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  1. Hello, please add us to the list and keep fingers crossed: Zuiderdam Feb 27,2022 35 days to Hawaii,Tahiti, Marquesas RT from San Diego Forwardho Jill and Gary
  2. I truely appreciated your posts. The details in your maps and pictures really help with the perspective of your trip. So sorry that your trip will end early.
  3. Just found your travel blog.Following your adventures.
  4. We are on the Massadam cruise and traveling to the French Polynesia Islands in early November. We have planned a day 1 at Matira beach On Bora Bora and Day 2 on Bora Bora we will be taking a shark, ray and coral garden snorkeling trip. That leaves us with Moorea and Papeete as our next two stops. My question is which of these two island would be better ,meaning more to see, as a land tour excursion and which would be better to use as a water type activity excursion. We are in our 60’s and do love nature, wildlife and the water. Thanks in advance . Jill
  5. I am so enjoying your blog . I think you have a wonderful writing style. Thank you for all your details of the day onboard , your shore excursions , and the tips for us future world cruise travelers.
  6. I am enjoying your posts. Love you informative writing style. Thank you for letting us come along with you. Jill
  7. Thank you for reporting and sharing your adventures. I can’t imagine that many days at sea. We are testing the waters with a 30 day cruise in October. Loved your video of the falls.
  8. Yes and I Also found out we were wait listed . Perhaps time to find a new TA
  9. Thank you. I called and found out we were on the waiting list but the wonderful woman I talked to that was in charge changed us to confirmed seating and the table i wanted was available. Now that is what I call service.
  10. I want to call and request a certain table for the main dining room. I recall the mentioning of this in your posts and I even followed through and downloaded the diagram of the dining room. However, I cannot seem to find what number I can call and who I call! Help please
  11. Who do I contact from Holland to get a certain table for the main dining room?
  12. Thank you all I found it . Pier 2C . The site was a wonderful help.
  13. Thank you. I am trying to book a private tour. Our arrival is not until Oct 25 2020. Yes, I am one of those people that plans early. Lol
  14. Is there anyway of knowing the exact pier? A site perhaps that lists it.
  15. We will be on the Massadam .Can you tell me what pier that the Massadam uses in Honolulu?
  16. Following ...We are on the NS for two weeks starting the end of January. Thank you for your excellent tips and posts.
  17. Following .. we are doing a 14 day cruise end of Jan. Thank you for the detailed report
  18. Thank you for all your wonderful reports. We have enjoyed reading about them.
  19. Lovely pictures. Can you tell us what the name of the beach was?
  20. Enjoying your report as always especially since we booked a 2020 Pacific Crossing out of San Diego. Looking forward to hear about your travels.
  21. Thank you for your wonderful posts. Just booked a Pacific Crossing next year and am delighted with all your helpful information. Jill
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