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  1. I know the weekdays are indicated on the floors I can't figure out what this means. gary
  2. Any idea if Platinum Plus would get a 50% discount on an extra bag of laundry, since that's what Gold gets? Any experience. gary
  3. We have seen the water taxi crew boarding people with wheelchairs and even scooters. gary
  4. We have had 'Dinner with the Officers' a few times. The ship's physician, the Chief Engineer (a woman), a nurse. On a Star Transatlantic we received a written invitation to dinner which was then cancelled with a phone call. A couple days later we were re-invited to dinner in Le Bistro, and were seated between the Captain and the Hotel Director. What a wonderful experience, and top-level wine (selected by the Hotel Director), flowed throughout the extended dinner. gary
  5. I would love to have PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT on the Epic forever. We catch almost every performance. gary
  6. That sure looks like an MSC ship to me. gary
  7. Is that really the Seaside? It doesn't look at all familiar. gary
  8. What are the 'changes' to the shareholder benefits? I must have missed that. gary
  9. Out of almost any US port that is just not correct. gary
  10. What would you expect to happen? gary
  11. I'm not sure what to reference here with a quote from a 6 year old post, and not sure what your concern or whatever is. First, I believe that the Zoo has closed. My point was/is that there are many areas on such a walk that are basically unsafe for any person, much less with a walker or a scooter. This same concern covers vast areas of the island. It is NOT pedestrian friendly in the least outside of the MAJOR tourist areas. gary
  12. Are you suggesting that they take an uneaten celery stick out of a drink and use it in another one later? Chop off the ends and ---- gary
  13. I believe that Bernard can take credit cards now, but almost everything else would require cash. How much would depend on how much you plan to spend. gary
  14. What the heck are 'T'erds'? gary
  15. Thank you for this information. Did not realize that NCL docked way over there, as opposed to downtown. Thanks, gary
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