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  1. woodards

    Evening Chic

    Frankly the smartness of a persons appearance is purely subjective. Cheap poorly fitting trousers IMO look worse than a good well cut pair of jeans. Conversely baggy jeans will always be trumped by well tailored trousers. For me as long as clothing isn't offensive and you don't look as though you have just come from the pool/beach for dinner then its up to each individual. Oh and definitely no baseball caps!!
  2. woodards

    Included drinks

    How many bottles are you able to bring onboard?
  3. woodards

    Inside Cabin

  4. woodards

    Inside Cabin

    Thanks for quick responses. Very good point regarding rooms above and below. Does anyone know if cabins are same size on both decks? Plans suggest deck 7 are slightly smaller but that may be just the graphical representation. Thanks again.
  5. woodards

    Inside Cabin

    Hello. Looking for some advice regarding booking inside cabin. Never booked before on any cruise line before so a little anxious about getting it right with Azamara. Currently itinerary we are looking at have availability on both deck 7 and 8 mid ship. What are people’s preference or anything we should be avoiding? Thanks in advance.
  6. woodards

    New Drinks Menu

    Couldn’t see anything in responses but can anyone confirm whether wine selection will remain same i.e. x2 red, x2 white, rose and fizz? Thanks.
  7. Did it it last week just over $50 but traffic was bad due a couple of crashes.
  8. To be honest we noticed a distinct lack of menus on the Equinox maybe in readiness for this change.
  9. woodards

    Equinox 5/4-5/14 review

    Also on this cruise. Fantastic staff (with only exception being Martini bar). Food excellent without exception. Chair situation was beyond a joke so we changed our approach on sea days. Very lazy mornings doing other stuff around the ship and then wandered up to sun decks at 230pm. Lots of chairs available by this point and in our opinion nicest part of the day. One thing we did notice was lack of chairs on the Solstice deck which will have an impact generally on availability. Unfortunately fellow Brits where biggest culprits for reserving beds and leaving them unoccupied.
  10. Was still $13 when we where on Equinox last week.
  11. woodards

    Bottled Water Packages

    Don’t believe you can anymore, changed in the last 12 months.
  12. woodards

    Key West

    Does that mean there will no immigration in Miami when we disembark?
  13. woodards

    Key West

    Thanks everyone not sure what to do. Might have to sleep on it!
  14. woodards

    Key West

    That’s what I thought might happen, clearly don’t want to overstretch ourselves if it is long drawn out process.
  15. woodards

    Key West

    Hi, Key West is the last port before Miami and disembarkation, could anyone tell me what happens with immigration. Looking to book a private tour that starts at 930 so concerned if immigration takes an age we will miss it (ship docks at 8). Thanks in advance.