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  1. An update. Last night after sending my travel agent (who can’t be named!) a letter advising them of 14 days before court action, I awoke this morning to an email from them confirming payment in full back to my credit card. What a result. i wish to thank the poster on this thread who posted a copy of his letter that he used with his travel agent. I used it as a template and it worked. Everyone on this site is so helpful
  2. I’ve now started legal proceedings against my travel agent in order to obtain my refund. My cruise was cancelled 8 weeks ago and I’ve had no response from my emails. Managed to speak to someone on the phone who told me that the Azamara refund will be cash but the flights etc will be credit notes as per their terms and conditions. As i am from the UK, I’m legally entitled to a full cash refund for a cancelled package holiday. It’s the lack of communication from my agent that has annoyed me.
  3. I’m not sure. I got the impression it will be a credit note from the travel agent as our holiday included one night hotel and transfers. This wouldn’t be anywhere near £1500 though and the flights were BA so they should be refunded as cash
  4. Thanks Grandma we both are fine. I hope you are looking after Nick and you are both ok Di x
  5. I’ve booked my cruise and flights through a travel agent in the UK for a cruise that has now been cancelled. Azamara sent me the cancellation notice to click for a full refund but should I wait for the travel agent to contact me to arrange the refund?
  6. Yes we are on the Journey 26th April. I just hope they do the right thing and cancel it now like other cruiselines rather than right before we are due to go
  7. I think Azamara needs to make a decision. Not many of us wish to be on a cruise at the moment. The uncertainty of being quarantined at sea, no ports to visit, departure port in lock down.........and now if we are over 70 we need a doctors letter. Azamara - do the right thing and cancel forthcoming cruises.Our cruise next month is Dubai to Athens. We are Brits so if the itinerary is changed significantly we can cancel and claim a refund. One of us is over 70 so that’s not looking good. We do not want a FCC. If we have to fight for a cash refund, this will leave us with such negativ
  8. diana11


    Ive just seen on the Silverseas board that Silverseas are relaxing their cancellation policy. They are allowing passengers to cancel within certain dates and just pay an admin fee
  9. We were on the Pursuit in November and Azamara also did the currency exchange instead of our credit card. It’s only a few £ that I’ve lost but it shouldn’t happen. Why ask how we want the currency to be converted, if they ignore our instructions. Actually I’m sure that a company is not allowed to set it’s own rate without our agreement.
  10. Re the beach towels last month on Pursuit, there was a card in our cabin stating that if these towels were missing at the end of the voyage then we would be charged! I was surprised
  11. How much??? It’s only a latte and a cake! i really wish they would serve fresh orange juice i could kill for a smoothie this morning Not another price increase for the yoga class Will you wait for me as I try and find a water dispenser
  12. But nothing was as bad as the karaoke that they put on one lunchtime by the pool. It was so loud that it was unbearable especially if someone was hitting a bum note (which was often!) and we couldn’t escape it. Not even in the patio. I was left with a headache that day. This was also on the Pursuit transatlantic
  13. I never did receive a final statement by email despite me contacting head office last week requesting one. All I have is a charge on my credit card for an amount in sterling. My card statement should show an amount in $ and the currency conversion by my bank as I requested but it only shows the charge in sterling.
  14. I have not received a bill but I see charges on my credit card. It looks like they have charged me their exchange rate even though I ticked the box for my credit card to do the conversion. Sorry to hear that you were so late in getting home. That is terrible after such a lovely cruise.
  15. We arrived home yesterday afternoon after a great flight home. We had 2 nights in a hotel in Rio with mixed weather. It was lovely to meet meet you and Nick. I do hope he is feeling better. Tell him I will be looking out for him on our next Azamara cruise! Will.i.am was lucky that the Manchester plane waited for him. It was announced on our flight that as we were 20 minutes late in arriving, the Manchester flight passengers would miss their connections. One couple were eventually put on the 6.30 pm shuttle (6 hours after arriving into Heathrow) and got home at midnigh
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