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  1. We are getting closer to he big reveal, with real photos released yesterday (https://www.*****.com/2019/02/08/sneak-peek-perfect-day-cococay-construction-progress).


    We will be there in July on Harmony. Has anyone got clear ideas on what is included and what is extra? For example, is the Oasis Lagoon free or included in the water park? Which food locations are included and which is extra? It is hard to interpret this from the Royal Caribbean website, unless I missed the easy to read matrix



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  2. We did not go hungry. They brought out all the starters on the menu. Now I like interesting food but I found Wonderland to be only alright. It was like they almost got it right, but there was a dimension missing. The entree was good and so was the dessert. I found it to be enough but I did sneak into Windjammers for a midnight snack.

    I am sure you will be fine, and they will bring out enough food for the table. I have never had anyone say no to requesting more food

  3. Hi friends,


    I am trying to find a topic on Visa requirements for Australian citizens cruising in the Caribbean. We are on an Eastern Caribbean cruise in 2019 and I want to build up knowledge so I can prepare.


    Can anyone link me to a good previous post on this? I am sure there is one but my search function hasn’t given me anything of use yet. If there isn’t a good post than previous experience would be most welcome.




    Kit (Benclan)



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