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  1. We have never done door decorations...but we do use them as landmarks...lol Love it when the cabin next to us is all decorated, makes it so much easier to find the room after a long night!
  2. Not a guarantee balcony, but we had a large ocean view balcony for 3 of us and bid $1300 on a crown loft and it was accepted. I know the room cat has a lot to do with what is offered for Royal Up. I really think it is hit or miss as far as what is accepted and what is not as well as when it is accepted. Our December cruise bid was accepted 30 days prior to sailing. Good luck!!
  3. Sometimes a bottle of lotion or sunblock will work also....maybe even a magazine from the early 90's... I need to find someone on Harmony of the Seas Thanksgiving week so they can put a few towels down before I board on the 1st of December...just need 6 on the pool deck, by the beach pool, 6 in Aqua Theater...maybe 6 in the theater and a couple on the promenade. I can handle the rest I think. I will be happy to pay whoever can do this for me with diamond plus republic credits, which are good for 4 free front of the line passes at customer service.
  4. We tried that...came back and there was a line about a mile long of people just waiting for a chance to sit on it... Another line of people asking where the overflow towels were....and a small group of people going back and forth complaining that they need more Blue Towels....was a nightmare
  5. Could you imagine if they had a pool bounty? That would also be a great idea...you could pay for your cruise in pool credits....it would make the drink package appear cheaper, so instead of calculating how many drinks you need to break even, you can calculate how many chair hog towels you need to swipe. Or maybe we can turn the towels in for cruise points...maybe like 2500 towels to get to Diamond +
  6. On our last cruise I finally realized the almighty power of the "Blue Pool Towel" as my wife and I watched one after another appear around the pool deck. I watched as blue towel after blue towel were placed on chairs for hours on end with no bodies to hold them down. One after another a blue towel was left for hours on end on a lounger without a care in the word...no body touched them, it was like some mystic magic...a blue towel held spots for everyone!! Passengers and crew are afraid to touch or move them!! So this got me thinking...I went to the pool stand and asked for about
  7. I too wonder how the heck it is all done and figured out. I would assume it is all programmed for various configurations and data sets...but I will say it definitely doesn't always go-to the highest bidder...friends of ours all had booked balcony rooms together for a post wedding cruise...all but 1 room on same floor, 2 people bid on RoyalUp, the one who got upgraded bid 200 less than his friend. The only real difference we all noted was he (winning bid) was a 1st time Royal cruiser... I imagine the people who run this for Royal and other Cruise lines are kept in a hidden compoun
  8. I would have to agree that slots are much easier to get points than table games, at least for me. Table games for me is a very social thing...my wife and I enjoy talking to other players and good dealers, but as ratings go this can be difficult. My bets go up and down depending on the people at the table and the way they play, and that affects my rating...not going to bet 100 a hand with a crazy table. Hell we have spent hours at a $10.00 table because we were having a great time chatting it up, but we know at the end of the day, not really getting any points. I fell like with s
  9. On Majesty this summer, you could not have a drink in the pool, but hot tub nobody said anything. Pool it was fine if you were sitting on the side of the pool, but when I reached over to grab a sip, was told not to do that.
  10. Royal appears to be cranking them out today!! Congrats to all!
  11. My bid was $1,300 per person, not total. Sorry for the confusion, when I bid it is per person for the 1st 2 people in the room. So it comes out to $2600 total for the 3 of us
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