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  1. For those who canceled, is anyone still waiting on their refund? I received about 3/4 of my refund, but am still a couple of hundred dollars short. My TA said to give it another week, which it has been today. Just wondering if I need to be pursing this more forcefully or if it's normal. I was surprised to see the refund I have received come back to my card in multiple random small amounts that have no alignment with the amounts I paid.
  2. How do you all think they will handle the taxes and fees? From what I understand the port taxes and fees are significantly more for Cuba than Caribbean ports. I understand that the 50% off is for the cruise fare only, so will they be refunding the taxes and fees and applying the correct ones to the new itineraries? Or if we choose to go on the new itinerary are we basically paying inflated taxes and fees? This is only my second cruise, so I am new to understanding all this.
  3. On this cruise as well. Really really disappointed in the choice of new ports. Why wouldn't they keep Grand Cayman?! Will definitely be pursuing a full refund if that's an option. It kills me that we're probably going to lose all the money on our non-refundable flights.
  4. Thanks! If you're going before the end of June, please let me know how you like them.
  5. Also looking for suggestions for this. Everything seems to include Stingray City.
  6. Thanks for this info. I waited too long and the ship tour sold out, so we decided to go with Shago. They were prompt in their response and gave more detail than other companies I reached out to. Hope we enjoy it and all goes smoothly.
  7. Seriously? That's crazy. It was 4 years ago that I did that, so I guess they changed their policy. That's ridiculous, I'm sorry.
  8. Yep. I did this on our honeymoon cruise with some Amex gift card we got as wedding presents. You have to do it over the phone, but just tell them you'd like to use 2 cards for payment and then tell them the amount for each card.
  9. That's a great idea. Don't know why I didn't think of that!
  10. I called Royal and they did confirm that they have my final payment. I have in writing that I am supposed to get $50 OBC from the agent, so I will follow up with them about that. Thanks for that advice.
  11. We are going on a cruise to Cuba in June, and I got a great price going through a large online travel company and booking with a travel agent who worked under that company. I had read hit or miss reviews with this company and knew I was going to need stay on top of things myself. Good thing I did. My final payment was due this week, and the TA and I had in writing that the TA would charge my credit card on file for the final payment within a week before it was due. The night before the day it was due, I realized my card had not been charged. I emailed the TA asking if she was going to charge it and received a mailer demon return to sender message. I tried calling her the next morning and her extension was no longer available. I can only assume she is no longer with the company and there is apparently no one looking after my booking now. I called the main line of the travel agent company and spoke to someone and explained what was going on and they processed my final payment. My only concern now is for anything else to slip through the cracks since my booking is with a nonexistent TA. I don't trust the larger company to alert me of anything since they didn't for the final payment. Is there anything else that would usually go through the TA that I need to be aware of and be on top of before my cruise? I still don't regret going through them since the price I got was a good $150 lower than anything I've seen. Hopefully, I won't end up eating those words. Thanks!
  12. Yesterday the combo was $64 per day and today it's $57. Yesterday the price difference between just the beverage package and the combo was $14 and now it's down to $10, so that felt like a decent deal.
  13. Thanks! I'll give Royal a call if we decide to go this direction. There's a good sale today on the Beverage + Voom package.
  14. Does anyone know if you can use the Deluxe Beverage package at Cafe Royal on Empress?
  15. I have a question about the Deluxe Beverage Package and Voom One Device. I am traveling with my husband. We are fine with Voom for just one device. Is it a correct assumption that if we both get the Deluxe Beverage Package and Voom One Device, it would actually be two devices - one for me and for him? If this is the case, how do I purchase one Deluxe Beverage Package and Voom One Device and then just one more Deluxe Beverage Package only? When I put the Deluxe Beverage Package and Voom One Device in my cart it makes me select it for both of us. Maybe I'm totally off base here, but this doesn't seem like a weird thing to want to do.
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