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  1. We (2 Brits) spent 5 days in Boston so had time to see all we needed to see. The day we went to JFK Presidential Library and Museum was a highlight of our stay. We had time to use public transport but if time is short it is worth the taxi or uber fare. Sandra
  2. Norris, many thanks for that great picture. I love the whole County, the peninsula is all beautiful and what a great helicopter ride it must have been. Sandra
  3. we are attending a destination wedding in Ireland in August and were looking at United's Premium Economy seats (is that what you meant above)? If so, what did you think of them? Wish we could swing the Business class there, but will probably just do the Premium Economy both ways. Hi pd 7277 I can't comment on United but have lots of experience with BA. My own thoughts are that business class would probably be worth it flying East if I could sleep on a flight. The reality is that I cannot sleep. Probably not worth a lot for a daylight flight. As a frequent transatlantic traveller my thought is that for me Premium Economy is worth every penny, or in your case every cent. Lots more room, seat inclines more, footrest, small cabin and some other extras. Does not cost a great amount more than economy but is a lot less than Business class. Enjoy Ireland. Sandra.
  4. Where does your sister live in N Ireland? I haven't traveled much in my own birthplace I will admit and know England better. Carol is gung-ho on TA crossings, me-Mr Port Excursion Man, less so, but I have said that if I do one it will have to be on Queen Mary 2, built for that purpose. Hopefully we will do such a thing when retired. Norris, My sister is still in Bangor, where I grew up for 18 years, followed by 3 years in Belfast (R.V.H.) where I met John . Rest of my life in England South then North. That's how I recognise any youthful references and pictures of yours . I too had reservations about 6 days at sea but aim to enjoy everything QM2 can offer. When it works out this time we can try the Eastbound because that jetlag is harder. The downside Eastbound on a ship is only 23 hour days to enjoy it but I'm sure we could cope! Our younger son, in Toronto for the last 16 years, recommends your city, Chicago for a few days on one of our visits to them ; it may happen as we always add something on to our visit. Last year was Alaska cruise which was my best ever for my Big Birthday. Looking forward to seeing you in January, Sandra
  5. Norris, as always I have enjoyed your narrative, great photos, humour and musical references (nobody does it better. ) This time, as well as enjoying Norway, you have reminded me that London is only 4 hours by car or, more sensibly, nearly half that by train from North Yorkshire. It has been too long since our last to London and it is time to return there soon. Beautiful N. Ireland another not visited often enough place coming soon too with my sister's Big Birthday there in March. John and I have most of our biggest trips your side of the ocean as it works so well with a visit to half our family in their home in Toronto and we enjoy every one. Next year will be a first for us; first time Cunard, first TA. QM2 Southampton to New York then another week on the ship to Quebec before the visit to Toronto. We have time now to go this way after all those years at work. The flight back to Heathrow will be the low point ! We enjoy wherever we go and feel privileged to have seen so much of our wonderful world. Thank you to Carol and yourself for giving so much time and effort to share your journeys, many of us enjoy them with you Looking forward to the next time, Sandra
  6. Looking forward to your review and excellent as always pictures. We had a land trip in Norway about 15 years ago, car ferry overnight from Newcastle. A return by cruise ship from Southampton would be even better . Will be following every morning, a good way to start the day. Sandra
  7. I agree with Milokama that Warnemunde is one to miss except that my husband and I booked with Friends of Dave for a full day tour starting from Warnemunde. We had a wonderful full day tour in a small group. Our guide was Christian as Dave was not available. We went to Schwerin a lovely and interesting place and had other stops too. We did not want to spend 3 hours each way going to Berlin . It was a highlight of the cruise along with our 2 days in St. Petersburg with Alla tours . Alla took care of visas and all arrangements worked so well. We booked a walking tour in Tallinn. Other ports we used public transport . In Stockholm, the Vasa museum is easy to access on your own. Yes, it is worth getting up early for the sail in. Sandra
  8. Norris, I am adding my thanks to you and Carol for taking the time to make notes, take pictures, write up, edit and share with us. How fortunate we are to be able to share these interesting travels. I have enjoyed the journey and all your information. As future cruises have been mentioned may I suggest that you research Ravello which has iconic views and especially Villa Rufolo with its Wagner associations (thought that might get your attention!) which could form part of a tour from Sorrento , a beautiful drive which can also take in Amalfi and Positano. John and I think that little Ravello is the jewel in the crown for that coast. In the meantime, looking forward to your next GSJ. Sandra
  9. I never promised you a rose garden but I did promise you The Insider from Santiago de Cuba I beg your pardon Still following and enjoying your photos, your humour and your review. Sandra
  10. Following and looking forward to your review, your pictures and the journey. Also a few cyber cocktails. This is on John's wish list. Sandra
  11. We got the discount earlier this year . Booked through Celebrity U.K. 8 nights followed by 7 nighys. £32 per cruise. Initially they said they did not know about it! Then a different person gave it immediately. Sandra
  12. Thank you for all your helpful information. We will never acheive any top status and will continue to enjoy Celebrity. I just was unclear about the rules but pleased to know that the accounting of the points was accurate.. The only important things are that we had a wonderful time, we were happy with the prices paid and ultimately not terribly excited about a little free laundry. Sandra
  13. We recently enjoyed our back to back Alaska cruise on Millenium. Originally booked the first cruise in Aqua , a few months later booked to add the second week in an outside cabin. Both booked with Celebrity UK. While on board we spoke to the hotel manager (I think that was her job title) and asked to stay with Aqua for the second week should there be a room available The day before the first cruise ended our changed booking was confirmed and we paid on board for the upgrade. We did move from one Aqua cabin to another. Incidentally handled very well with our great room stewards. When I looked this week at our Captains Club points I saw that we had only got the second week's points for the original outside cabin booking. Now I have telephoned Captains Club in the UK who tell me that as the Aqua price was reduced we only get the original 2 points per night. My view was no extra points for a complimentary upgrade (that would be good!) but that we did get points for a paid upgrade. Have I misunderstood? Thank you for any information of experiences of this. We had a wonderful time, anyway. Sandra
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