to drive to get there. Going from Progresso cuts down the travel time. Go to Chichen Itza. You will not be disappointed. It is amazing because there is more there than just the pyramid itself.
  10. We were on the Vista last year, and the SkyRide was closed for a good portion of the trip due to high winds. So, I'm not surprised to see that the Horizon has similar issues. I'm curious as to how the Mardi Gras will fare with the roller coaster.
  11. We normally get FTTF. We drop off our stuff in our stateroom and then go grab lunch. After lunch and with my adult beverage in hand, we go to explore the ship.
  12. You can. I did this last year on the Vista to check in for my flight on SW.
  13. Yep! I've been in this category twice - I think the Dream and the Vista. I really enjoyed the room. You got a little bit more movement, but overall it wasn't bad at all. The secret deck was nice, the only drawback is that there aren't really any chairs on that deck. So while you can go out there and stand, there's no place to sit and enjoy the view for a long period of time. Other than that - enjoy! It's a great cabin without having to pay for an oceanview!
  14. They usually release them a year and a half in advance. I recall that for the June 2020 Fascination sailing, the dates were released around Nov/Dec 2018.
  15. It's Matt Mitcham! He just updated his FB page. Hugo Hidalgo is the Entertainment Director.
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