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  1. Yes...the B2B we were looking was in fact two different itineraries. The 2nd was a repo cruise from Vancouver to Los Angeles.
  2. Ooops I didn't see this in time and went ahead and posted also...I think the only difference is I posted on the actual thread for the 9/3/12 cruise :) Thanks again.
  3. Well...I do want to thank everyone for the information and heads up. I did in fact verify with a good friend of mine (she is the former chief counsel for the U.S. Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration (MARAD) ) and she did confirm that doing a B2B with these two cruises would be a violation of US Laws. :( So I think it's back to our original plan of just doing the Alaska Cruise on the 3rd and flying home from Vancouver. I think I'll head on over to the other boards and give them a heads up also.
  4. The main reason we are going on the Disney Wonder is because of the Entertainment...our SIL just began his 8 months on the Wonder as a Main Stage Entertainer :) Since the second cruise is a repo Cruise from Vancouver to Los Angeles then we would in fact have a different itinerary which would be fun.
  5. Thanks for the info...I will be sure to check into this before booking. I do know there are quite a few people on the Disney boards who have booked these two cruises B2B so that's where I got the idea. The itineraries for the two different cruises are as follows: First Cruise 7-Night Alaskan Cruise on Disney Wonder - Itinerary D September 3 to September 10 Disney Wonder Day Port 1 Seattle, Washington 2 At Sea 3 Tracy Arm, Alaska 4 Skagway, Alaska 5 Juneau, Alaska 6 Ketchikan, Alaska 7 At Sea 8 Vancouver, Canada Second Cruise 6-Night Vancouver to Los Angeles Cruise on Disney Wonder September 10 to September 16 Disney Wonder Day Port 1 Vancouver, Canada 2 At Sea 3 At Sea 4 San Francisco, California 5 San Francisco, California 6 At Sea 7 Los Angeles, California So the first cruise actually begins in Seattle ends in a foreign country and then the second begins in a foreign country and ends in LA. The cost of doing both cruises is actually just a couple hundred dollars more than flying into Seattle and then flying home from Vancouver.
  6. I'm thinking about booking our first B2B cruise on the Disney Wonder for the Seattle to Vancouver/Vancouver to LA schedule in September. I've read about others doing B2B but have never really thought about doing one until now. Just looking for general input...good/bad experiences...what you would or would not do next time...booking tips, etc. I'm assuming it's pretty much like booking 2 different cruises...i.e. two deposits, etc.? Thank you for any and all information.
  7. Although I'm not going on a cruise anytime soon...mine is a year away. And I understand the disapointment of planing ahead for warm weather and wanting to go to your original destination. Here is a thought for those of you who are now going to your home town. On our last cruise we were on the Monarch 4 day to Mexico and one of our stops was in San Diego (which is where we live). Although it seemed silly, we made the most of it. The guys in our group took a tour of the USS Midway (which they all had not had the chance to do yet), our DD's (18 years old) went on a shopping trip to Downtown and my best friend and I made it a spa day onboard the ship. All of us had a great time and made the best of being in our home town. So my suggestion is when you are in your own home town...plan on seeing something that you don't normally see or plan a spa day onboard and make the best of it. Remember...you are still on a cruise! I'd give anything if we could be on one sooner than next year...no matter where it took us. I, for one, am very happy to see the cruise lines taking a pro-active response to this situation and putting the pax and crew members above the almight dollar...which is proven by the options they are offering in regards to refunds and OBC's. My DH and I talked about it last night and if our cruise was in the next month or so we would not be wanting to head to the Riviera. Again, these are just suggestions and my thoughts...please do nto flame me. Happy Cruising to all!
