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  1. Did I every say it was?? I either wasn't told or didn't pay attention when faced with the non-refundable fare. Either way, live and learn, I will never get a fare that can't be changed in the future!
  2. I told my TA NEVER book a rate like this again. She told me to stop looking at the deals Carnival is sending. The cabin that is next to ours I could have booked last night for $189 instead of the $349 we paid. I'm just sick and 1/2 hope I test positive on Monday so I can cancel and rebook later for a longer cruise!
  3. I booked a "cheap" cruise on a guarantee for a balcony. I was given a good cabin but now I could get a rate that is $75.00 cheaper but I have a non-refundable rate and I've been told that because it's non-refundable I can't change it. Can't get OBC, can't get a refund for the difference. It doesn't seem correct but is it? TIA
  4. I heard that too! But I guess this was the official ceremony.
  5. No, please no. That's a Carnival thing. 🤣 And I don't even participate when I sail Carnival!
  6. I have flown in the day of when there were many flight choices like from DCA to MIA, at the time there was a flight almost every hour. My sister and I are cruising out of Port Canaveral in 4 weeks for a short "cheap" cruise and we were going to fly in that morning. Then I started hearing the horror stories mentioned above, so we re-booked the day before. Our cruise is not a cheap trip anymore(transfers, hotel, meals, etc) but we have a chance to make the ship!
  7. It took about 3 weeks for me too! A cruise that we are hopefully taking on 10/20/2021 on Holland America took less than 2 hours. 😊
  8. I have decided to drop the cabin issue. I just hope it turns out OK. It sounds like people who know more than I say it will. thanks everyone for your input.
  9. Hank, I don't know. I will try this but right now the ship is not selling at all. I don't know if that means they capped the number of passengers or if the ship is full.
  10. That I do not know but this wasn't a category upgrade.
  11. Lisa, thanks for that! I wish I knew! Someone on another thread posted a picture of the view from an obstructed balcony over the lifeboat and I'm begging to think it may not be so bad and I should drop it. They may be doing me a favor but how would I know? On the other hand, when they design ships with all the CAD software why don't they take sound management into consideration. Not just HAL but all the cruise lines?
  12. It's 4149, on the other side of the ship from where we were. Lesley This is not an "upgrade". Same category.
  13. Are there any hotels that are within walking distance to the port? Or offer a free shuttle to the port? Thanks!
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