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  1. Did you find a deal for Yacht Club that included WiFi? Thanks, gary
  2. Right, if everyone is special, then nobody is special. Butler assisted priority disembarkation when everyone has a butler? gary
  3. We also visit Booze It Up when staying on island, but note that they are a good 20+ minute drive from the Cruise Facility, each way, and sometimes their prices are higher than downtown. We also shop at Friendly on Frontstreet, with more than one location. The liquor store right at the water taxi dock downtown usually has decent prices, as well. gary
  4. I know that we were in the Topsail Lounge at 10:30 having one last Prosecco with friends who were departing Seaside while we stayed on for our B2B. gary
  5. Pepsi on Preziosa earlier this month - Baltic. gary
  6. Agree completely. Just hoping to get them a request for boarding day. gary
  7. Wow, that was strange -- I was inserting 'Yacht Club' into the title and it decided to post. Anyway, I'm sure you can tell what I meant. :) Some place to contact to make special arrangements for room, etc? Thanks, gary
  8. I've sailed the Divina many times, and a nice button-down long sleeve dress shirt has been fine in the restaurant. No tie or jacket. Will this work on the Preziosa? gary
  9. I've been traveling and cruising and dealing with real life. Haven't had a chance to check on St. Maarten recently. Will report back. gary
  10. St. Maarten Open For Business 5laFhvzN4LI VjpNj6Z2NBc gary
  11. Durban, cellfree, Thank You. gary
  12. ... but has anyone actually tried and been turned away? gary
  13. Exactly, and to have it reopen on 10/10, their Constitution Day, means something special, as well. gary
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