  8. On our last cruise (June of 2005) there were 10 of us sailing together. After we checked in and got our table assinments we went to try to find our table in the dining room. Our seapass card stated that we were in Claudes Dining room table 300. So we went to Caludes and were told that there was no table 300 and they sent us upstairs to the other dining room. Up there were were told that table 300 was downstairs in Claudes. After going back and forth about 3 times it was finally figured out.... Table 300 is the Captains table! However, since we had main dining and and a group of 10 we were given that table. However, we never met the captain. It was kind of fun though because it was the largest table in the dining room and smack dap right in the middle of the dining room. We were asked by a few other passangers if we were VIP's (still not sure why on that one..)
  9. April 12, 2010 ~ 11 night Mexican Riviera Sailing during our 25th wedding anniversary. Booked back in October and was able to lock down Aft JS 1100:D.
  10. I'd like to add also to keep in mind that you may not like all of the pics taken onboard. On our last cruise we did not purchase every picture taken onboard. We chose to buy only those that we thought were the best. ie...the formal night of our group and a few individual and couple shots. Other than that, we found that even though they were all good...we could live without "all" of them...kind of like when you have professional pics taken in a studio. Also, with all of the pictures that we also took ourselves, I had more than enough for huge scrapbook when we returned (and ours was only a 5 day cruise). I just know I'm going to be in trouble when we go on our 11 day in April 2010. I may need 2 books!:eek:
  11. To the OP....VERY WELL SAID!!!! Just like others have stated...I'm just happy to be on a cruise. Anything above and beyond is icing on the cake! Heck, you could put me on a cruise to nowhere tonight with an inside cabin, no room stewart, no room service, food served by Jack-In-The-Box, Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill as the only cocktails, and a blow up pool and I'd be the happiest person on planet earth! Our last cruise was in June of 2005 and our next is not until April of 2010. In the last two years my DH and I purchased a business and then we both lost our fathers within a year (that was 2007). 2008 began with us having to relocate our business, our daughter getting married in June, re-opening our business in July, me having major surgery on July 15, moving both my mom and my MIL in with us, returning to work in late August, getting hit hard by the economy and finally loosing our business on December 13. So yea...I just don't get it when people are complaining about the small stuff. I wouldn't care if I missed a port, the room stewart forgot the ice, didn't get lobster, or if someone at my table chose to wear jeans....JUST PUT ME ON A SHIP NOW!!!!!
  12. We cruised on the Monarch in a JS back in June of 2005. We slept with the door open every night. It was wonderful!!! We heard no engine noises, we could hear the occasional sound of the ocean up against the hull of the ship. It was never too hot or too cold (in fact it was just right!). My DH loved it so much that he will now only sail with a balcony. Of course keep in mind that it was back in 2005 and we were on the west coast. I've never sailed on the east coast so I'm not sure how the weather is there. But I say go for it! You'll love it!
  13. Believe me we are casual too!! My DH is in construction and I a administrative assistant (although now self employed) and we do not get invited to that many either. I was only trying to point out that if we would dress as requested to an event at home why can't we dress as requested/suggested when on vacation also. Yes, I know we are on "vacation", but to me it's all part of the experience. And because we don't get to dress up at home, it's kind of fun to get the chance to do so. I'm not say that anyone is right or wrong in their thinking of how they should dress on formal night. I'm only sharing my view.
  14. Believe me. I live very far from the social live you described. However I have had the opportunity where once or twice in my life (I am 46) I have had the honor of being invited to an event where the attire was state as Formal or Simi-formal, or Cocktail (I did not say black Tie or tux and ball gowns). My only point was...if you are invited to an event that stated that the attire was Formal, Simi-Formal, Casual or what ever the case may be...would you dress as your wish to be comfortable just to please yourself or would you dress as requested?
  15. Just one question for those who want to forgo the formal dress because they want to dress comfortable. When at home, what do you wear to an event when the dress is formal? I guess my view is this...it's not about the comfort it's about what is being asked. RCL is asking that their passangers dress accordingly (and yes, I know they really don't enforce it). I don't think 1 or 2 nights out of how ever many you are selling is asking too much. And if you are uncomfortable then you can always change right after dinner (that's what we did on our last cruise).
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