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  1. Just off the Escape, and just landed back to UK....... Good cruise generally and crew did well to minimise impact of heightened hygiene position. Was a weird atmosphere knowing nobody was getting onboard after us. Our flight was significantly delayed (not corona related) so we drove up to Fort Lauderdale, never seen so many ships in port!!!
  2. woodards

    White Night

    Is there an easy way of finding what night it will be on an itinerary? We are on the Quest 16th Oct cruise and trying to plan when not to book a night tour! @BBMacLaird are you able to advise? Thanks in advance.
  3. Be very interested to know which line fits the bill for you. Agree completely re shower/bathrooms and balcony setup. But love everything else so accept the compromise.
  4. Thanks, got to admit it does worry me not having control of my own passport......
  5. Thanks for the info. So as we are in Vietnam first, would we get passports back for Thailand (next country) or have to wait until before we disembark in Singapore?
  6. Hi, Have been trawling through lots of posts and have got a mixed bag in terms of what happens with regards to passports, visas and immigration at these ports. Do we have leave our passports with Azamara before we enter Vietnam and retrieve after we leave? And read some stories about the amount of time it takes to get off the ship in the first port within Vietnam. Do we need to anything specific for Thailand? British Consulate recommends carrying a photo copy of passport whilst ashore. Anything else? Thanks in advance for any guidance.
  7. To be fair app was fine once onboard. Apart from checking room balance.
  8. woodards

    Azamara App

    Downloaded got excited then realised it was a waste of space. Azamazing evening showing as same night as White Night, enough said....... Whats everyone elses experience, does it get better once your onboard? i.e. does it reflect actual activities on board and buffet menus etc.
  9. Good news. Can now access checkin for both our reservations.
  10. Still down this morning, four days and counting..... No messaging on the website either to say they know there is an issue and are working on it. Basic and standard stuff from comms perspective.
  11. Have submitted as suggested, this happens on both our reservations. Do I really need to send two emails?
  12. Did it using old way and allowed me to input all denials but for some reason press pass is not available. Any ideas why this would be?
  13. Is anyone else having issues at moment. Keep getting error message there is a glitch!!!!
  14. Only if it’s raining😀
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