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  1. My cancellation e-mail from MSC reads like this: How to Use Your Future Cruise CreditWith the Future Cruise Credit, you can choose to upgrade your stateroom category or treat yourself to an add-on that you pre-purchase such as specialty dining, beverage packages, Wi-Fi or spa treatment. As an added level of comfort, if you do not use the Future Cruise Credit by December 31, 2021, we will automatically provide you a full refund equal to the original amount paid.Your Future Cruise Credit is good for any future cruise of your choice – including any ship and any itinerary in MSC Cruise
  2. Is what true? I'd like to know which 'other thread' had this post. I can't find it with many searches. And why the question about the Caribbean 'so' being the main destination for Americans? That quoted statement doesn't seem to make much sense here, 'from or to the US' doesn't seem to infer they are Americans, the subject of your questions. It seems to me that you are just trolling for questions to bump your post count. I'll post, anyway. We do the Caribbean a lot, both because we enjoy the islands and enjoy those that a
  3. Ha ha, and you like John Heald, too? gary
  4. What does this mean? Did it used to be that you received a higher discount as you progressed up the ladder? gary
  5. Easy peasy, don't book them. gary
  6. I agree completely! We are Diamond on Carnival, but would love some Princess cruises, where we have only one 10 day under our belt. MSC does offer you a one-time status match shot, that we went for to receive Black/Diamond, which we have since earned on our own with 40,000 MSC points. gary
  7. Who, other than MSC, does that? Thanks, gary
  8. I'll assume that 'Musical Boats' is alluding to 'Musical Chairs' but I was confused by the subject title. gary
  9. We are scheduled on Meraviglia Jan 16th and 23rd. B2B. Today received credit card statement which shows a credit from MSC of $198, dated November 19. Deposit for 16th sailing was 2 x $98 and 23rd was 1 x $98. Don't know how that credit amount fits in. gary
  10. Nevermind the question, I missed that the cancellations begin Nov '21. ................................................. Where did you see this? We would be affected. gary
  11. Are you really comparing Havana with The Haven and The Yacht Club? gary
  12. I'm not sure that you meant animistic: 1 : a doctrine that the vital principle of organic development is immaterial spirit. 2 : attribution of conscious life to objects in and phenomena of nature or to inanimate objects. 3 : belief in the existence of spirits separable from bodies. gary
  13. Earlier this year it was at about $7. I bought some then. gary
  14. But in a few days YOU would be those guys hanging out in the lounge when the newbies arrived. gary
  15. Where does this information from "Officials at Port Canaveral" come from? gary
  16. Shakespeare says 'cousin' rhymes with 'husband'. Take it from there. gary
  17. We've been cruising for quite a while. When was that? gary
  18. Through — used as a function word to indicate a period of time: such as a: during the entire period of; all through her life b: from the beginning to the end of; the tower stood through the earthquake c: to and including; Monday through Friday
  19. What the heck does that extension cord look like? 🙂
  20. The wine under discussion is Mondavi Woodbridge, a separate branch with vineyards and winery in the Lodi area, about 35 miles south of Sacramento, in the (hot) central valley. gary
  21. Yep, we were on the Panorama's first 7 day, December 14, 2019. gary Love the ship.
  22. Do you really think it matters how deep the open water is? 🙂 1966 USS Recruit (TDE-1)
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