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  1. We were due to meet our friends tomorrow in Lisbon - they are coming to the end of their Med Cunard cruise and were going to be in Lisbon tomorrow too. I have just heard from them to say that there are 45 mph gusts of wind. They are no longer stopping at Lisbon and instead their captain is taking them back to Southampton!
  2. It was October 2014 and we first met you at the Cruise Critic meet and greet
  3. I loved reading your blog especially as we are on the Pursuit in 3 weeks time. So looking forward to it now after seeing all your photos. I think we have met you on another Azamara cruise a few years ago. It was either the cruise to Montreal or one that went to Monte Carlo
  4. On our forthcoming November transatlantic we’ll be packing the game Left, Centre, Right. We learnt it on our last transatlantic cruise. Was so much fun, met some fun people, and laughed so much. I bought the game from Amazon. By the way - it is so simple to play
  5. I've managed to scan our UK passports and upload our photos. However right at the end, it said there was an error so now I don't know whether I have just wasted 15 minutes of my life! I wasn't impressed that I had to type our addresses twice into my phone. Just checked the daily calendar and seen that the welcome aboard toast from the caption is showing on day 8 ....
  6. We also had plenty of OBC on our last Azamara cruise. We bought the dining packages, booked an excursion for our last day that also dropped us off at the airport, handbag, watch, aftershave, and WiFi. I was left with $20 so I played bingo with it and won!
  7. Because a larger bottle can last a week - it seems odd that I have to explain to you that this reduces plastic.
  8. So why not do what Viking River cruises do. Use much larger bottles of toiletries that do not need replacing daily. Much less waste but still hygienic. Problem solved!
  9. We stopped at Livorno last month and did Lucca and Pisa with Tuscanybus.com. Was only 30 euros each and was a great trip. We loved Lucca
  10. We were on that cruise last week and it wasn't the best cruise Ive ever had! We were aware of the sickness on board but received very limited information from the crew. Long queues at breakfast and for hot drinks. We also had faulty air con and a toilet that stopped working. Reception staff were useless. Together with the delayed disembarkation at Naples and the chaos at Naples airport, our journey home was fraught. Something that made me smile - I asked for a map of the ship on day one. I was told that they no longer provided any maps to save paper, however on the last day, they were selling cruise certificates signed by the captain for £4.95. Work that one out!
  11. Thank you for sorting that out but I won’t be retaking the survey
  12. Same happened to me and I felt insulted. If I was prepared to fill in their survey, then they should allow me to have my say. Instead they cut me off probably because my income does not match their preferred customer base. What a cheek!
  13. Whilst on the subject of Cuba, I want to pass on a tip that my tour guide informed us of. Some restaurants and cafes are government run however some are privately owned. If you want to go to a private restaurant then look for a trip adviser sticker in the window. The government run places do not have them.
  14. We have done 2 cruises to Cuba within the last 12 months - one of those was on Azamara. Our experience both times was that we could come and go as we pleased with no one checking that anyone had pre booked excursions. We also used Fertours as a private tour on both occasions and both guides were excellent. We also wanted to see a show. We wanted to go to the Parisian and so our guide showed us one of the many nearby hotels that sell tickets for Tropicana and The Parisian. We bought them for that evening and flagged down a taxi to take us there and also arranged for it to come back for us. It was so easy to doit on our own, much cheaper than the Azamara trip......and our seats were right at the front. Brilliant night.
  15. It was confirmed to me that we do have to take our passports. We are also going on 31st July and we are driving from Staffordshire. Looking forward to the visit
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