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  1. Was considering a princess cruise in a suite. How does [princess compare to the Celebrity cruise line re Food..service entertainment..? Just off Celebrity. food was ok but not top notch (dinner) and entertainment so so..Please let me know your thooughts we are adult cruisers
  2. Recently off the Edge ..Luminae and Retreat lounge had pinot grigio that was horrific!! the servers knew and tried to find bottles of "drinkable" pinot grigio but it was tough.. VERY VERY disappointed with the choice of pinot grigio.. was headache cheap city.. both in luminaie and the retreat..
  3. Yes .. perhaps my question wasnt phrased properly..I know their tips are included .. but the extra tips for them in cash are they pooled with each other only the luminaie staff? or the rest of the ship waiters? What is the expected ? what most people do who have stayed in these suites) above the included in a sky or celebrity suite to tip the butler whom we do not ask much of? what have you tipped?
  4. Do the waiters and other staff if tipped in cash in Luminaie share it only with each other? keep it? or does it get shared with rest of crew on ship? Also, what do most do with the butler tip if you do not really use him/her? I know they bring snacks but other than that if we dont use what should we tip per day? Any past exterience in this area would be helpful.
  5. Thinking of this cruise. When do u make specialty dining reservations? On board or ahead of time. New to Crystal. How is the evening entertainment besides the comedians on the bahama cruise? HOw were the other ports you visited?
  6. Does the retreat lounge have the evening snack display or is everything packaged? Are the snacks that are delivered to the room daily only packaged items or the usual cheese fruit etc?
  7. On the August 14 2021 i see only a suite guarantee no more sky suites. If we book this is it likely we will get a sky suite or something higher? also with a guarantee suite cabin would we still have the ability to bid? Does anyone already booked know the minimum bid to upgrade to a celebrity suite or edge villa? thank you Also for the eastern carribeean do we have to take their shore excursions?
  8. i just checked our move up bids for cruise leaving next week. I bid on 3 different categories. Why do 2 of the 3 say bid expired and the other says pending? Why would they expire the bid when the sailing has almost another week and leave one pending? I also don t see the option anymore to modify the existing bid.. We were thinking of going in lower.
  9. We booked late and my T.A. said the 530 time was the only seating available. Said late seating and my time dining was full and the waitlist was full.Can we just show up for late dining? Who do I see and where do I go to try and change this? I remember my time dining was rather chaotic. If we just show up do they know we were supposed to be early seating? thanks for your help!
  10. We will be stopping next week and do not want to visit Disney. What is the closest nicest beach that would allow us to rent chairs etc? How far a taxi ride is it? Is there a resort even 20 mi utes away that offers day passes?
  11. Has anyone done this excursion? How was the beach.? we are stopping second week of august when 2 other cruise ships in.. Will it be very crowded? Hard to get chairs?
  12. looking forward to a good beach /pool day. Does anyone know of any resort that offers day passes ? Any tours that pick up from the port with guaranteed loungers and umbrellas. We arrive on a Saturday and Im guessing the beaches will be packed with locals as well.
  13. I have been reading how limiting the menu is for dinner. Does anyone have link to dinner menus? thanks
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