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  1. We highly recommend the Pasanggrahan, also along Great Bay. We've stayed there a couple times, sub-$200. As you may know, a number of bars and restaurants to choose from. gary
  2. And sometimes it is just another lazy day on the water.
  3. They don't pay a dividend. gary
  4. Really! What Doctor would sign such a 'release' when they might be subject to such liability issues? gary
  5. For those cancelling online and receiving the confirmation including an offer of FCC, did you book directly with MSC or through your travel agent? gary
  6. 3.4% Mortality Rate estimate by the World Health Organization (WHO) as of March 3
  7. Is there any chance that this Armando De Guzman- Concierge , was a Butler on the Star before he was swept off to the under construction Epic? If so, he was our first NCL Butler. gary
  8. There are 'points' and there is status. With my airlines I get to keep my 'points' (miles) and with hotels my 'stays' but have to re qualify every year for "status'. I know that - it is in their rules. gary
  9. Is this something that happened, or something you are afraid MAY happen? gary
  10. I would avoid 15032/33. We were in 32, and with the door right at the end of the hall, anyone walking down the hall sees directly into your room when the door is open, and as I recall, directly into your bathroom. It seemed storage was a bit limited, including no shelf right at the door where we put used glasses, etc. in the other YC1's. But if that were the last choice in the Yacht Club we would book it. gary
  11. I'll assume that you are referring to physically blocking the ports. That's not what happens. The software can disable alternate ports or it could be as simple as the remote does not have a button to switch inputs to an alternate port. If it is the latter, I have a slick LG tablet that has an IR blaster and have downloaded tv remote software to be able to switch inputs to HDMI or a USB port on some cruises. The universal remotes at the 99 cent store ($1.99) might work if you don't already have one. gary
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