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  1. There is a formal night...night 2 I believe...but if u download the royal app for your phone and login, it will show you all nights and a lot of scheduled activities
  2. Good question, when we buy package it is always in advance...so I guess we have never paid attention to on board price...hmmmm
  3. My wife is a marketing director for a large company and she had a laugh at this too...said someone in IT is definitely gonna get ripped for this one...lok
  4. So in my cruise planner today, I can either buy the drink package at BOGO for $47.00 a day per person....or I can just buy as is for $44.00 per person. LOL what da what?? Just another fine example of Royal's "sales" I guess someone forgot to remove the before sale pick and link...
  5. According to the RC app, there is a formal night. Day 2 is formal night, day 3 is tropical and I says 70’s night for day 4 but that says nothing other than casual for dinner. The app does help with times and activities for your upcoming cruise, although I do not know how accurate the app is...you know Royal...lol
  6. We did Oasis after the drydock in 2015, it was the 1st when it got to the states..so it was just a 5 day repositioning cruise. The only thing we noticed was a lot of work still being done. They were fastening stuff...finishing suites that were converted from standard rooms..stuff like that. The one thing that did happen that was strange, was they were working on a room somewhere above ours, and it got very loud during the day. They sent us a bottle of wine and a letter to our room for the noise, someone other than us must have complained. Later they told us they were finishing a remodel of the room a couple of decks above us and people were complaining. As far as the crew, they were great as usual. You should be fine
  7. Yes, we are on July 3rd Majesty. Bid on JS and GS, we are coming from a casino comped ocean view. We were part of the offers after the Cuba trip was cancelled, as such we only booked a few weeks ago.
  8. I hope someone cancels...lol for my own selfish reasons..... Not the end of the world, but would be a nice suprise
  9. Is it safe to say that with about 9 days to go, my offer is toast? Not sure how long they typically wait to tell you one way or another, but I assume that this late in the game, on a sold out ship, the upgrades are gone by now.
  10. Seems like a good deal, we are on the July 3rd cruise and this will be good as we are not doing the drink package this time....short cruise and we will be off the ship for 2 days, so we figure we won't be drinking as much on the ship.
  11. Saw this on a Majesty post from someone on an April cruise, so it does look like they have it.
  12. when did you get confirmed? and when did you bid? We saw the offer this past weekend, but unsure what we are going to do.
  13. We also got the offer for free ocean view room, but we are still debating it. We have never been on a ship that small, so we are debating the pros and cons. It would only cost us taxes and port fees, but just don’t want to get on the Majesty and be disappointed because we have only been on Oasis class ships. Not saying I opposed to smaller ships, just a concern. I know silly, but still something we think about when traveling. I figure that this offer is as already stated, because of the whole Cuba thing.
  14. I think it will be a matter of time before Royal with have to do something about it. It will only create problems down the road, and I can easily see fights happening as a result....lets face it, pool, cocktails, sun and pride all mixed in and sooner or later someone will take it upon themselves to police the situation and it will hit the fan.
  15. So wife and I were on Oasis for Sept. 2nd 7 night cruise a couple of weeks ago and saw ( or should I say heard) a 1st....people playing music over Bluetooth speakers at the pool. We have cruised a lot and have never seen so many people playing their music over speakers while the band was playing, at the pool bar and anywhere they pretty much felt like it. To be honest it wasn't even good music, it was loud and annoying to say the least. Maybe I'm old school, but I really have a problem when a person is blaring music at the pool and every other word is F this and F that, then the N word, it was pretty crazy. Who does that? I am a 46 year old man with kids in their early 20's so I get the music, it is just the pool on a cruise ship with mixed company, is not the place to blare that music. At one point I asked the bartender how they let people do that, and he basically said they didn't care. Towards the end of the week a few more people brought out their speakers figuring to compete for the music space I guess, but it only made it worse. Nothing like the band coming out to play and the only thing you can hear is the blaring of gangster rap mixed in with country music. My wife had to keep asking my not to say anything to them as she didn't want to start any issues or make a problem worse.
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