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  1. Joel, These are excellent pictures and this is an excellent review. Enjoying it very much. Thanks for doing this. Getting us excited for our June 2020 Greek Islands cruise on the Constellation and brings back great memories of our Italy trip in 2015. Thanks again.
  2. When we were booking for 2021 on board the Equinox 7/27, the told us Summer Caribbean 2021 will be opening up at the end of November.
  3. I'm taking a solo cruise on the Navigator of the Seas for 4 nights on 9/16 and was wondering if I could get a "tweener" (bigger than a carry on, but smaller than a giant roller) through the xray machine? Think I'll give it a try since now RCI now let's you drop off your bags in your room after you've boarded. If it doesn't fit, I'll check it. Thanks for your help Mister 67! You're a genius😀
  4. Murano is truly fine dining, while LPC is a nice dinner and a show with very good food.
  5. Thank you for all this great information on the Constellation. I've been following along for quite some time for a couple of reasons. Firstly, 6 of us will be on the Constellation in June 2020 for 10 nights RT from Venice through the Greek Islands and found what you've passed along very helpful. Secondly, all 6 of us hail from Naples and are wondering where in SWFL you live? Thanks for all the valuable knowledge you've given us.
  6. In Order of My Favorites: Murano--French Tuscan Grille--Italian Le Petit Chef--Fixed Menu with entertaining show--Well worth doing In Order of Wife's Favorites: Tuscan Grille Murano Le Petit Chef Can't go wrong with any of them really.
  7. The LPC was VERY fun. Actually thought it would be for kids but it was entertaining and the food was excellent. Highly recommend
  8. Thanks for a nice review. We really loved our same cruise on the Equinox two weeks before. Just tremendous.
  9. Yes. It was replaced but Le Petite Chef. A fixed menu and animated show that was excellent food and fun. Well worth a try.
  10. For those who would like even more pictures of the ship, I refer you to my DW’s Equinox review of our ABC Islands trip in September of 2018. It is jammed packed with Equinox pictures and even some videos I made at the end of the review. She did an excellent job on it and it was her first one! Mr. Met
  11. Norris The Equinox added these things that are in the shape of drops of water droplets that you can rent on the lawn. I think they were $99 on port days and $249 on sea days. They fit maybe 4 people at most. More than roomy enough for 2 though. Pam’s review of our Equinox ABC cruise last September took up most of my material and pictures of the ship. I was hoping to talk a bit about the “Edgification” of the ship, but honestly it was mostly decorative and a lot of it I didn’t really even notice that much. There were a few new things here and there like the Suite áreas by the pool deck and Retreat Lounge, but since we weren’t in a Suite this cruise, I had no access to those areas. Trip
  12. Norris, Thanks for checking this review out. The LCG is the one thing I wish the Equinox had. I think outdoor dining in the Caribbean year round would be perfect! Enjoy the cruise and as always I’ll be looking forward to your review. Trip
  13. Got the sunset verandah idea from you! Love ‘em.
  14. Norway sounds fantastic! Enjoy the fjords. Say hi to Carol. Trip
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