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  1. The requirement for test within 2 days before sailing is a CDC requirement, so may not apply to sailing from Barbados.
  2. The non-refundable portion was $100 per person for the past several years. It applied to all suites (I think, I know it applied to GS and above), and to NRD bookings.
  3. If your accounts are not linked, then call C&A and they will link them.
  4. https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/international-travel-document-news/1580226297.htm https://www.kayak.com/travel-restrictions
  5. If you are concerned about you catching COVID, then please source and wear N95 or KN95 respirators. The basic cloth or surgical type mask does virtually nothing to protect you. It does provide some additional protection from you exposing someone else. At this time, I am moving to being very against masks, as we are all wearing them to protect the unvaccinated. At this point, IMO, if you are not vaccinated that is YOUR problem.
  6. I am with those that say wear what you are comfortable wearing. For MDR and specialty restaurants, I wear khakis and a nice shirt and shoes (not sandals or flip flops). By night shirt, I mean collared with some buttons. So a polo shirt works for me. On formal night, I MIGHT put on a tie and sports coat. But I may just go with a dress shirt and tie. One cruise we got invited to dine with the Staff Captain. I wished I had brought a suit. But not enough to pack one for later cruises. 😄
  7. The problem is some people will say you get double for solo and double for a suite. So based that concept, solo in a suite would be 1x2x2, instead of what it really is, which is 1+1+1
  8. We are booked on the repo from Barbados to Houston. I don't understand why 2 days for test results. I just did a work trip where I was COVID tested 5 times in 2 weeks (one to fly to the first country, one upon arrival, one to fly to the next country, one upon arrival, and one to fly back to the US). All results were within 12 hours. And both countries were in Africa.
  9. Yes, but depending on your carrier, it may cost something or may not. Or may cost a lot. I am with T-Mobile, and pretty much most places (everywhere I have been in the Caribbean/near Atlantic) has been included in my plan. Unlimited 2G data (which mostly works for me) and you can pay for higher speed data, but it is for X amount of data. ATT and Verizon charge you an international roaming fee. Or carriers have other policies. Check with your carrier. And yes, there a hotspots sites all over. You can count on Starbucks or McDonalds. Or the hot tip is, ask crew members. They all know the best hot spots as they use them to call home when in port.
  10. One whole sale in almost 2 years. Yeap, a burning market for cruise ships. 😄
  11. Military family, so I had too many to remember. I do remember the word for the first two digits. And not dialing an area code. I don't even think they existed back then. Long distance went through an operator.
  12. I look at gambling onboard or ashore as entertainment. So I budget up to $100 per day. And that is, in round numbers, what a day at Disney would cost. If I lose my $100, I quit and do other things until the next day. If I win and stop playing, that becomes my stake for the next session. I play blackjack. I follow the proper odds play. And I have won money more times than I have lost. My high winnings were $900 (over the $100 I started with), and the low was $25. I have broken even a couple of times. And lost 3 - 4 times between all the times on board or ashore. I have met some interesting people. I have seen some strange things. And I have had fun. Oh, and in Vegas, you get get free drinks when you gamble. 😄 But no, I have not gambled enough to get any free cruises.
  13. Maybe to cover the cost of the cruise. But medical and medevac can run into a LOT of money. When my mother had an issue in Halifax, the medevac flight to get her back to the DC area was quoted at $29,000. And that did not include ambulance at each end, just the flight. But as I said, you can cover the medical and medevac, without covering the cruise cost for a quite small fee. For me, it has been running $35 per trip (I do for any personal international travel).
  14. Where would she go? Unless the send her straight to scrap. Not a very big market for used cruise ships these days.
  15. Book it, if the price is acceptable to you. If it goes down, you can cancel and rebook at the lower price.
  16. OK, it seems that there was a way with 2 party lines to ring one phone or the other. But not the older many parties on the line. I was surprised to find that party lines we available into the late 1980s. Although in a few small pockets in very rural areas.
  17. But did it direct dial to your phone and only ring your phone?
  18. Sorry, but the technology was not there to direct dial your phone number and only ring your number with a party line. You could have a party line where you could direct dial out, but incoming would ring everyone. The rotary system was not that smart or capable.
  19. Yeap. I get price drops automatically, some OBC from my TA, and fabulous service. NO downside.
  20. It is a comment on some of the other posts. Welcome to the internet, where, like in face to face conversations, the topic wanders.
  21. When I chose my TA I did not chose based on lowest price or more perks, I chose on best SERVICE. My TA checks pricing daily and get any applied to my booking.
  22. I was there late Jan 2020, and the water in the lagoon pool was chilly, but not to bad.
  23. It all depends on the cruise and what has sold/is selling. We normally cruise in a GS on Grandeur. Next cruise is OS, as the OS is only a few hundred more. On Grandeur, balconies are the same size. OS cabin is bigger, plus the separate shower and tub. In teh GS, there is room for a bidet without an issue, if they wanted to install them.
  24. Covering the cruise cost and cancel for any reason will drive up the insurance cost. RCI insurance does not cover as well as third party, but for older people, it may be MUCH cheaper. Right now, RCI covers people for cancelling if they are not happy with the protocols. Personally, I do not cover the whole cruise and flights. I have paid for them, they are budgeted and while I would not be happy, I would not suffer financially. But medical and med evac can rapidly get into the 10s of thousands or even 100s of thousands. I can cover for those things for $35 per trip. For about $50, I can cover about $500 of the vacation costs.
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